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8 December 1941 – 16 December 1942

completed by Ed Willis of

[Notes]: Gerard van Haren



8 December
Second train of troops and stores moved out at 0200 hrs. Train arrived at Darwin 1600 hrs moved straight to wharf. Men were organized and embarked immediately.

9 December
SS ‘Zealandia’ (Darwin) – stores still being loaded. The Company forms part of the ‘Sparrow Force’ which is composed of 2/40 Bn, No 2 Ind Coy, 2/1 Fort Bty, 2/1 Fort Signals, 2/1 Fort Engineers, AASC and a detachment of 2/12 Field Ambulance. Convoy is the auxiliary cruiser ‘Westralia’.

10 December
Troops settling in aboard. Stores and equipment still being loaded.

11 December
At sea.

12 December
Landed OESAPA 4 miles EAST of KOEPANG. The 2 i/c and CSM went ashore with the first boat load from the ship and were followed by the Company after the disembarkation of the 2/40 Bn.

13, 14, 15 December
Were spent in straightening up the bivouac area, which was on the EAST side of the camp at PENFOEI. On the evening of 15 Dec 41 there was a conference between senior officers of the NEI Army and the SPARROW FORCE.
At 1715 hrs Dvr R.R. Swift, VX33731, was accidentally shot with a .455 pistol and died approximately 15 minutes later on the way to hospital. Dvr Swift joined the Company on 21 July 41. His funeral was attended by B Platoon and the CO who was with the detachment at DILI was represented by Capt G.G. LAIDLAW.

16 December
A and C Platoons plus Admin HQ and a Signals detachment with some stores embarked upon the NEI warship ‘Soerabaja’ at 0830 hrs accompanied by approx. 300 NEI troops – the detachment was to proceed to DILI, Portuguese Timor, thus forestalling any Japanese move in that direction.
The force was commanded by Lt-Col VAN STRAATEN [van Straten] of the NEI Army. It was preceded by a delegation consisting of Lt-Col DETTIGER[2] and Lt-Col LEGGATT who waited on the Governor at 0800 hrs. The Governor asked for time to consider the proposal, and later for further time. This later request was refused, and the troops landed. The warship was escorted by planes of the RAAF during the voyage.

17 December
A landing was affected by Aust. and Dutch troops in that order at a point 4000 yds WEST of DILI. The discussion with the Governor had convinced him that resistance would be useless, and the landing was unopposed. Aust. troops proceeded to and occupied the Aerodrome and N.E.I. troops moved through and occupied the township of DILI. This happened without incident, as, by agreement the 200 Portuguese native troops garrisoning the town were confined to their barracks. All Japs [28] were interned immediately. The Company spent the night in the hangar and outbuildings of the aerodrome which is WEST of the town.

18 December
Information was received that an attack might be made by the Port. Troops and Lt-Col Van Straaten interviewed the Governor, who was upset at the news and promised to send the troops out of DILI if SUCH a threat existed.
At 2200 hrs word was received from the Governor that the troops would leave for AILEU the following morning. Fearing that an attack might be made by the Garrison Commander, Capt D’Acosta, the Company stood to from 1000 hrs to dawn.

19 December
Day spent in erecting tents and settling A and C Pls. The Coy stood in two detachments around HQ which was established in the hangar.

20 December
Information was received that Port. troops had arrived at AILEU and Pls were allowed to sleep in their own areas, with sentries posted at HQ and around Pl areas. In the morning “B” Pl with Sigs & Engineers arrived on board the “CANOPUS”. Capt Laidlaw and Lieut Turton did not accompany their commands as they had been detailed to carry out a road recce between KOEPANG and the Port. border.

21 December
It is obvious to the CO and his officers that in the event of an attack by the Japanese our present position is untenable. We are not in a defensive position, nor are we armed or equipped for a defensive role. But owing to an agreement between Colonel VAN STRAATEN and the Portuguese Governor a move to the hills to the SOUTH of the camp is not permitted. But the matter is under discussion.

Captain LAIDLAW and Lieutenant TURTON arrived aboard a KPM ship [Pijnacker Horndijk. Also on board: 408 men of the Dutch VIII Battalion Infantry, Engineers, Intendance and Medical service} which also bought two one ton trucks, three motor cycles and 200 bags of flour.

22-23-24 December
Platoons settling into area and resting men. There are some stomach disorders among Company personnel. Major Spence has been ill with dysentery.
Survey parties were sent out to pick up details of the coast line west of town.

25 December
Christmas Day was spent in continuance of the settling in process. A piquet was sent into the township at 2000 hours to collect and bring back troops.

26 December
Visit from Colonel Leggatt. In conference with Colonel VAN STRAATEN it was decided that the Company should move to positions further WEST of the town and cover the WESTERN approaches. Surveys were continued.
2 i/c took Platoon commanders on a recce along new road to AILEU.

27 December
Same recce party pushed further along the road to within ten miles of AILEU & also four miles beyond TOCULULI towards ERMERA. Returning to the coast [the] party moved WESTWARD for seven miles past the village of TIBA[R] which is approximately seven miles WEST of DILI.

28 December
Surveys around Dili and coastline commenced. Platoon Commanders allotted areas for positioning of Platoons.

29 December
Platoon Commanders out on recce through their areas.


1 January
Many cases of malaria in the Company; almost entirely confined to personnel in the first detachment to arrive in Dili. Arrangements made with Col. Van Straaten to use Portuguese House in the town as a hospital.

2 January
Company HQ relocated by OC on ERMERA Road 14 Miles by road from DILI. This site, while being restricted in area has the advantages of not being so far from town and the road to DILI it Is not so liable to blocking. Movement of stores commenced. Lieutenant Turton returned from recce up Comoro River.

3 January
Cases of malaria continue to increase – A and C Platoons strength reduced by approximately 80%; area would appear to be badly infected and little protection was possible during stand-to’s on first nights. 80 men in hospital in DILI. Transport of stores to Company HQ continues.

4 January
Transport of stores to Company HQ continues. Cases of malaria still being reported; both A and C Platoons devoid of fighting strength; the few unaffected personnel having a full-time job attending the sick; no personnel now being admitted to hospital; quinine dosage is increased to 6 tablets per day and soldier remains in his tent, this treatment has been satisfactory for all personnel to date.

5 January
Transport of stores to Company HQ continues. Quinine dosage increased to 3 tablets (supplied by NEI Army) per day for unaffected personnel, this increased dose to be taken for seven days.

6 January
The evacuation of personnel in ‘hospital’ in DILI to Company HQ commenced in the afternoon; malaria is seriously depleting duty strength of B Platoon and other personnel of the second detachment to arrive in DILI.
Growth of this disease among NEI troops indicates badly infected area. Preliminary arrangements made with Colonel van Straaten for employment of native labour on construction of store shelters at company HQ. Transport of stores continues at reduced rate owing to evacuation of sick personnel.

7 January
Evacuation of C Platoon personnel to Company HQ continues, this seriously reduces rate of movement of stores. Visit of Captain REID, AASC, Captain JOHNSON and Lieutenant WILLIAMS, 2/40 Battalion; rations discussed with Colonel VAN STRAATEN and also discussed loan of TSMGs and explosives from this unit to the SPARROW FORCE. Native foreman sent to Company HQ to arrange for construction of shelters for stores. 2 i/c, interpreter, and foreman visited VILA DE LIQUICA, WEST of DILI to arrange supply of natives for construction work. Amicable meeting with Commandant there.

8 January
Decided not to transport kitbags from AERODROME because of lack of dry storage space at Company HQ. Only demolition stores remain to be transported to HQ but rate is slow due to necessity of evacuating C platoon from hospital. Visit to Dili by NEI resident from KOEPANG. PORTUGUESE GOVERNOR has reported adversely on behavior of NEI and Australian commanders in requisitioning Portuguese property and impressing foreign nationals, particularly NEI commander. This report which is just reached Dili has surprised all – at the same time as he sent report off – told Colonel VAN STRAATEN that the behavior of the occupying force had been good. The opinion of interested persons have that Colonel VAN STRAATEN, who has CO of Force, carried out all negotiations with governor, has been most restrained, in spite of lack of cooperation from Governor. 15 natives arrived at company HQ for work on shelters.

9 January
Difficulty experienced distributing fresh rations due to small quantity of transport available and the uncertainty in crossing the COMORO RIVER. Majority of sick personnel evacuated from DILI. A Platoon still devoid of fighting strength. Water has to be carted three (3) miles to the Platoon area.

10 January
Evacuation of sick personnel from DILI completed.

11 January
Serious effects of malaria beginning to be seen in B Platoon and other personnel in second detachment to come to DILI.

12 January
Preparation of aerodrome for demolition commenced. 2 i/c moved to Company HQ. OC Engineers transferred to aerodrome. Appreciation of situation for Company prepared by 2 i/c. Guarding of aerodrome taken over by No. 1 Section. A Platoon and remainder of C Platoon transferred to Company HQ.

13 January
Plane from KOEPANG with Pay Officer and Acting Ordnance Officer. They were met by CO. Recce parties sent out and mapping expedited. Appreciation of situation circulated to Platoon commanders.

14 January
Mapping to be carried out by L/Cpl Thomson of Sappers, with instructions that map is to be expedited.
B Platoon seriously reduced in strength by malaria, but position is improving.

15 January
Plane from KOEPANG with SMO [Senior Medical Officer]; owing to previous information being received, MO unable to be present.

16 January
Conference by Platoon Commanders with CO and 2 i/c to discuss future action of Company. Areas for recce by Platoons fixed and work to be expedited.

17 January
Recce by CO, 2 i/c and Platoon Commanders to LIQUICA, MAUBARA and VILLA EDUARDO MARQUES, west of DILI.

18 January
Recce parties sent out from A and C Platoons to search allotted areas for Platoon bases. Mapping expedited.

19 January
Recce information from Platoons being collated, preparation of aerodrome for demolition being carried out.

20 January
Recce by CO and 2 i/c to RAILACO, south of DILI. Recce work of all Platoons continued.

21 January
NEI ship CONOPUS [CANOPUS] arrived with reinforcements – 4 officers, 51 ORs – these were disembarked and fed by no. 2 Section at the aerodrome. Unable to cross the COMORO RIVER and were quartered in a Portuguese house in Dili for the night.
Plane arrived from KOEPANG with Lieutenant Garrick from 2/40 Battalion and Lieutenant Scott AASC.

22 January
Reinforcements were marched to Company HQ with one truck ferrying them as quickly as possible.

23 January
CO went to KOEPANG. Training of reinforcements under their own officers commenced. Plane from KOEPANG brought RAAF WO to investigate communication between DILI and KOEPANG.
Secret message from Minister of External Affairs dealing with agreement between BRITAIN, NEI, AUSTRALIA and PORTUGAL given to 2 i/c by Consul.

24 January
Training of reinforcements continued. Two unidentified planes at high altitude seen in morning.

25 January
CO returned from KOEPANG, decided to evacuate A and B Platoons from areas close to the shore.
A platoon to move back through C Platoon and HQ to the neighborhood of RAILACO. B Platoon to establish a base in hills south of present position, in vicinity of AIPELO.

26 January
Enemy fighter planes machine gunned PENFOEI aerodrome at KOEPANG.
2 i/c and Lieutenant H. Garnett reconnoitered camp site beyond RAILACO for A Platoon.
Reinforcements, now termed E Platoon, moved by forced marches to RAILACO leaving at 0830 hours and arriving there at 1530 hours.
A Platoon moved from TIBAR to site three miles beyond RAILACO on DILI-ERMERA road. Personnel stayed night with C Platoon; all stores transported to new site.

27 January
E Platoon engaged on camp construction at RAILACO; transport of A Platoon completed.
E Platoon is quartered in township of RAILACO in large thatched building close to market place.

28 January
A Platoon engaged in settling into new camp site. B Platoon moving back into hills; sick personnel from B Platoon evacuated to RAP, situated with C Platoon.

29 January
Twenty natives sent to RAILACO to commence the construction of buildings for the establishment of a Company base there.
Planes sighted flying at high altitude, were not identified.

30 January
CO moved to RAILACO taking a detachment of Sappers and Signallers.
Enemy raided PENFOEI again.

31 January
CO, 2 i/c, and OC C Platoon reported to Colonel VAN STRAATEN at DILI.
A and B Platoons settling in. B Platoon reduced in effective strength by malaria.
A Platoon commenced traverses and E Platoon recommenced training in RAILACO area.

1-12 February
War diary entries unavailable

13 February
Routine work at HQ. Some stores moved from THREE SPURS camp to RAILACO. Camp improvements going ahead under the direction of the RAE Section. The training of the new E Platoon continues. A, B and C Platoons working in their respective areas: A in GENBIS (08422325), B in BAZAR TETE (08372523) and C at THREE SPURS camp (08372523).
All Platoons are working recce patrols and traversing their areas. The results of these recces and traverses are sent to HQ from where copies of them go to all Platoons.
E platoon is stationed at RAILACO with CHQ.

14 February
Routine work by all Company. Christmas mail has not arrived.
A large map on which is tabulated all the information garnered by recce patrols and traversing parties is being prepared by L/Cpl THOMPSON at CHQ.

15 February
E Platoon training continues. Two Japanese planes [illegible] over DILI at 0800 hours. It is not definitely known if they [illegible] any of the area or not.

16 February
[Florins symbol?] 10,000 arrived at CHQ from SPARROW FORCE for pay. L/Sgt TOMASETTI bought this money from KOEPANG.
More stores shifted from THREE SPURS to RAILACO. There is a lot of demolition stores at THREE SPURS. Transport however is very slow as the Unit trucks are constantly laid up for repair.
After frequent requests signal received from SPARROW FORCE, KOEPANG, informing Major Spence that own imprest account of [Florins symbol?] has been made available for the Company.

17 February
Lieutenant MACKINTOSH and L/Cpl KIRKWOOD departed from Company HQ on a round trip to pay the Company. This will be the first for a long time.

18 February
All quiet. Routine work only. Over the past week in accordance with the proposed withdrawal of Allied Forces from PORTIMOR on arrival of a strong PORT garrison (which garrison is due over the next few days) movement order for the Company to move overland to DUTCH TIMOR has been prepared. Also DUTCH Force have been transporting a lot of heavy gear by motor launch to ATAPOEPOE in DUTCH TIMOR.

19 February
Continuation of work as previous days. [Illegible]. Captain CALLINAN proceeded to DILI for a conference with DUTCH HQ in regard to the movement of Allied troops from PORT TIMOR. He had with him details of the Company’s movement order and maps of the following routes (1) via BALIBO – BATUGADE (2) via CAILACO – MALIANA – MEMO. All these were destroyed.

20 February
In conjunction with a landing in DUTCH TIMOR, Japanese troops landed in PORTIMOR during night 19/20 February ’42. The landing took place on the flats between TIBAR and DILI; the troops them moving along the road TIBARDILI towards DILI and some of them making an encircling move to the rear of Dili.
No. 2 Section stationed at the aerodrome was aware of what was happening and notified DUTCH HQ in DILI who, however, did not act on this information. Consequently, when our troops at the ‘drome engaged the Japanese at approx. 0100 hours 20 FEB 42 they were almost unsupported by the DUTCH. Despite this, 23 men held the Japanese adversaries from 0100 hours until 0400 hours. At 0400 hours the two Sappers at the ‘drome blew the charges and demolished the ‘drome. The Section then withdrew through DILI, [illegible] to the hills SOUTH of DILI and commenced to move back to the main body of the Unit.
These men failed to get out of this action: WX [blank] Sig GANNON B.J. and WX [blank] Pte RYAN M.P. were wounded and captured and WX [blank] Pte SMITH F.C. was killed.
Approx. 15 of the Section were moving along a road in company with approx. 20 native troops of the RNBIA near LOULORA when they detected a Japanese ambush. They shot their way through the 150 Japanese there without loss to themselves and continued onto the hills. This happened at approx. 1000 hours.
Captain Callinan was with DUTCH HQ during the landing. Colonel VAN STRAATEN withdrew from DILI approx. 0600 hours; he told Captain Callinan he intended to move to TOCOLULLI (08432526) which was the rallying point for the DUTCH Force. Captain Callinan accompanied him to AILEU. It transpired later Colonel VAN STRAATEN moved directly[6] to ATAMBOEA.
Owing to the jamming of WT comms by the Japanese and a mist that unfortunately stopped Lucas lamp comms there was no communication between DILI and CHQ consequently the Unit was unaware of the action until approx. 0900 hours.
From 0600 hours B Platoon watched troops landing – these troops were thought to be the PORTUGUESE troops expected at this time. Later it was ascertained they were Japanese and CHQ was notified.
At 0700 [illegible] WX191 Pte ALEXANDER R.G. was sent to DILI on one of the Unit’s two motorcycles with messages for Captain Callinan. He unknowingly encountered the enemy near the ‘drome and was killed.
The only truck in the Unit left THREE SPURS camp early morning to proceed to DILI for rations. Passengers were VX [blank] S/Sgt WALKER J.W.E., VX [blank] Dvr CHALMERS R.S.R., VX [blank] L/Sgt CHISWELL, G.A., WX [blank] Cpl SIMPSON, J., WX [blank] Pte HAYES, K.M., WX [blank] Pte ALFORD [blank], WX [blank] MARRIOTT, H.W., WX [blank] Pte MURRAY, R.G., WX [blank] Pte HOGG {blank], WX [blank] LANE [blank], NX [blank] Pte COTSWORTH [blank].This truck and all passengers were intercepted near the ‘drome. Passengers were disarmed bound and put back in the trench excepting L/Sgt CHISWELL and Ptes ALFORD, HAYES shortly afterwards. The four walkers were taken to a nearby field, pushed over, shot and bayoneted through the neck. Pte HAYES did not die; he was found on the road by natives who tended his wounds, cared for him, and eventually delivered him to a Sub-Unit of the Company several days later.
CHQ was without transport but commandeered all that could be found including an ancient truck (driven by a British Indian), a pony train, [illegible] buffalo cart and native porters. By this means all essential stores were moved back by stages to VILA MARIE (08472524) which was the new Company HQ. All unnecessary records, etc. were destroyed.
A, B and C Platoons patrolled their areas.
PORTUGUESE stated there were approx. 200 Japanese [illegible] at the ‘drome. Also approx. 4,000 Japs in the landing.

21 February
CHQ and all Platoons remain on alert in their areas. Platoons worked patrols well out towards DILI. Stores being shifted to VILA MARIE as quickly as possible. Company RAP with patients under Captain DUNKLEY moved to A Platoon area.

22 February
Uneventful. Routine patrols sent out. Some of the men from the ‘drome arrived back to the Company area. Company RAP started to move to HATO LIA.

23 February
Captain Callinan returned to Company HQ and told Major SPENCE all he knew of the action in DILI. More of the men from the ‘drome returned. Company RAP arrived at HATO LIA and billeted itself there.

24 February
All quiet. Preparations made to destroy all unnecessary stores left at RAILACO which it has not been possible to shift. Also some stores at THREE SPURS camp prepared for demolition. All Platoons maintain patrols.
Captain CALLINAN moved to B Platoon area for conference with Captain  LAIDLAW.

25 February
Company HQ moved to VILA MARIE. The RAE Section demolished the bridge over the GLANO River (08442525) on the road DILI-HATOLIA.
All Platoons maintain patrol activity. B Platoon watching the road DILIMAUBARA.
C Platoon blew the dump of stores at THREE SPURS and moved through to HATOLIA where Platoon HQ and No. 7 Section remained. No. 8 Section moved to CAILACO and No. 9 Section to FATU BESI. These three places were occupied without incident.

26 February
Some minor demolitions carried out on the road DILI-HATOLIA between the GLANO River and VILA MARIE. Company HQ settling in at VILA MARIE. Many refugees from the DUTCH force pass through VILA MARIE on their way to ATAMBOEA. They recount many conflicting stories of the DILI action.
The Company has received only 60 days rations since they arrived in PORTIMOR; as we arrived here on 18 December 41 the position regarding rations is not good. The [florin symbol] 10,000 from the payments made to the Company personnel has been appropriated by Major Spence and divided among Platoon Commanders to be used for the purchase of food. For the past few weeks Company personnel have been contributing to a pool (each Platoon has its own) to buy food to supplement Army rations, of which only a few tins of bully beef, etc. remain.
Captain Callinan moved to A Platoon area to confer with Captain Baldwin.

27 February[7]
An uneventful day. B Platoon observed Japanese MT movement on the road DILI-MAUBARA.

28 February
Captain Callinan rejoined Company HQ.
No. 4 Section under Lieutenant Nisbet command directed by Captain Laidlaw ambushed convoy of Japanese MT returning to DILI from LIQUICA on the night of 28 Feb 1 Mar [?]. There were none of our troops injured and one Jap truck was completely destroyed plus one disabled. Previous to the Japanese landing the Company personnel had, under orders, as little intercourse with natives and PORTUGUESE as possible. Now, however, as the PORTUGUESE have been helpful and friendly on all occasions, and also we are partly dependent on the natives for food and transport, the beginnings of what proved to be a mutually beneficial relationship were laid down. The way the Unit lives now, in small detachments, widely separated, makes this very desirable.

1 March
Many rumours and contradictions have reached the Unit regarding the fate of SPARROW FORCE. A typical example was that large numbers of BRITISH, CHINESE, AMERICAN and DUTCH troops had re-taken KOEPANG immediately after the Japanese had occupied that place. Major SPENCE and Captain CALLINAN decided that the latter, with a small party, should go into DUTCH TIMOR and endeavour to contact HQ SPARROW FORCE wherever it may be. The party was to be L/Sgt TOMASETTI with Spr WILBY; one[8] DUTCH soldier came as an interpreter. Captain CALLINAN moved to HATOLIA to make preliminary arrangements.
A and B Platoons patrolling areas. B Platoon has observed MT activity on the road DILI-LIQUICA. Captain CALLINAN and party left HATOLIA, reached CAILACO and stayed the night there.[9]

2 March
A force of approx. 200 Japanese moved from LIQUICA to B Platoon area and attacked B Platoon at approx. 1000 hours. No. 4 Section under Lieutenant NISBET took the main attack. They engaged the enemy at close range until their position came under mortar fire when they withdrew. During the withdrawal WX13454 Pte KNIGHT, P. and WX [blank] Pte MITCHELL, H. were killed and WX [blank] Spr MORGAN, H.G., WX [blank] Pte CRAGHILL, [blank], WX [blank] Pte HOLLOW, A.R. were wounded. These casualties were all caused by the Japanese machine gunner who was shot immediately after by Pte KING. As far as can be ascertained the Japanese lost two officers and 40 OR’s in the action. The enemy withdrew to LIQUICA in the afternoon. B Platoon commenced to withdraw towards HATOLIA. Lieutenant NISBET was wounded in the leg shortly afterwards.
Company HQ commenced to move from VILA MARIE to CAILACO. A and C Platoons remain in their areas with patrols active.
Cpl PALMER of No. 3 Section was sent with a party to investigate rumours of Japanese landings at the mouth of the LOIS River. Lieutenant HORSTINK of the RNEIA remained with C Platoon at Hatolia[10]. Approx. 80 troops of the RNEIA were organized into patrols and placed under his command. These troops later deserted and fled to DUTCH TIMOR[11]. He also was ordered to report to Colonel VAN STRAATEN somewhere in DUTCH TIMOR shortly afterwards. Captain CALLINAN and party left CAILACO at 0800 hours, arrived MEMO 1700 hours and stayed the night there.

3 March
At approx. 1000 hours approx. 150 Japanese moved to A Platoon position to attack it. They were ambushed by No. 2 Section (now rested after the aerodrome action) under Lieutenant MCKENZIE and a few of Platoon HQ, the whole operation directed by Captain BALDWIN. The Japanese lost two officers and 30 ORs but there were no casualties to our troops. The enemy withdrew after that action and A Platoon commenced to move to HATOLIA.
Captain Callinan and party left MEMO at 0700 and arrived LAHOEROES in DUTCH TIMOR. Some DUTCH priests who conducted a mission there were in the KOEPANG area [when they] had surrendered. The ATAMBOEA force of NEI troops had been dispersed – in short, the Japanese are in control of DUTCH TIMOR[12]. The party spent the night there.

4 March
Coy HQ arrived at CAILACO. A and B platoons continue to move to HATOLIA.
Capt CALLINAN and party rested the day LAHOEROES. During the day Capt PARKER and nine ORs were contacted – this party agreed to move back with Capt CALLINAN and to join fortunes with No. 2 Coy AIF. A large party of Japanese moved to and occupied EREMERA.

5 March
Quiet day. A and B Platoons continued to move to HATOLIA. Capt CALLINAN and augmented party left LAHOEROES at 0800 hrs and arrived at ROESAN[13] at 1700 hrs and stayed the night there. Japanese at EREMERA returned to DILI.

6 March
A and B Pls continue to move to HATOLIA – wounded handed over to Capt DUNKLEY. Maj SPENCE received a message from a Brigadier who is LOLOTOI and would like to confer with Maj SPENCE. Capt CALLINAN and party arrived at a village below CAILACO and camped the night there.

7 March
Capt CALLINAN and party arrived at CAILACO at 1000 hrs. Maj SPENCE and he held a conference and exchanged information. General policy of the Company was decided on and areas selected for each platoon. Coy HQ in Atsabe. A Pl BOBONARO. B Pl – SAME. C Pl to remain in HATOLIA. Hospital to move to ATSABE. Moves to these areas to commence as soon as possible.
L Sgt TOMASETTI and Spr WILEY with a team[14]  of horses acquired’ on the LAHOEROES trip were to move all stores, mainly amm[unition] and explosives from HATOLIA to ATSABE.
Maj SPENCE and Sjt PRESS left CAILACO and slept that night at MOROBO –the first stage of the trip to confer with the Brigadier.
Capt PARKER was asked to investigate all possible means of communication to Australia.

8 March
Maj SPENCE left MOROBO at 0700 hrs and arrived at LOLOTOI at 2200 hrs.
A Pl move to CAILACO. B Pl resting in HATOLIA and C Pl patrolling its area.

9 March
Maj SPENCE conferred with Brig WCD VEALE, MC, ED who had arrived in TIMOR a few days previous to the Japanese to take command of the Allied forces on the island. After the action at KOEPANG he made his way to ATAMBOEA and from there to LOLOTOI. The Company spent the day resting.
Many of the men can now speak a lot of the local natives dialect ‘TATUM’ [TETUM]. Also quite a few of the men employ a native personal servant who does menial tasks and carries stores during movements. They like the work, are a great help, and receive a small nominal wage from the individual who employs them.
The PORTUGUESE owner of FATU BESSI plantation, who is suspect of pro-Japanese activities, was arrested and brought to HATOLIA. A powerful radio receiver was confiscated. This man was sent to BOBONARO and after questioning was released a few days later. He was compensated for the loss of his radio – which was retained by Capt PARKER.

10 March
Coy HQ moved to ATSABE. Hospital also moved to ATSABE.
Capt BALDWIN and A Pl HQ moved to BOBONARO to investigate the area prior to A Pl occupying it. B and C Pls remained at HATOLIA.

11 March
An uneventful day. Capt BALDWIN at BOBONARO has found the Administrator of RONTEIRA, whose residence is at BOBONARO, very sympathetic to the Allied cause and is willing to help our troops as much as he can – his position means this help can be considerable.
EXMO SNR ANTONIO POLICARPO DE SOUSA SANTOS, the Admin[istrator], [illegible], and Capt BALDWIN reached a mutually satisfactory arrangement whereby all troops stationed in the Province of FRONTEIRA are supplied with rations and transport through the PORTUGUESE administration.
Payment for these commodities would be arranged as soon as possible [illegible] the  conclusion of the war. This arrangement proved to be most satisfactory to us and also must have been good from the PORTUGUESE point of view because if we were not being supplied with food thus, we would have certainly obtained it by other means. This system shortly after spread to all Postos occupied by our troops.

12 March
No III Section left CAILACO to move to SAME. No II Section left CAILACO to move to AINARO. Otherwise all quiet and uneventful. A large train carrying reserve arms and ammunition left ATSABE headed for LOLOTOI under Cpls JONES and GARLAND.

13 March
H.B.M. Consul in DILI, Mr D. ROSS, arrived in HATOLIA having come from DILI via LIQUICA – a Japanese escort having been provided as far as LIQUICA. He had been sent by the Japanese Commander in DILI to confer with Maj SPENCE and put to him the following: briefly, the N.E.I. had surrendered and all fighting had ceased – except in PORT TIMOR. That SPARROW Force had surrendered, and we were a part of SPARROW Force. These two reasons should convince him (Maj SPENCE) he had no alternative but to surrender. If he did not surrender, all troops under his command would be declared outlaws, would not be given P.O.W. privileges, and if captured, would be executed. Capt CALLINAN arrived in HATOLIA during the afternoon, was acquainted with the facts, immediately notified Maj SPENCE and called all senior officers to HATOLIA.
No I Section left CAILACO to move to MAPE. Train of arms and ammunition arrived at LOLOTOI.
No IV Section left HATOLIA for HATU UDU. Maj SPENCE left LOLOTOI and arrived at BOBONARO on his way up to HATOLIA.

14 March
No I Section arrived at MAPE and settled in there; this is to be there area.
No II Section arrived at AINARO which is their area and billeted themselves there.
No VI Section left HATOLIA and headed for BETANO.
Maj SPENCE left BOBONARO and arrived at ATSABE.

15 March
Mr D. ROSS, Maj SPENCE, Capts CALLINAN, BALDWIN, LAIDLAW, BOYLAND, DUNKLEY and PARKER conferred at HATOLIA. It was decided to send the following answer by Mr ROSS to the Japanese Commander – briefly – we were still a Unit, we were Australians, AUSTRALIA was still fighting and so would we. Capt PARKER was authorised to make every endeavour to contact AUSTRALIA.
Capt LAIDLAW, who is ill, moved to the R.A.P. at ATSABE.
No V Section left HATOLIA for ALAS.
Information received Japanese had occupied RAILACO.
No IV Section arrived at HATU UDU and settled down there.

16 March
Maj SPENCE moved to ATSABE.
Capt CALLINAN remained in C Pl area. C Pl maintain patrols in their area.
Mr ROSS, on request, prepared several letters in which, as H.B.M. Consul, he pledged the BRITISH and AUSTRALIAN Government to guarantee official debts incurred by the Company and owing to the PORTUGUESE. This gives the present rationing and transport systems added official weight. Also through the courtesy of the PORTUGUESE administration troops in Postos have the use of the Government phone system for communications. The advantages of this are obvious.

17 March
No III Section arrived SAME and settled in the area. A Pl HQ moved from BOBONARO to MAROBO. A Pl is now in areas according to arrangements.
Various sub units of B Pl are still en-route to their new areas. A patrol of B Pl returned to HATOLIA have been in their old area at BAZAR TETE. They saw the graves of the two men killed in the action there and recovered much personal gear which had been left there and which had been faithfully guarded by the natives of that area. Cpl AITKEN commanded this patrol.
Capt CALLINAN and Lieut TURTON are moving around in the TOCOLULU-RAILACO area gathering what information they can. At approx. 1000 hrs two Japanese planes lightly bombed ERMERA and HATOLIA – there were no Australian casualties.

18 March
No VI Section arrived at BETANO, their new area, and made themselves at home. B Pl HQ arrived at SAME, where they were stay, and found billets. The rationing arrangements as arranged by Capt BALDWIN are in operation in this area.
Capt CALLINAN and Lieut move towards DILI and establish an OP on DILI drome.
Lieuts DEXTER, McIntosh and CAMPBELL and Cpls FOSTER, HAIRE and DOOK, having been sent for, join them in the OP area.

19 March
No V Section arrive at their new area, ALAS, and settle down.
Capt LAIDLAW rejoins his Pl at SAME.
No III Section commence move to HATU BUILICO.
On the results of the OPing of the drome Capt CALLINAN and party have prepared a plan for a raid on the drome. Orders issued for the required men and stores to be brought forward.

20 March
No III Section arrive at HATU BUILICO.
Capt PARKER despatched a small patrol to ATAMBOEA. Their task was to salvage as many W/T parts as possible from W/T equipment destroyed there before the evacuation of ATAMBOEA a couple of weeks ago.
Stores and men required by Capt CALLINAN for raid on DILI could not be made available in time – the whole sequence of the show was upset – so it was called off.
Capt CALLINAN and Lieut TURTON moved to ERMERA area and the others rejoined sub-units.
The whole unit is in very poor condition as a result of malaria, much travelling and insufficient food over the past two weeks. They are now in a position to recuperate in their areas as only small [illegible] patrols being worked.

21 March
An uneventful day. All Platoons remain in areas.

22 March
Information received Japanese moved out to and occupied RAILACO. A and B Pls remain in their areas and C Pl are about in HATOLIA area.

23 March
Japanese move to TOCOLULI and establish themselves there. A quiet day. C Pl are watching the Japanese moves.

24 March
Japanese move on to ERMERA and establish themselves there. It is thought this place is used as a base to send malaria cases from DILI.
C Pl are watching the road ERMERA-HATOLIA. A and B Pls remain in their areas.
A Pl HQ moved from MAROBO to MAPE and No I Section from MAPE to MAROBO.

25 March
Maj SPENCE moved to LOLOTOI to confer with Brig VEALE. All Platoons remain quiet.
Capt PARKER with a few men, including Sig LOVELESS, is endeavouring to build a W/T set with which to communicate with AUSTRALIA. He is stationed at MAPE.

26 March
An uneventful day. Following a conference between Brig VEALE and staff and Maj SPENCE the remnants of SPARROW Force, mainly base and A.A.S.C. personnel commence to move from DUTCH to PORTUGUESE TIMOR. A large proportion of these men are ill and unarmed. This move was not completed until 4 Apr 42. These men were organized into a Company commanded by Maj CHISHOLM and occupied various posts along the border; their role being to watch the border. It was arranged to ration them on the same system as this unit. Lieut DOIG of this unit is amongst these men.

27 March
Maj SPENCE returned to BOBONARO. Capt PARKER’s patrol returned from ATAMBOEA. They were unable to obtain anything of value. A very quiet day. The Company presents a very bedraggled appearance. Hard wear on clothes and boots and lack of toilet necessities all show in patches, tears, native shirts and beards. The boot position is fast becoming critical.

28 March
Reports indicate Japanese in ERMERA are consolidating their position there. The whole area remains quiet however. Medical stores are very short. Supplies are being depleted rapidly despite rigid economy. One bright spot is the unit has a large reserve of ammunitio[ Organized by Captain van Swieten and delivered by his men on 65 ponies at Hatolia]. This is because S.A.A. was given preference during transport early in the TIMOR episode.

29 March
The Administrator at BOBONARO receives much information through PORT sources that is of value to the unit. He passes this on as soon as he receives it and so further helps us. He is most helpful at all times on all matters. General situation remains quiet.
However “C” Pl are active in the ERMERA area OPing this place and watching the roads. They are gathering as much information as possible as regards to Japanese methods of moving on roads. Capt CALLINAN is directing operations in this area.

30 March
Very quiet day. The Company personnel have established friendly relations with PORTUGUESE and natives in all the areas they occupy.[16]
Otherwise all quiet.

2 April
Brig VEALE and staff arrived at MAPE. Over the next few days they assumed the position of FORCE HQ, the Force including 2 Indep Coy, a DUTCH Force operating near the border, newly formed Force Sigs and L of C. Situation quiet.

3 April
An uneventful day.

4 April
Very quiet once again. Company R.A.P. moved from ATSABE to AINARO,

5 April
A quiet day. All troops are showing the benefit of plenty of food and exercise.
“C” Pl maintain patrols in the general ERMERA area.

6 April
Uneventful. From some of the troops from DUTCH TIMOR the fate of the Company’s Christmas mail was found out. A few days prior to the Japanese landing in TIMOR, this mail (some considerable quantity) was brought to ATAPOPOE. It was left neglected here until it was found by the troops from KOEPANG. As it was thought at the time the Japanese were close behind. Some officers ordered its distribution among the troops – the letters and residue were burnt. The end of a tale of woe.

7 April
Situation quiet. Nothing worthy of note.

8 April
Maj SPENCE moved from BOBONARO to MAPE. All quiet.

9 April
Brig VEALE and Maj SPENCE confer at MAPE. Large numbers of Japanese observed moving from ERMERA towards HATOLIA. C Pl patrols are actively watching their moves.

10 April
Maj SPENCE returned to BOBONARO. The Japanese continue to move towards HATOLIA. Otherwise all quiet.
Lieut CARDY and a few men attacked a Jap outpost on the road near NASUTA (08382527). 10 Japs were killed and our patrol suffered no casualties.

11 April
Japanese occupy HATOLIA – C Pl retired to LETE FOHO being heavily outnumbered as there were approx. 500 Japs with MT and artillery used in the drive.
At this time of the year the road from HATOLIA to BATUGADE is impossible.
Capt CALLINAN, who has been with C Pl over the past month, is directing C Pl’s operations.
Lieut TURTON, Sjt GREEN and six sappers commenced move forward from ATSABE to demolish road DILI-HATOLIA between GLANO and ERMERA. No VIII Section moved WEST to CAILACO, settled there, and watched the Japanese in HATOLIA.

12 April
Japanese remain in HATOLIA. C Pl patrols watching HATOLIA and the roads thereabouts. No fresh developments anywhere else. L/Cpl MALEY wounded near HATOLIA. After several days, assisted by natives and Lieut TURTON, he arrived at the hospital.

13 April
Japanese shell and occupy LETE FOHO at approx. 0900 hrs – C Pl retiring to HATU BUILICO. Japanese artillery situated at LETE FOHO shelled ROTAI at approx. 1400 hrs.
Capt CALLINAN moved to ATSABE.
No III Section moved from HATU BUILICO to ATSABE.
No II Section moved from AINARO to HATU BUILICO.

14 April
Japanese remain in LETE FOHO and C Pl in HATU BUILICO area. No fresh developments. Other areas remain without change.

15 April
Lieut TURTON and party encountered a small party of Japanese in the GLANO Valley and engaged it at close range. Six Japanese were killed with no casualties to our patrol.
Shortly afterwards L/Cpl THOMPSON and one man ambushed a large party of Japanese with one truck on the road GLANO-ERMERA. Neither of our men were hurt but approx. 35 Japanese were killed. The large of Jap casualties was due to the driver of the truck driving off without waiting for his passengers to get aboard. Then all the Japs came under Bren gun fire.
Japanese in LETE FOHO display no activity or ambition, remaining quiescent there all day.

16 April
Japanese strengthened their force at LETE FOHO but still make no move.
Lieut TURTON’s patrol of Sappers is still active in the GLANO area.

17 April
Japanese quiet in LETE FOHO. No fresh developments.

18 April
No moves by Japanese in LETE FOHO.
No I Section under Lieut DEXTER move from MAROBO to CAILACO. CAILACO stands in the path of any Japanese move WEST from HATOLIA. If forced from its present positions the Company intends to move EAST to the province of SAN DOMINGOS.

19 April
Japanese in LETE FOHO not moving.
FORCE Signals succeed in contacting AUSTRALIA and passing a message.
No VIII Section move from CAILACO to MAROBO. This Section is exhausted.

20 April
Large party of Japanese move from LETE FOHO to HATOLIA.
Lieut TURTON’s patrol returned to ATSABE and the Sapper Section moved LA-CAMER (08532521) thus covering the road from HATOLIA to ATSABE.
A patrol from C Pl under Cpl TAYLOR and a mixed patrol under Lieut ROSE commenced to move forward to the GLANO area with the job of interfering with Japanese movement on the road DILI-HATOLIA.
Over the past week A and B Pls have been standing ready in their areas – A Pl ready for any move on CAILACO and B Pl for a move SOUTH through AILEU. Their areas, however, are quiet.

21 April
No fresh Japanese moves. Our troops all stationary and quiet except the two patrols who continue to move forward.

22 April
Japanese withdraw some men from LETE FOHO and HATOLIA to ERMERA. Otherwise all quiet.

23 April
Two patrols watching road DILI-HATOLIA – one near THREE SPURS and the other near VILA MARIA.
Japanese move a small number of troops from LETE FOHO to ERMERA. Otherwise quiet.
Maj SPENCE moved to MAPE.

24 April
Cpl TAYLOR and his patrol of three men, having been watching the road for two days, ambushed a convoy of five Jap trucks. They accounted for approx. 20 of the Jap passengers with no loss to themselves and then disappeared into the hills. One of the trucks was completely destroyed.
All other areas remain quiet.

25 April
Further Japanese movements from LETE FOHO and HATOLIA to ERMERA and DILI.
Lieut ROSE and four men ambushed one Jap truck near VILA MARIA. With no loss to themselves they killed 12 Japs and left the truck disabled. Their work on the truck was interrupted by more trucks coming along the road, forcing them to go bush.
A and B Pls remain without change.
It will be observed that the policy of ambush patrols is to hit hard, quickly and often – then retire. As our men know well the country they select to work in, and the Japanese dislike leaving roads, their getaways are usually fast and free from pursuit. The reason this policy is insisted on by Coy HQ is because, as there is no method for transporting casualties, it is considered better to kill [sic] as relatively small numbers of enemy with no loss to ourselves than engage in a larger action which would entail the risk of casualties. This policy was to prove very effective and suited to our particular situation and circumstances. It proved very destructive to enemy morale, and built up our ‘face’ with natives.
Maj SPENCE moved from MAPE to BOBONARO.

26 April
Japanese continue to withdraw from LETE FOHO and HATOLIA to ERMERA and DILI. They show no signs of making any other moves.
Boots, medical stores and TSMGs delivered here by plane, as arranged by FORCE HQ, and being issued within the Company.

27 April
Japanese carry on with withdrawals from HATOLIA and LETE FOHO.
Reserve arms and much SAA and demolitions stores leave MAPE en route to SAME.
A and B Pl areas remain quiet.

28 April
All Japanese still in LETE FOHO and HATOLIA returned to ERMERA and DILI today. The reason for their moves are obscure
Capt CALLINAN moved from ATSABE to BOBONARO. All areas quiet.
Arms and SAA etc. arrive at SAME.

29 April
An uneventful day. Maj SPENCE moved to MAPE.
C Pl moved from HATU BUILICO to AINARO.
Several Portuguese cooperated in bringing from DILI an A59 transmitter, property of QANTAS Airways. This they handed to Lieut GARNETT who has been operating in the REMEXIO area. He arranged for it to be delivered to FORCE Signals. It proved suitable for their work.
No III Section moved from ATSABE to HATU BUILICO.

30 April
Ex-Koepang personnel are being dealt with as follows. Some absorbed in to the L of C and Force Signals recently formed. Sick sent to AINARO under Capt DUNKLEY. Remainder concentrated at MAPE. Hospital departed AINARO en route for SAME.
All areas quiet.
Small detachment of B Pl commences move NORTH to establish forward Pl base between MAUBISSE and AILEU. No II Section moved from HATU BUILICO to AINARO.

1 May
Sapper Section under Lieut TURTON arrived at MAPE.
The ex-Koepang personnel at MAPE have been carefully selected and will be subject to a short intensive training period after which, with the Sapper Section, they will be organized into an Independent Company Platoon under Lieut TURTON. Training commenced today.
General situation remained unchanged. Hospital arrived at SAME.

2 May
Training of D Pl continues. Situation quiet.
In regard to the Hospital the difficulties here are not obvious. Sick and wounded men have to be transported across country that has no roads, merely bridle and native tracks. These transport conditions also apply to fragile medical equipment. Each move the hospital makes require a good deal of thought and organization among other things. These transport difficulties naturally apply to all sub-units but shows more so in regard to sick men. The question of accommodation also is a vexed one. At some places the Hospital has been installed in Chinese shops of native construction. However men in need of attention never suffer from lack of it.

3 May
Training of D Pl continues. Whole area quiet. No IV Section moved from HATU UDU to SAME.

4 May
D Pl training continued. No change over whole area.

5 May
D Pl training completed. Sjt GREEN and Lieuts GARNETT and RODD command Nos X, XI and XII Sections respectively. Pl moves from MAPE to ATSABE.
B Pl HQ and No IV Section commence move NORTH to establish OP on DILI.
All quiet generally.

6 May
Quiet day. Supplies of boots and clothing have been coming to hand – also more automatic weapons. The Company is much richer [?] for their distribution.
Maj SPENCE returns from MAPE to BOBONARO.

7 May
Japanese in ERMERA not evincing very much activity.
No X Section under Sjt GREEN moved to BOHILI (08512510). No XI Section under Lieut GARNETT moved to ROTAI and No XII Section under Lieut RODD move to BOBOREMA (08512521).
Broadly speaking when it is said a Section has moved to a place, that place is the Section base only. The Section may be operating anywhere in that area. This applies to all Sections at all times.
C Pl preparing to move to MAUBISSE area.

8 May
Capt LAIDLAW and No IV Section reach LILTAI (085302542). This place is ear-marked as being suitable for a Platoon base.
Capt BOYLAND and C Pl HQ move to MAUBISSE
Japanese now occupy the VILA MARIA-ERMERA area and appear to be consolidating their position there.
Hospital departed SAME en-route for AINARO.

9 May
Lieut ROSE, who has been moving about the VILA MARIA area for the past two weeks, with one man attacked an enemy outpost at ATURA (08482524). Enemy lost 20 casualties with no harm to our men.
A Pl area is quiet.
B Pl HQ and No IV Section moved to KEERKRASSA (08352539).
Capt BOYLAND recceing the MAUBISSE area in regard to billeting his troops there.
D Pl quiet.
Hospital arrived AINARO.

10 May

No IV Section established an OP on DILI at DARALAU (08342538). Information collected here is sent back to Coy HQ.

A, C and D Pls quiet except for routine patrols.

11 May
Nos VIII and IX Sections moved to MAUBISSE area. No VII Section remains at CAILACO. No VIII Section moved to TURISCAI-MINDELO area and Pl HQ and No IX Section to BUILIBO.
A, B and D Platoons remain quiet.
At approx. 1800 hrs four Allied aircraft bombed DILI.

12 May
Quiet day in all areas.

13 May
Capt LAIDLAW and No IV Section move to COM HEA (08332538). Nothing new in other areas.

14 May
During the night 14-15 May No IV Section led by Lieut NISBET and directed by Capt LAIDLAW entered intention of raiding Jap HQ. Whilst moving in the streets of DILI however, a sentry was surprised and they were forced to shoot him up, together with two houses full of Japs and then withdrew. They left DILI in an uproar of Japs, dogs and MT.
The patrol waited on an ambush position on the track all night, but no pursuit developed. They returned to COM HEA and thence to KEERKRASSA.
We suffered no losses and the enemy (according to Portuguese reports) 20 to 30 killed. The effect on Jap morale was great. Over the next few days, guards were doubled and many native huts in the near vicinity of DILI were burned.
A, C and D Platoons remain quiet.

15 May
No I Section moved from MAROBO to CAILACO. All areas uneventful.
Lieut DOIG who has been commanding a Section of men (ex-Koepangers) has fallen ill and has gone to Hospital at AINARO. Lieut ROSE has taken over this Section which becomes No XIII Section – it is stationed at MALIANA.

16 May
No VII Section moved from CAILACO to MAROBO.
Capt LAIDLAW has collected five or six Portuguese around him. These include the men who brought the AS9 transmitter out of DILI. All are willing to play an active role against the Japanese.
A, C and D Pls routine work only.

17 May
A quiet day. B Pl establish another OP at COMHER. A, C and D Pls very quiet.

18 May
Uneventful once again. All Pls remain quiet.

19 May
Maj SPENCE moved from BOBONARO to MAPE. All quiet in all areas.

20 May
Maj SPENCE appointed Temporary Lt-Colonel and transferred to FORCE HQ.
Capt CALLINAN becomes officer administering Command, No 2 Independent Coy, AIF, Capt BALDWIN, 2 i/c, and Lieut DEXTER OC A Platoon.
All areas quiet.
L/Cpl FULLARTON takes charge No I Section.

21 May
Very quiet day. Lieut DEXTER moved to MAROBO.

22 May
During the night 21-22 May Japanese moved out and camped on the REMEXIO track. They intended to move on to that place the day following.
At approx. 0400 hrs L/Sjt TOMASETTI and L/Cpl KIRKWOOD with several Portuguese were returning from COMHER along the track to REMEXIO when the patrol encountered the Japanese patrol. They killed 4 or 5 and then went bush.
The shooting warned the sub-Section under Cpl AITKEN at DARALAU who ambushed the Japanese at approx. 1000 hrs. The Japanese lost 25 in the ambush, and as they fled without firing a shot; there were no casualties to our troops. Our troops retired to LILTAI. The Japanese retired to DILI.
All other areas quiet.
Lieut DEXTER moved to RITA BAU (09002518) and established Pl HQ there.

23 May
Approx. 200 Japanese moved out and occupied REMEXIO. They all camped in REMEXIO and did not move about. All other areas remained quiet.

24 May
All quiet. Japanese in REMEXIO inactive. L/Cpl MALEY, P.G. – Privates CRAGHILL, C.H. – HOLLOW, A.R. – VARIAN, C.D. – and CULLEN, H.R.C. evacuated to AUSTRALIA by Catalina flying boat.[Also Brigadier Veale and Lt Colonel van Straten left PORTTIMOR in this flying boat]
Some mail, the first since before the Japanese landed here, arrived by this aircraft.

25 May
No Japanese movement from REMEXIO. All other areas quiet.

26 May
All Japanese in REMEXIO returned to DILI. No VI Section commenced to move forward to LILTAI. All other areas quiet.

27 May
C Pl recceing area NORTH of AILEU. All areas remain quiet. No IV Section occupy KEERKRASSA and DARALAU.

28 May
All areas quiet. An uneventful day.

29 May
No VI Section reached LILTAI. Nothing doing anywhere.

30 May
No XI Section moved from ROTAI to LETE FOHO. Otherwise general situation remains unchanged.

31 May
No V Section commenced move from ALAS to LILTAI. The physical condition of our troops is now very satisfactory. The period of quiet continues. C Pl HQ and No IV Section move to SOLOI.

1 June
Quiet day in all areas. Japanese in DILI and ERMERA remain quiescent.

2 June
Situation unchanged, all Platoons patrolling from bases. Stores from AUSTRALIA have been coming here by boat[Kuru, a wooden ship, loading capacity 5 ton and Vigilant 7 ton] consequently the Company is very rich in things it has been landing for a number of months.

3 June
All quiet but for patrolling and OPing areas.

4 June
No change from yesterday. No V Section reached LILTAI.

5 June
All quiet in all areas.

6 June
Once again uneventful.

7 June
All Platoons patrolling areas otherwise no change.

8 June
The period of general quiet continues. OPing of DILI and ERMERA continue but there is nothing of interest happening.

9 June
The period of quiet general quiet continues. OPing of DILI and ERMERA continue but there is nothing of interest happening.

10 June
No change.

11 June
Other than patrols there is no activity to report.

12 June
Situation quiet in all areas. AT mines laid on roads DILI-HATOLIA and ERMERA.

13 June
Japanese in DILI and ERMERA very quiet. Aircraft and shipping movements in DILI area reported from B Pl to Coy HQ and thence to FORCE HQ.

14 June
Quiet in all areas continues.

15 June
At 0520 hrs a patrol of three men under L/Sjt JAMES attacked a Jap outpost at PIANA (08462534). Our first shot broke the Japs stew pot and when all our men returned unharmed there were 12 Japs dead.
All other areas quiet.
WT set 101 station complete, with Signallers, arrived at B Pl HQ. There is also a similar station at Coy HQ.

16 June
Quiet continues. Our patrols continue their activities.

17 June
Complete station, WT set 101 arrived at D Pl HQ. All quiet.

18 June
Further WT station arrived at A Pl HQ. Also one at C Pl. These stations all work very satisfactorily. D Coy HQ and provide an efficient means of intercommunication. The acquisition of these sets is actually a very important event for the unit as is shown later.

19 June

Quiet continues.

20 June
Routine patrol activity in all areas only. Internal WT communications makes possible the rapid transference of enemy aircraft and shipping movements from the DILI OP to FORCE HQ.

21 June
No change in all areas.

22 June
A detachment of D Pl under Lieut TURTON and a sub-Section of No III Section under Cpl PALMER attacked a Jap outpost at HOHOLU (08472532). The action was successful – 10 to 15 Japs being killed with no casualties to our own troops.
No VIII Section moved from TURISCAI-MINDELO area to SOLOI. No IX Section moved from SOLOI to TOCOLULLI area.

23 June
No VIII Section moved from SOLOI to RAILACO. All other areas remain without change.

24 June
Uneventful day. The Company personnel are returning to something like normal appearance now. This is made possible by regular supplies of equipment, clothing and toilet necessities. An irregular mail service, both in and out, has been established. This is very pleasing to all ranks.

25 June
Quiet in all areas. Since AT mines were laid two Jap trucks and 15 troops have been destroyed. The troops included are major [?].

26 June
All areas without change. Much Japanese activity in ERMERA observed.

27 June
Uneventful everywhere.

28 June
MT activity in ERMERA. Routine patrols and OPing as usual. All areas quiet however.

29 June
All areas uneventful.

30 June
Quiet day once again. Much Japanese activity in ERMERA.

1 July
A large number of the Japanese in ERMERA, and stores, moved to RAILACO by MT. All other areas quiet.

2 July
Remainder of the Japanese in ERMERA moved to RAILACO by MT. All their stores went with them. No change in all other areas.
No IX Section moved to a native village in the hills above RAILACO.
No III Section left HATU BUILICO to move to MAROBO.

3 July
Large party of Japanese, with stores, moved from RAILACO to DILI.
Otherwise situation remain unchanged.

4 July
Remainder of Japanese in RAILACO moved to DILI by MT. The only Japanese in PORTIMOR now [illegible] in the DILI area.
A patrol from the No IX Section entered RAILACO at approx. 1600 hrs and found it empty but filthy.

5 July
Patrolling in all areas by our troops. All quiet however. No III Section arrived at MAROBO.

6 July
No VIII Section moved from RAILACO to a native village (08342533) and established an OP on DILI there. Also No IX Section moved to BOHAK (08382529) and from there OPed DILI. Other areas no change.

7 July
Uneventful day in most areas.

8 July
No VII Section left MAROBO en route for C Pl area. All other areas quiet.
Cpls McLoughlin and PO [?] GLASSON evacuated to AUSTRALIA.

9 July
No X Section commenced move from BO-HEALY to AI-FU-BAZAR-TETE area.
No XI Section commences to move from LETE FOHO to RAILACO area.
No XII Section commence move from BOBOREMA to MONTASSI ([blank]).
All other areas quiet. Coy HQ at BOBONARO reorganized.

10 July
No VIII Section arrive at SOLOI. Six Allied aircraft heavily bombed and machine gunned DILI this evening. All areas uneventful.

11 July
No XI Section arrived at RAILACO area and make themselves a Section base there. Patrol from this Section makes recce of road DILI-HATOLIA in that area.

12 July
No X Section arrives at AI-FU area.
No VII Section arrives at MONTASSI area. Both Sections settle down.

13 July
A patrol under Cpl HODGSON commenced a programme of road demolitions instituted by Capt CALLINAN by destroying the bridge at THREE SPURS.
The three Sections of D Pl cover all their new area with patrols over the next weeks. All other areas quiet except for patrols.

14 July
No II Section left AINARO to move to MALIANA.
No VII Section moved from SOLOI to RAILACO area and settled down there.
Other areas patrolling only.

15 July
Road demolitions continued. Patrolling and OPing continued.

16 July
No II Section reach MALIANA. Other areas uneventful.
Capt BALDWIN transferred to FORCE HQ.

17 July
… to reorganise GHQ continue. The position re certain personnel who are … by the Coy is not yet clear. Also the position re control of AAMC personnel is yet to be made clear. 2 cipher clerks are wanted.
Lieut MCKENZIE was notified of the position, codenames etc of the DUTCH sub-units working near his area.
A large patrol of Japs moved into the hills EAST of DILI at daybreak evidently to locate B Pl’s OP. They failed and all returned to DILI later.
No 7 Sec have arrived at a position near TOCOLULLI and are preparing to start their operations on the road.
Demolition stores requested by Lieut TURTON are to be forwarded immediately.
The heavy explosions reported yesterday have been traced to heavy AA guns installed on the drome. They are the type that retract into the ground when not in use.
The C de P of REMEXIO has been ordered by the Portuguese Governor to repair the road DILI-HERA that Portuguese cars may proceed to BAUCAU. This intensifies the possibility of a Jap move EAST. A close watch is being kept on the situation in this area.
No shipping or aircraft reported today.
No XIII Section leave MALIANA en route for AINARO.
Cpl SMITH, G.J. evacuated to AUSTRALIA.

18 July
Reported that there are 2 Arab spies operating in 8 Sec area. Preparationsare being made to have them silently removed.
Reported from Portuguese sources that 2 silver planes between the hours of 1230 and 1430 flew from SUAI to BEACO to SUAI to BEACO and thence to DUTCH TIMOR. Apparently an enemy recce of that area.
At 0730 hrs 2 small motor boats arrived in DILI from the EAST. These boats hugged the coast as they came in.
News was received from AUSTRALIA that 2 of the deserters from the Unit – LARNEY & WEBB – arrived in DARWIN. AUSTRALIA was asked to take the necessary action as the Coy “would be the richer for their continued absence”.
Reported from Portuguese sources that there is a large naval gun on the drome near the sea,
Arrangements are being made to have certain stores that might be required at short notice moved to a more convenient position for despatch to the forward areas.
Reported from Portuguese sources that the island of KISAR was bombed by Allied planes approx. 15 Jul. If this so, it means that the Japanese have now occupied this island.

19 July
The position in regard to the delivery of stores from BASE to the Coy QM is very unsatisfactory. Stores delivered to BASE on 10 Jul are stills being delivered in small irregular quantities to the Coy QM. All aspects of the matter are under consideration of CHQ and FHQ. CHQ is pushing the matter through as quickly as possible as these stores are needed urgently by all ranks of the Coy.
As a large proportion of the messages within the Coy are now being passed by W/T a request for a better cipher system has been submitted to FHQ.
Portuguese sources state the ship “OECUSSI” was bombed and sunk near KISAR island approx. 15 Jul.
Reported today the 2 small motor launches that entered DILI harbour 18 Jul were wireless equipped and departed EASTWARD 1200 hrs 18 Jul – hugging the coast.
At 0530 hrs a small cargo ship entered DILI harbour.
General situation is very quiet. Some mail arrived 1800 hrs and was sorted.

20 July
One low winged monoplane – fighter was seen over RITABAU at 1500 hrs. Not identified.
Small ship reported yesterday left DILI in a WESTERLY direction at 1230 hrs. It is now reported that the two small motor launches reported on the 18 Jul also left DILI at 1200 hrs 18 Jul and did not return until 19 Jul. They hugged the coast on each occasion and are equipped with wireless. PORTUGUESE sources state that there are five small ships moving along the NORTH coast to DILI from the WEST. This was, in part, confirmed from an OP who reported one small ship moving in direction of DILI and sighted WEST of ATABAI at 1640 hrs.
Information received from FHQ that the island mentioned in the news as being bombed approx. 15 Jul was KISKAIN in the ALEUTIANS
Reported from PORTUGUESE sources the JAPANESE consul intends to move to BAUCAU with the PORTUGUESE Governor. Also that the Governor does not now intend to open the DILI-HERA road.
Mail sorted yesterday was despatched today to Pls by special super-fast natives.
Arrangements made for Capt BALDWIN to move to AINARO to investigate the position there in reference to troops fit for service.
Arrangements completed for all Coy stores to be moved from SUAI & CUMNASSA to BECO by natives supplied from BOBONARO and thence to the forward areas under Coy arrangements. It is considered that this will overcome the delays that have existed in the past. Col SPENCE and Capts WYLIE and BROADBENT arrived in BONONARO.

21 July
Launches reported over the past few days are now identified JAPANESE.
A small cargo boat entered DILI at 0900 hrs. It came from the WEST and is reported to be approx. 2000 tons. A large transport left DILI at 1230 hrs in a direction between ATAURO and the mainland. This vessel was reported as entering the harbour at 0900 hrs.
Demolitions on the road TIBAR-TOCOLULLI continue.
Lieut BEGAMAN [Begeman] of the RNEIA, having finished his period of training in Ind Coy methods, passed through BOBONARO on his way to report back to his own HQ.

22 July
Reports from the OPs on DILI indicate the JAPANESE aircraft are ready for action at all times. There is always one of them with the motor running. Ship “OECUSSI” berthed at DILI and unloaded three truckloads of small cases. Sailed on the night 22/23 Jul. Also a large transport landed thirteen truckloads of small cases. This was the transport which sailed at 1230 hrs 21 Jul. The stores landed are thought to be rations which are coming from a port in the near vicinity of TIMOR. Evidently one of these ships carried out some gunnery practice whilst in the vicinity of DILI as it was seen to behave in a peculiar manner simultaneous to loud explosions being heard.
Two men from each Pl are being selected for a special job.
Pay book belonging to S/Sjt WALKER the Units past CQMS has been obtained from natives who say they found it near DILI. This would support the theory of him being executed the day after the landing (together with other troops).

23 July
Col SPENCE and Capts WYLIE and BROADBENT left for MAPE.
Stores for “A” & “D” Pls arrived in BOBONARO at 1200 hrs and at 1400 hrs were on their way to Pl bases under escort of personnel from each of these Pls.
L/Cpl BROWN arrived at GHQ and commenced duties here.
Sigs have included in their schedules of call-ups a call-up at 0600 hrs each day.
All reports indicate that the JAPANESE in DILI are having almost continuous practice for the defence of DILI against an Allied invasion.

24 July
Arrangements are being made for Capt VAN SWEITEN [Swieten] of the RNEIA and Lieut DEXTER to meet at a convenient point and discuss matters of common interest. Capt VAN SWEITEN commands the Dutch Pl which operates in the territory adjoining, that of Lieut DEXTER.
Reported today that at 1700 hrs 23 Jul MG fire was heard by an OP of “D” PI from the direction of TIBAR. Investigation by patrol from this Pl proved this to have come from a small pit-ty of Lieut TURTON’s men who had also been seen from the same OP.
Lieut Turton reports that the roads DILI-LIQUICA and TOCOLULLI-AIELU are now closed to MT.
OEKUSSI seen from BAZAR TETE by “D” Pl OP between the hours of 0500-0800 on 21 Jul heading EAST. Reported from PORTUGUESE sources that ships have landed in DILI over the past few days – many aerial bombs packed in crates – two per crate.
AA guns sited near TIBESSE carried out practice on 22 Jul between 1400-1430 hrs. Appears to be a small gun which fires clips of five shells – similar to BOFORS. All reports indicate that the crews of all AA guns in DILI have a lot of practice getting into action as quickly as possible.
AUSTRALIA has requested that Courts of Inquiry covering all deserters be sent to AUSTRALIA to enable them to deal with these individuals.

25 July
Force HQ has asked Coy HQ to submit a statement showing the approximate quantities of all stores except rations and comforts up to 30 September to them.
The matter of areas for “C” & “D” Pls was arranged. “C” Pl will work to the SOUTH & EAST of the road TIBAR-TOCOLULLI and “D” Pl WEST of this road and EAST of LIQUICA. “D” Pl also to cover road DILI-LIQUICA.
All very quiet otherwise.

26 July
A patrol from “B” Pl commenced its move to “B” Pl’s old area to attempt recover any gear that may still be there.
A CHINAMAN who was apprehended in “B” Pl area some time ago and sent to AINARO for detention has now been proven a spy and is being sent back to “B” P1 for attention.
“C” Pl reported today that 100 Japanese crossed the COMORO river between the road DILI-TIBAR and the brickworks at 1600 hrs 25 Jul.
A sub-sec of “D” Pl has moved to village FATACARO and is now operating on road TOCOLULLI-AILEU.
Another sub-sec is now at ARAMETRA and is working on the road TIBARNASUTA.
A further sub-sec is temporarily at RAILACO and is operating on the road NASUTA-TOCOLULLI.
Pack trains carrying the stores for “B” & “C” Pls left AINARO.
Preliminary enquiries made re the delivery of mail to AUST prisoners of war in DUTCH TIMOR through the PORTUGUESE Government.
Estimate of stores required by this Coy up to 30 September less rations and comforts sent to Force HQ.
Court of Enquiry to deal with the deserters Ptes LARNEY, WEBB, LILYA & FREEMAN were convened. President Lieut D St A DEXTER, members Lieuts CW Turner and CFG MCKENZIE.

27 July
Lieut TURNER’s patrol returned to base at 1130 hrs 25 Jul.
Lieut DEXTER returned to RITABAU.
Japanese reported to have crossed the COMORO yesterday moved to TIBAR and mortared the telephone house there. They slept the night on Timor huts on TIBAR flat and also in the Portuguese house between the road DILITIBAR and the sea which is WEST of the COMORO. “C” Pls OP reported hearing scattered shots from this area in the evening. Native rumours state that many Japanese slept the night 25/26 Jul near the bridge over the COMORO river on the DILI-TIBAR road. It seems that, following the machine-gunning of the Chinese truck near TIBAR, the Japanese feared an attack in this area – and acted as above accordingly. OP reported all Japs returned to DILI.
Demolitions on the road TIBAR-LIQUICA continue. One crater was made in such a position that it is quit o possible the action of the sea will extend the block made by the explosion there.
“D” Pl discovered in EREMERA one generator left there by the Japs. It is, however, quite useless.
One of the fighter planes stationed on the DILI drome took off at 1230 hrs 25 Jul and did not return until 1330 hrs 26 Jul.
The matter of mail being forwarded to POWs through the Portuguese administration being held in abeyance.

28 July
1 sub-sec of No 1 Sec left CAILACO for ATABAI. It’s job there be to recce the lower LOIS valley and phone back to Coy HQ immediately any information reshipping or aircraft it obtains from there. ATABAI is situated in a position for information of this nature as it commands a good view of the sea lanes between DILI and KOEPANG; also most aircraft moving between KOEPANG and DILI pass over that area.
Explosives requested by Capt LAIDLAW to close the road DILI-HERA despatched to him.
Lieut TURTON left LETE FOHO on tour of his area.
At 1300 hrs one enemy fighter plane on the DILI drome caught fire whilst being worked on by mechanics and destroyed.
Consignment of stores including saddles, binoculars, and clothing arrived at CHQ. AUSTRALIA has asked for a list of stores (all types) held by the Coy at present.

29 July
Between 0830-0845 hrs Japanese light artillery, working from TIBESSE, shelled “B” PL’s OP at DARALAU. There were no casualties and the shelling did not interfere with the working of the OP.
The Comd of “P” Pl states that the Japanese movement of 25/26 Jul, from further information gathered, now appears to be only part of a general move out of DILI in the evenings to escape any possible bombings.
A copy of the code names, originators letters etc as used within the Coy was reported lost on night 24/25 Jul at 0700 hrs this morning. All stations were immediately warned to keep messages passed by W/T down to an absolute minimum.
A new set of code names etc was prepared and was on its way to all Pls at 1000 hrs by special runner. This new set of names to operate from 0001 hrs 1 Aug.
At 0750 hrs one unidentified plane was seen from CAILACO. It was travelling from EAST to WEST.
Lieut GARNETT, QC21917, was evacuated to AUSTRALIA per “KURU” on 27 Jul.

30 July
Lieut DEXTER and Capt VAN SWEETHAM [Swieten] met at MEMO and discussed the cooperation of their commands which operate in adjoining areas. See report attached.
Three men sent to Capt BOYLAND to reinforce Lieut CAMPBELL’s section.
Instructions issued to Lieut R0SE and Capt DUNKLEY to commence the advanced training and general reorganisation and overhauling of Lieut R0SE’s section.
Three fighter planes on DILI drome took off at 1210 hrs 29 Jul. What seemed to be the same three planes returned and landed at 1100 hrs. A large twin-engined plane landed on the drome at 1400 hrs and. took off again at 1407 hrs. It appeared to be carrying an important personage as during its stay on the drome, the flag was flying there.
At 1440 hrs two fighter came from the EAST, flew over DILI and continued in a WESTWARD direction. These planes were identified as enemy. Shortly after another enemy plane came from the EAST, landed on the drome, and took off again after a stay of a few minutes; this plane also headed WESTWARD. At 1500 hrs there were three fighter planes on the drome.
Capt RR Baldwin transferred to Force HQ.
One saddle was despatched to each of the Pl Comds.

31 July
Capt LAIDLAW reports that the artillery that shelled his OP on 29 Jul has been located at TIBESSE.
“B” & “C” Pls informed that LHQ require a Japanese prisoner, preferably an officer, urgently. They were asked to investigate all possible methods of obtaining same.
Lieut Turton reports that he has received the information that the code words etc reported lost on night 24/25 Jul were recovered on 30 Jul.
There was much activity on the DILI drome today. The arrivals and departures are: 0630 hrs – two fighters and three bombers came from the WEST, flew over DILI and continued on EASTWARD. 0715 hrs – three fighters took off, circled out to sea and landed at 0725 hrs. 0730 hrs – two fighters came in from the WEST and landed on the drome and at 0900 three more fighters landed on the drome; this made a total of ten fighters on the drome. At 1130 hrs three fighters took off and headed EASTWARD; as three fighters landed again at 1230 hrs it is presumed that three planes went on a patrol along the EAST coast. Three more planes must have landed on the DILI drome In the afternoon as “D” Pl OP reports that there were thirteen planes on the drome at 1730 hrs.
To further safeguard the security system of the Coy from detection by the loss of code words etc in positions where they can be found by the enemy, or enemy agents, instructions were issued to limit the code lists etc that will be carried by the forward sub-units.

1 August
Arrangements being made for a patrol from “A” Pl to do demolitions on the road BALIBO-BATUGADE. When finished, this will effectively delay the Japanese in any move EASTWARD from ATAPOPOE into the BALIBO Plateau area.
Similarly “B” Pl is preparing to block the road DILI-HERA. This work was delayed by the PORTUGUESE Administration moving to BAUCAU (the move taking place over this road). Now, however, the PORTUGUESE have completed their move, so the road will be dealt with to delay the Japanese If they desire to use this road to move EASTWARD from DILI.
“B” Pl reports that at 1100 hrs loud explosions from the old drome were heard. These were followed by thick clouds of black smoke and a few smaller explosions. Obviously a petrol or oil dump caught fire, cause unknown.
“C” Pl forwarded to Coy HQ some papers handed to them by natives. These papers are believed to have been thrown away by the DUTCH near TIBESSE during the evacuation of DILI. Also forwarded was a letter from BAUCAU written in MALAY and dated ONE month ago. Arrangements made to have these translated.
“C” Pls W/T has to be relayed by “D” Pl to be transmitted to Coy HQ. This is due to the situation of “C” Pls set. “C” Pl tried to shift this set from its present position in the bottom of a valley to one more favourable to direct communication; indirect communication, as at present, may not always be possible.
Lieut Turton returned to LETE FOHO.

At 0820 one fighter plane came in from the WEST and landed on DILI drome. This plane took off at 0850 hrs and returned WESTWARD. At 0840 hrs three fighters left the drome in an EASTERLY direction and returned at 0930 hrs having finished what is obviously a patrol along the EASTERN part of the NORTH coast. One bomber plane landed on the drome at 1200 hrs having come from the WEST. There are now thirteen planes on the drome. Three of them stand in the usual place and the other ten in a large “V” very near the first three.

Information received that W/T sets 208 and mortars (size unspecified) are being forwarded to the Unit. These will help speed up the communications from forward OPs to Pl HQ and will give the Coy something it has not previously had – a high trajectory weapon – and one with a solid punch.

A lot of demolition work on various roads are in the minds of various Pl Comds but at present it not possible to go ahead with these owing to lack of explosives. Force HQ has been notified of this state of affairs and it is hoped they will be made available shortly.

2 August
At 0945 hrs an explosion and possibly a shot were heard at MALIANA. Within the next hour two natives with flesh wounds in the legs and arms came to the Section at MALIANA and asked for treatment. Coy HQ was notified immediately resulting in “A” Pl taking action as for a possible night excursion into PORTUGUESE TIMOR by Jap police patrol from DUTCH TIMOR. The ADMINISTRATOR arranged to have the area where the incident occurred, which was on the track from MALIANA to BOBONARO, thoroughly investigated by his men. On the advice of a native chief a native was arrested. This fellow had been behaving in a very suspicious manner and test carried out by our men proved he knew what a grenade was and how they were operated. He was sent to BOBONARO and handed over to the PORTUGUESE administration to be dealt with. It appears he stole an AUST grenade while at MAPE or BECO some time ago and threw it at the two natives, who were wounded, in the hope of robbing them. This incident brought home to all concerned the possibility of individual natives being used in this way by the enemy against AUSTRALIANS in this area.

“C” Pl report that two large Jap patrols moved out from DILI on night 31 Jul/1 Aug. One of these patrols, led by an ARAB spy went to TIBAR and the other to BULUKA. They burnt some native huts in each place and returned to DILI during the morning 2 Aug. The reason for this move is not clear.
“D” Pl submitted a report covering their activities in regard to road demolitions over the past few weeks. The road from TIBAR to ERMERA and to AILEU was dealt with in sections. Bridges were blown, craters blown in the road and trees felled across it. It is estimated that the period of time needed to make the entire road good for MT use is nineteen days.
“B” Pl reported that at 0815 hrs 10 fighter planes and one bomber took off from DILI drome and headed WESTWARD. MALIANA reports that at 0845 hrs three fighter planes passed overhead moving in a SOUTH WEST direction; and at 0900 a very large plane was sighted travelling in the same direction. These reports were substantiated by PORTUGUESE reports from the LOIS area.

The possibility of supplying rubber from this island to AUSTRALIA is receiving attention. Information obtained from executives of the biggest producers on the island has been sent to Force HQ.
A survey of the position of reserve 45 ammunition reveals that the Coy reserve is only 4000 rounds. A requisition was placed to this figure to 20000.

3 Aug
Information received from “B” Pl that the paymaster is operating in that area – and is most welcome – some of the troops not having been paid for approx. eight months.
Reported from “B” Pl this morning that at 1350 hrs 2 Aug two fighters took off and headed WEST. Also reported at 0935 hrs 3 Aug one large plane came from the WEST and landed on the DILI drome. This plane took off again at 1040 and returned in a WESTERLY direction.
Lieut TURTON states that the majority of the planes seen by his men over the last ten days apparently are not equipped with retractable undercarriages as they have been seen as far away from DILI as BAZAR TETE & ERMERA with undercarriage down.
Sjt COUPLAND, Cpl JONES, Ptes ROWAN-ROBINSON, CLOUTTE, CAREY, TIMMS, NEWTON and Spr BENNETT are to report to either MAPE on 6 Aug or SAME on 8 Aug for special duty.
There have been a few cases of VD in the Coy over the past month and the position re punishment for cases of this nature is being investigated.

4 August
A patrol consisting of L/Sjt DENMAN and 12 /O/Rs left its base to carry out the proposed demolitions on the road BALIBO-BATUGADE.
“D” Pl report they have a man at SOLOI who has received flesh wounds in the legs. These were caused by MG fire in action. Efforts were made to find out more about the reported action but as yet none has become available.
Reported this morning that at 1250 hrs 2 Aug three planes landed on the DILI drome. One of the planes appeared to bog or break down during landing and was left on the SOUTH side of the new drome. At 1350 hrs two of these planes took off and headed WESTWARD. This left three effective planes on the drome. At 1000 hrs 4 Aug two additional fighter planes landed on the drome having come from the WEST; thus raising the total to six.
Reported from the ADMINISTRATOR that a small ship was reported standing off ATAPOPOE between the hours of 0630-0800.
Force HQ inform us that if its desired they will attempt to arrange air cooperation for any action that is taken by the Coy to obtain a Jap prisoner.

5 August
A recce of the BALIBO Plateau and the coastline in that area has been completed by two of the sub-sections stationed at ATABAI. The results of the recce have been recorded at Coy HQ for future use.
“B” Pl reports that at 0700 hrs approx. 100 Japanese moved out into the high ground to the EAST of DILI. They did not move about or cause any bother while they were there. This move is quite evidently connected with the action in “C” Pl area.
No 7 Section, commanded by Lt A. CAMPBELL, planned a raid on DARE to take place on the night 4/5 Aug. It was planned on the information, from a reliable native, that DARE was occupied solely by an outpost of six Japs. The object of the raid was to capture the prisoner wanted so badly by AUSTRALIA – TIMOR seems to be the only place where it is possible to capture one. All preparations were completed and the Section moved on DARE. They were within a few yards of the spot that was, according to the natives, occupied by the Japs, when the section was fired on by a large number of Japs entrenched in a coffee plantation very close to the section’s line of approach.
The withdrawal, as outlined by Lt CAMPBELL, previously, followed very quickly, all but two men acting in the correct manner; the outcome being, despite heavy fire, all but the two mentioned getting away without casualties being caused. Of the other two, one arrived at SOLOI during the afternoon of 5 Aug with flesh wounds in the legs. Arrangements were made to have him sent to hospital in AINARO. The other wandered into SOLOI on 6 Aug entirely undamaged. The section withdrew to SOLOI to reorganize.

Throughout the 4 and 5 Aug the Japs scoured the area previously occupied by No 7 Section. Some of the Japs in this operation were wearing native sarongs. During the afternoon they withdrew to BIDOUCOU. Evidently their only desire was to rid the immediate vicinity of AUSTRALIANS. Portuguese sources state there were 400-500 Japs engaged in this work.

Two Chinese landed in BATUGADE from the small from the small ship reported off ATOPOEPOE yesterday – it moved to BATUGADE during the day. They are being forwarded to MALIANA by courtesy of the Portuguese administration for questioning by Capts WYLIE & BROADHURST. This is consequence of them having come from MAKASSAR in the CELEBES.

Capt CALLINAN has stated to Force HQ that the request for air cooperation to assist in capturing a prisoner was made in view of the fact that the Japs relax their vigilance during, and immediately after, an air raid. This would possibly allow a section, which had got into position, to take advantage of this confusion, raid the post, and so secure a prisoner. Thus for this purpose close cooperation was not necessary, but heavy and accurate bombing of a target near DILI, with emphasis on the time factor, would be quite suitable.
Lieut MCKENZIE reported to Force HQ. He, with Lieut DOIG (who reported there some days ago) are detached to Force, together with the men mentioned on 3 Aug, for special duty.
Two new call-ups from control to all stations, at 2200 hrs and 0200 hrs, commenced today.
Coy HQ received from “A” Pl information re the investigation of a site for an EMERGENCY  LANDING GROUND near MALIANA.
Portuguese sources state that the Jap garrison at ATOPOEPOE has recently been brought up to 400 to 600 Japs. They were desirous of collecting a large number of strong horses and also stated the intention of moving into PORTUGUESE TIMOR.

6 August
“C” Pl reports all enemy in that area have withdrawn to DARE; Capt BOYLAND expects the area to have quietened down to its previous tranquil state in a few days. He also reports that his area is well covered by spies operating on behalf of the Japanese. This is probably the reason for his opinion that Lieut CAMPBELL’s section was ambushed during the raid. Capt CALLINAN asked Capt BOYLAND to submit all ideas etc on the raid and its implications.
The name of the man wounded in the raid has come to hand and was NX77777 Pte BAGNALL KC.
After moving about the general “C” Pl area No 9 Section now has a fixed base at 08352529 (Ref map PORTIMOR 1:250000).
Same ref map. No 10 Section now has one sub-section at 08452522 and the other at 08382523; No 12 Section now has one sub-section at 08482521 and the other at 08472524. These two sections are both of “D” Pl.
Following on arrangements with Force HQ and Lieuts ROSE and LAFFY one [sub]-section of No 13 Section is now at AINARO – the other two remaining at HATU BUILICO and NUNAMOGUE.
This Section has not, as yet, had the benefit of any advanced training and so a syllabus has been prepared to bring the Section (which is a very keen and fit one) to a high standard of training as soon as possible. This will be in the hands of Lieuts ROSE and LAFFY.
At 1445 hrs 5 Aug a large bomber plane landed on the DILI drome. At 0730 hrs 6 Aug this plane took off and headed NORTH.
Maj CAPE and Capts WYLIE and BROADHURST arrived at BOBONORO.

7 August
At approx. 2300 hrs 6 Aug a detachment of “B” Pl blew the road DILI-HERA. The Japs evidently suspected some activity in the area in which the road was blown, as, during the operation, they shelled the area – fortunately there were no casualties and the job was completed as per plan.
Whilst operating near TIBAR one sub-section of No 9 Section was ambushed by the Japanese. As yet no details of the affair have been received from “C” Pl.
In consequence of this and the affair of 4/5 Aug reported from “C” Pl’s forward OPs on DILI are not being received as regularly as usual.
An unidentified plane was seen flying over SUAI CAMNASSA MAPE BOBONARO and ATSABE at 0930 hrs. “B” Pl reported an enemy fighter landed on the drome at 0940 hrs. Evidently one and the same.
It is reported that at 0630 hrs sixteen small ships were sighted off BATUGADE – these later entered ATAPOEPAE harbour. These are referred to again below.
“B” Pl reports a ship of approx. 1000 tons came from the WEST and entered DILI harbour at 1600 hrs. It stayed only a short while and departed again at 1800 hrs.
Our OP at ATABAI reported having seen four small ships heading NORTH towards ALOR Island at 1880 hrs. Quite possibly some of those that entered ATAPOEPAE earlier in the day returning from whence they came.
From Portuguese sources it is learnt that the sixteen small ships mentioned above brought between 200 and 300 natives from other islands previously owned by the DUTCH – these natives were taken by MT to ATAMBOEA. This may be connected with other Portuguese statements that the Japanese in ATAMBOEA have been reinforced and are collecting horses and pro-Jap natives for a move into PORTUGUESE TIMOR.
Five men each from “A” “D” Pls and No 13 Section required. These men to report to Coy HQ when ordered to be trained in the use of the 3” mortar.
Maj CAPE and Capts WYLIE and BROADHURST left early for MALIANA.

8 August
Demolitions carried out by “A” Pl patrol on the road BALIBO-BATUGADE consisted of burning and removing and burning bridges and culverts and felling large trees across the road.
A conservative estimate of the time needed to fix the road for MT is two days.
“B” Pl reports that they are attempting to capture a Japanese sentry at night. The method they are using is not quite clear at the moment.
Capt BOYLAND reports at 1200 hrs his latest knowledge after the TIBAR ambush was one man reported slightly wounded and two men still missing. Details of this and the action of No 7 Section are coming by runner.
Instructions issued for Lieut MAIS [Meis] of the RNEIA who has been training in Ind Coy tactics with “D” Pl, to return to FATOLULLI.

As usual over the past few days, there was much aircraft activity at the DILI drome. At 1015 hrs a large bomber landed, having come from the WEST. It appeared to refuel and took off at 1140 hrs, heading in a WESTERLY direction. At 1120 hrs two fighters came from the WEST and landed on the drome at 1350 hrs a further fighter from the WEST landed. Of the fighters now on the drome three departed in a SOUTHERLY direction at 1600 hrs. Immediately after a large bomber came in from the NORTH EAST and landed. Thus at 1600 hrs there were four fighters and one bomber on the DILI drome. At 0630 hrs six motor barges berthed at DILI. These were all heavily laden but OPs were unable to state what with. They came from a NORTH WESTERLY direction.

The papers written in MALAY which were forwarded to this HQ by “C” Pl have been translated and proved to be some antiquated DUTCH intelligence items. Also a letter from an executive in a petroleum company on the island, addressed to the AUSTRALIANS. The letter informed the Comd that the CHINESE in the EASTERN of the island of [being] in Japanese pay.
A requisition for 1000 lbs of ammonal to be used in demolition work was lodged with Force HQ.
Maj CAPE and Capts WYLIE and BROADHURST returned from MALIANA.

9 August
At approx. 0845 hrs aircraft was sighted in SW PORT TIMOR and later identified as single engine enemy light bombers. These made several recce flights along the south coast and then operating in pairs bombed BECO (09142526) and MAPE (09042526). The first bombs on BECO started a fire in a large shed containing rice and cotton, but the bombing of MAPE although continued in the afternoon did little damage. The O/C was called to MAPE to discuss various matters with Capt WEBSTER from NORFORCE.

10 August
At approx. 0600 three ships were sighted off BECO (09142526). These appeared to be one cruiser and two small transports. All platoons were informed and ordered to call in small patrols and prepare platoons for movement and action. The O/C left MAPE (09042526) to return to Coy HQ at BOBONARO (09012521). It was arranged that Capt RR BALDWIN who had been absorbed into Force HQ would be returned to Coy which had been functioning during the previous weeks without a 2 I/C; he was to remain at MAPE temporarily.
As immediate tactical moves “A” Pl was ordered to send a Section to BONONARO to watch the tracks to this town from the SOUTH and MAPE; and Lt ROSE was ordered to collect his three sub-sections from the HATU BUILICO area (08542531) and move to MAPE and from there to BECO to investigate the situation there.

During the morning enemy aircraft bombed MAPE, BOBONARO and MAROBO (08592521). Four bombs were dropped on BOBONARO but because of its location it provided an easy target and these bombs disrupted the telephone system of the CIRCUMSCRICAO OF FRONTEIRA of which it is the capital. This was a setback, which while NOT fatal cur the Coy off from valuable information from the frontier posts; the lines to MEMO (09022512) and ATSABE (08552524) were later repaired but the BOBONARO to MAPE line was not repaired as the MAPE end also had been damaged; this was to provide a serious black spot in the intelligence system.

During the afternoon the ADMINISTRATOR OF FRONTEIRA passed the on information from native sources that JAPANESE were moving on FATOLULI (09122508) and MEMO. Information was also received that a naval action was taking place off BETANO and at approx. 1500 hrs aircraft were observed bombing the two transports which had remained off BECO while the cruiser has steamed to the south east at approx. 0700 hrs. One transport was observed to be on fire.

Preparations were made to move Coy HQ to a native village approx. three miles along the BOBONARO to ATSABE track in order to avoid the distractions unfortunately accompanying air bombings.
At approx. 1700 hrs the CO, Maj CAPE and Capts WEBSTER, WYLIE and BROADHURST arrived from MAPE on their way to ATSABE and AINARO.

The position then was that there were five main threats to the Coy:
1. A drive northward from RAI MEAN (09162526) and/or SUAI; no definite information about landing had been received.
– The drive into south western PORT TIMOR; this was obviously directed mainly at the DUTCH, who occupied this area, but after pushing them out it could possibly turn NORTHWARD.
2. The drive through LAHOEROES to MEMO; information received over the previous week had indicated that such a move might be contemplated by the enemy.
3. The drive from DILI towards the SOUTH WEST; this had been commenced in a small degree after some raids in that area by “C” Pl. The enemy had moved approx. 400 troops to LOU LARA (08352533).
4. The drive from DILI towards the SOUTH EAST; “B” Pl had reported this drive as having commenced on 9 Aug when the enemy used dogs to reveal ambushes in a move towards REMEXIO (08352540).

The O/C decided to take the following action to deal with these moves:

1. This to be examined by Lt ROSE but it was considered unlikely that this had any direct connection with the SPARROW FORCE, the main reason for this being the presence of the naval escort, which was entirely unnecessary if it was desired only to move troops along the coast from DUTCH to PORT TIMOR.
2. It was impossible to send any AUSTRALIANS to deal with this, and it was probable that it would be fully engaged in scouring SOUTH WEST PORT TIMOR for some days. But one Section of “A” Pl was left to protect the rear of “A” Pl against a movement from this direction. This to be dealt with by “A” Pl and “D” Pl to move to cover the right or NORTHERN flank of “A” Pl and to support “A” Pl if it was forced back.
3. This to be handled by “C” Pl; this drive was considered to be aimed at AILEU (08432534) and MAUBISSE (08512536). It was a source of great comfort at this stage to know that the roads DILI to TOCULULLI (08422525), TOCULULLI to ERMERA (08462523) and TOCULULLI to ERMERA (08462523) and TOCULULLI to AILEU (08432534) had been well blocked and could NOT be opened to MT for at least three weeks.
4. This to be dealt with by “B” Pl who knew this area thoroughly and had already dealt with one previous enemy attempt to dislodge them.

All platoons had previously been warned that in the event of a strong enemy drive and the Company being forced to move the general direction of that move would be to the EAST.

During the night Coy HQ with W/T set, battery charger, all Coy records and some rations moved out to the alternative HQ in the native village.
At approx. 2100 hrs “B” Pl received information that three large parties of JAPANESE were moving out from DILI towards REMEXIO; as it was NOT possible to determine their exact routes or directions from which they were approaching the platoon withdrew to high ground approx. one mile EAST of REMEXIO and camped there for the night.

11 August
Wireless communication was resumed at 0600 hrs and from then on throughout the moves of the platoons and of Coy HQ control was maintained. A runner system to BOBONARO was arranged and all information coming into BOBONARO was forwarded to HQ. The telephone to ATSABE was working as was the one to AINARO (09002531) but unfortunately a fault developed in the ATSABE phone, so that AINARO could not hear ATSABE.
There had been reports of the enemy cruiser shelling BETANO and a patrol under Lt LAFFY was sent from AINARO to investigate.

“A” Pl reported sending a patrol from MALIANA (09002514) to MEMO to contact the enemy. Approx. 1200 hrs the enemy entered MEMO; there was a skirmish with our patrols and the number of enemy casualties is indefinite our casualties nil. The patrol fell back to MALIANA.
During the day “D” Pl concentrated at LETE FOHO (08502525).
At dawn “B” Pl were able to observe that the enemy had completely surrounded REMEXIO; at 0600 hrs the enemy opened up with mortars and MG on the town and then moved in from several directions. The movements were enjoyed by “B” Pl, who then moved to take up positions on ridges between REMEXIO and LILTAI.
“C” [Pl] concentrated at SOLOI (08432533) and a forward OP report enemy in the bed of the COMORO RIVER also one enemy destroyer and a cruiser entered DILI.
The enemy bombed ERMERA (08462523), AILEU and MAUBISSE.
Lt ROSE moved from AINARO (09002531) to MAPE and found that place had been thoroughly looted by natives but there were no signs of JAPANESE in that area.
During the evening Coy HQ moved a further few miles along the track BOBONARO to ATSABE.

12 August
Enemy occupied MALIANA after opposition by “A” Pl in early morning. The active hostility of PORTUGUESE TIMORS was first evidenced here, where they were used to give away our positions to the enemy, the strength of which was at this stage approx. 300 JAPANESE and 200 natives. It has been the practice of the enemy to avoid direct conflicts for which it has neither the numbers nor the weapons, but to concentrate on harassing tactics. Here the TIMORS were nullifying one of our most important weapons – surprise; and their actions were to facilitate greatly the advance of the JAPANESE.

“D” Pl moved from LETE FOHO to ATSABE, and sent a section to BATU (08562523) which was to cover the left flank of “A” Pl and to establish contact with “A” Pl at MAROBO (08592521).
“C” Pl remained at SOLOI. Enemy occupied AILEU.

Enemy moved REMEXIO towards LILTAI in large numbers; there were 5 to 600 JAPANESE in this area. The enemy continually outflanked our ambush positions but were vigorously engaged by our patrols who inflicted many casualties. Enemy halted approx. half way between REMEXIO and LILTAI back up positions and camped there for the night.
During the night Coy HQ moved to village overlooking the saddle (08582527) on the road BOBONARO to ATSABE.

Following the enemy occupation of MALIANA “A” Pl withdrew to a saddle (08592518) between MALIANA and MAROBO, and here the enemy were attacked at approx. midnight; enemy casualties here were approx. 30 our casualties nil. After leaving MALIANA the enemy split into two columns; the large moving after “A” Pl, the smaller in the direction of CAILACO.
Both “A” and “B” Pls reported the use of dogs by the enemy to reveal ambushes and the constant employment of the almost standard JAPANESE encircling tactics, while striving to hold the attention of our troops with mortars, artillery or MG.
At this stage it is interesting to compare the reactions and behaviour of the natives in the two areas, the on in FRONTEIRA, the other near DILI. Near DILI the natives were either neutral or friendly to the extent of giving information and assistance to us.
In FRONTEIRA there was quite a percentage of them prepared to be actively hostile, while others gave information and assistance to the JAPANESE and brought surrender notices to “A” Pl. The reasons for this difference in behaviour are:
– Near DILI our dealings have been mainly directly with the natives and have been fair. Near DILI they have experienced JAPANESE ill treatment of women and property – while we have been most careful in these matters.
– In FRONTEIRA we were forced to use – and found most helpful and convenient – the PORTUGUESE administration, and this – in the minds of …

[text covered by Addendum] …


Lt ROSE destroyed stores of grenades and AT mines at MAPE; then having received information of enemy move to BOBONARO and thinking he might be cut off he withdrew to AINARO. A further strong reason was that the area was devoid of natives and food. The lack of communications with this area remained a source of trouble, the only telephones from this place led to BECO (09142526) and BONONARO, neither of these were working and even if they had been there was extremely little chance of anyone being at the other end.

13 August

… assisted by TIMORS, upon whose assistance our troops had previously relied and received.

No knowledge had been received from the area in which enemy from the ships would have landed; it was NOT known if there had been a landing or if the enemy was in BECO (09142526) or in MAPE. With the failure of the telephone system in that area and the silence of the DUTCH wireless there was NO way of clearing up the doubts about that area. It was decided to continue the action upon the promises made on 9 AUG 42.

“A” Pl had in the meantime fallen back to MAROBO and established contact with “D” Pl. “D” Pl had pushed out a section along the track ATSABE to BOBONARO.
As the enemy appeared to be splitting his forces it was decided to attempt to deal with them immediately and for this purpose it was considered that the force in BOBONARO would move from there to ATSABE and both “A” and “D” Pls were maneuvered to deal with this force as it passed through the saddle between BOBONARO and ATSABE.
Enemy moved from AILEU towards SOLOI apparently carrying out their encircling tactics; the platoon withdrew to village approx. two miles south west of AILEU. The movement of the enemy here was very cautious and they obviously had little information as to the positions of the AUSTRALIANS. The number of the enemy in this area was approx. 600. Enemy made NO move towards LILTAI but “B” Pl maintained contact by means of patrols.
During the night Coy HQ moved to the high country on the WESTERN slopes of the RAMELAU RANGE and it was hoped to stabilise HQ here where with friendly natives any number of JAPANESE could be eluded.

14 August
When the JAPANESE entered BOBONARO they found 160 good Timor ponies belonging to the PORTUGUESE cavalry. These were promptly confiscated and used to move the troops along the road BOBONARO to ATSABE and NOT the track which is quite good; the road is some miles longer than the track. When this was observed it was considered that the move was directed at Coy HQ which was above the road. So Coy HQ which at this time was the most forward unit of the Coy in that area moved to even higher ground.
The enemy brought up artillery and mortars and used them on the area in the vicinity of the saddle. It was here that the natives made their hostility to us most useful to the enemy by appearing on rocks above our positions, by attacking a Bren gunner with knives from the rear to such an extent that he was forced to shoot them with his pistol to save his own life.

Cpl HODGSON was suddenly attacked from the rear by natives and his rifle stolen, in spite of his good physique, his grenades and all his efforts to protect himself he was pursued and eventually rendered unconscious by stones and sticks; he was then stripped and taken to the JAPANESE. The first JAPANESE officer to see him continued the native practice of beating him over the head with a stick but his wounds were later bandaged and he was questioned and asked to proceed to ATSABE and tell the AUSTRALIAN OC there to surrender. This he said was impossible for him – a Cpl – to do, and he was left apparently to be attended by the natives; he escaped and eventually rejoined the platoon in a badly battered condition. He reported that the enemy troops he saw were approx. 250 strong of good physique and morale. Their weapons consisted of long barrelled rifles and two machine guns all in excellent condition. They also had two small pieces of artillery, approx. 3 inch bore, some mortars – NOT seen clearly, and two dogs as seen around DILI to reveal our ambushes. Their dress was mainly khaki with DUTCH helmets, but the 20 or 30 JAVANESE ex DUTCH soldiers with them had many remarks to make to HODGSON and appeared to wear white arm bands or sashes. There were approx. 200 natives moving with the JAPANESE and to these the JAPANESE spurious money was freely distributed; one native who had been wounded in the leg by one of HODGON’s grenades was given a two and one half guilder note and sent on his way.

This experience with the natives forced “A” and “D” Pls to withdraw from the saddle area after very little action; enemy casualties were approx. 10. The Pls withdrew through ATSABE to the hills along the track leading from ATSABE to HATU BUILICO (08542531).
“C” Pl expecting the enemy to move from AILEU to MAUBISSE moved around to BULIBO (08492535) which provided the best position to contact the enemy during their move to MAUBISSE. The area is NOT good for our tactics having many tracks by which the enemy could move and many open areas across which we do not like moving.
Enemy moved towards LILTAI and were contacted by “B” Pl outposts at approx. 0100 hrs just NORTH of LILTAI. For 4 hrs there was a continuous sound of small arms, MG, mortars and grenades. Just before dawn our patrols broke contact and retired to the hills behind LILTAI. At dawn the enemy advanced towards LILTAI but were driven back by fire from our positions, but soon after large numbers of enemy were seen coming on both flanks and working around to the rear. There was further action until 0800 hrs when B Pl was forced to withdraw. Enemy casualties were at least 60, our casualty was L/Cpl R. Ewan (WX10167) who had given a good account of himself throughout the action and if the enemy screams coming from his direction can be taken as an indication he accounted for no small number of enemy before he was killed. The body was later recovered with the webbing removed and the face battered in.

At this stage in the action the full value of the 101 wireless sets were revealed; the sets with each platoon and with Coy HQ never failed to pass or receive messages although operating over mountainous country and distances up to 30 miles.
Two points of Coy policy were now paying good dividends:
-Each wireless set and personnel was to be treated as a complete sub-unit with its own means of transport continually with it.
-All messages after 10 Aug were received and de-ciphered by all stations; this kept all platoon commanders fully informed, obviated the sending of intel summaries by Coy HQ and reduced the messages originated by OC to operational ones.
One regrettable feature was that Coy HQ was unable to establish contact with FORCE HQ throughout the action.

Coy HQ was now moving along the top of RAMELAU RANGE (from 08592527 to 08572827) an experiencing some difficulty in obtaining food and water and in transporting its W/T sets; but its elevation approx. 7000 feet assisted the W/T set.
RAAF bombed MAPE.

15 August
“A” and “D” Pls were having difficulty with natives and leaving a section to OP ATSABE and contact the enemy if they should move after them they withdrew to HATU BUILICO (08542531) and established contact with the troops in AINARO. The enemy shelled and mortared ATSABE but stopped a mile or a little more on the road BOBONARO to ATSABE. Some Timorese who are moving with the JAPANESE entered the town. The enemy made NO move towards MAUBISSE (08572526); they were apparently worried about their failure to locate our troops and were moving very carefully.
“C” Pl remained in position awaiting an opportunity to contact an enemy patrol.
Enemy in LILTAI were satisfied with patrolling the area close to there;
“B” Pl remained in position awaiting developments. There was NO close contact with the enemy in this area.
Coy HQ moved down to AINARO in the evening and established contact with Lts McKENZIE and ROSE and with Capt BALDWIN who had remained in the MAPE area until 13 Aug and after failing to catch up with Coy HQ on the 14 Aug had returned to the MAPE area and thence to AINARO arriving there at approx. 1700 hrs 15 Aug. Coy HQ remained in AINARO overnight.

16 August
It then appeared that the Coy was being forced into a pocket formed by MAUBISSE (08512536), HATU BUILICO (08542531), AINARO (09002531) and SAME (09002541) and the Coy would be forced to meet the enemy on terms that suited the enemy and NOT the Coy. A further very important objection to this was that great difficulty was now being experienced in feeding the soldiers [who] were now feeling the strain of over a week of continuous action and movement over country of which map distances give NO true conception.

FORCE HQ was now located at SAME and full report was forwarded by reliable native runner. Later in the morning a supplementary report was given to S/Sgt ROSS by telephone from AINARO to HATU UDO (09072536) where he had been sent by FORCE. To deal with the threat to the Coy it was decided to combine “C” and “D” Pls to provide a striking force which would be able to deliver a strong blow to the enemy column advancing through AILEU. “A” Pl was to remain at HATU BUILICO to protect the rear of these platoons and also the NORTHERN approaches to AINARO against an enemy move from ATSABE via HATU BUILICO.

The track ATSABE-AINARO is difficult and it was NOT considered that the main enemy body would move via this track; patrols and OPs were established along it and preparations made for forces at AINARO to deal with any movement along it. If it was found there was no movement along the track ATSABE to HATU BUILICO

“A” Pl was to move quickly to reinforce “C” and “D” Pls and augment their efforts to turn back this column of enemy. It was to be an attempt to make use of the dissipation of strength which had been forced on the enemy and by throwing back one body to give the Coy much needed respite and to keep open the way to the EAST which by now was restricted to the one via SAME.
“C” Pl patrols towards the DAI SOLI RIVER reported large numbers of enemy crossed this now almost dry stream of approx. 0900 hrs and this was confirmed by OPs and later sounds of MG fire were heard from that direction. Positions taken up to meet the enemy, but they did not advance beyond the DAI SOLI RIVER area “C” Pl contacted “D” Pl.
Large parties of enemy moved out and pushed back “B” Pl’s forward troops; this was thought to be preliminary to a general move to TURISCAI (08502543), but the enemy later returned to LILTAI.
Rumours of enemy patrols in the neighbourhood of BECO and HATU UDO (09072536) were still being received but it was impossible to detach any troops to contact the enemy in that area, but patrols were being sent from AINARO as far as was possible to give adequate warning of any move from that direction to AINARO.
Coy HQ remained in the vicinity of AINARO.

17 August
The enemy in the ATSABE area had moved on towards HATO LIA but this was thought to be probably due to false information given by Cpl HODGSON (see 13 Aug War Diary) and also due to the possibility of the enemy NOT being aware that our troops had been withdrawn from that area.
Enemy moved around “C” Pl and entered MAUBISSE during the night. So during the day “C” Pl moved around MAUBISSE joined “D” Pl and they took up a position on the saddle between MAUBISSE and AINARO, this position also covered the approach to SAME. It was essential that “C” and “D” Pls NOT be pushed back towards AINARO or HATU BUILICO but make all efforts to slow up an enemy drive on SAME sufficiently to permit “A” Pl, troops in AINARO and Coy HQ to move past SAME towards the EAST; but there was the continuous trouble due to the out flanking of the 120 troops in that area by the 600 enemy, also the terrain was NOT suitable for harassing tactics.
“B” Pl withdrew to positions approx. halfway between LILTAI and TURISCAI (08452541) with a small patrol forward to contact the enemy should they move towards TURISCAI.
Coy HQ moved to a position approx. half way between AINARO and SAME.
AINARO was at this stage the danger spot of the island as if the enemy pushed from MAUBISSE direct to SAME some difficulty would be experienced in extricating the troops in the AINARO area. Some personnel were evacuated by flying boat from BETANO (09092544).

18 August
In an endeavor to get positions where they could deal with 600 or more enemy in a drive on either AINARO or SAME “C” and “D” Pls moved to AITUTU VALLEY (08552536). At approx. 1300 hrs 300 enemy moved into the valley from the EAST, which was rather surprising as it was NOT thought that [the] enemy would be so far to the SOUTH and EAST. Two sections moved to the attack but the enemy swung around to the NORTH and returned to MAUBISSE, and the sections did not get within range. The platoons remained in position covering the tracks to AINARO and SAME.
During the night the enemy withdrew from MAUBISSE to AILEU.
The forward patrols of “B” Pl reported that the enemy had withdrawn from LILTAI on the night of 17/18 Aug. As this may have been an attempt to move around to the EAST of “B” Pl and the Coy and also to get the now almost exhausted and famished men to an area of more food, “B” Pl moved to NOVA CAMINHA (08462547).
Coy HQ moved to SAME and established contact with FORCE HQ. Following on the sighting of a green rocket in the vicinity of MAUBISSE by all platoons, patrols were sent out from SAME and the troops moved out along the various tracks. This rocket which was reported by all platoons remains a mystery.

19 August
All platoons sent forward strong patrols to investigate areas which had been occupied by the enemy. No enemy were encountered.
Coy HQ moved to a native village called TUTULORO (08572542); Coy HQ and Pl HQs were now kept very busy trying to organize transport and food in areas almost entirely devoid of both. The receipt of some small money from AUSTRALIA was most useful at this stage.
RAAF bombed MAUBISSE (08512536) – this had a very good effect on native and Coy morale.

20 August
Patrols were being pushed forward, the food position in various areas was being consolidated, money and batteries were being distributed and the Coy being prepared for a further enemy attack should it eventuate. The whole Coy was in need of food and rest but the position was seriously complicated by the natives who had for the greater part fled with their belongings and food and those remaining were either pro JAPANESE or too frightened to be of any assistance.
The enemy bombing of almost all the PORTUGUESE towns had a very great effect on the morale of the natives and made it particularly difficult to get them anywhere near the towns. The PORTUGUESE Chefe de Postes had fled and there was NO control over the natives.
A boat brought some supplies to BETANO in the evening.
RAAF bombed Maubisse (08572536) and AILEU (08442534) areas. They were a most heartening sight to all.

21 August
Patrols reported NO enemy in the ATSABE, AILEU and LILTAI areas. The consolidation of the Coy was continued
“C” Pl was preparing to move back to the AILEU area;
“A” Pl moved into AINARO and “D” Pl commended its move back to the ATSABE area.

22 August

“A” Pl reported the HATU UDO (09072536) area clear of the enemy. All platoons were experiencing some difficulty in obtaining food but the position was being slowly improved by the reappearance of some natives and the spreading of some AUSTRALIAN money.
Request for recce areas NOVA ANADIA (08572553), NOVA CAMINHA (08462547) and BARIQUE (08502605) to locate suitable places for stores to be dropped; so that if Coy forced further EAST there will be NO delay in arranging areas. SAME which is NOT actually a good area for this purpose is still being used for this purpose.

23 August
“C” Pl has two strong patrols out towards DILI; these report native rumours all enemy returned to DILI. “B” Pl has a section in the REMEXIO area to contact the enemy.
“B” Pl reports three large parties of natives moved from MAUBISSE to TURISCAI with the intention of looting that town but No 6 Section which was there opened up on them and drove the natives away. This indicates the growth of a dangerous spirit amongst the natives.
FORCE HQ advises that one HUDSON BOMBER crashed north of VILA DE OURIQUE (08462555) on the 21 Aug 42 and one member was seen to parachute from the plane. “B” Pl was asked to investigate this immediately and also a FORCE HQ report of trucks moving along the road DILI to BAUCAU (08272627).
RAAF dropped supplies at SAME approx. 1730. This is NOT a good area for this purpose because of the grass – six to seven feet high – and the undulating nature of the ground; but it is NOT possible to obtain a better one at present.

24 August
Coy consolidating position, changing batteries for W/T and salvaging medical gear from AINARO and forwarding to ALAS (09012548) where the RAP and FORCE HQ now are.
Reports coming from platoons covering recent actions and patrol activities.
“C” Pl report natives in MAUBISSE area (08512536) have rebelled against the PORT AMINISTRATION and have killed the Chefe de Poste at MAUBISSE.
Detachment of PORTUGUESE army moving to deal with natives. All platoons notified and instructed to remain strictly neutral unless attacked.
“C” Pl patrols report AILEU (08441534) area clear of enemy and patrol moving to recover battery charger, which could NOT be transported away from SOLOI (08432533).
Lt HORSTINK RNEIA has reported by runner to “A” Pl that he is in the hills in the vicinity of BOBNARO [BOBONARO] and asks for instructions; he was instructed to remain there if at all possible, and forward reports to “A” Pl. Matter reported to FORCE HQ.
Lt ROSE and men placed under command of “A” Pl with HQ at AINARO and ordered to organize patrols to scour the areas HATU UDO (09072536), BECO (09142526), MAPE (09042526) and ATSABE (08552524) and to maintain contact with “D” Pl.

“B” Pl report that the plane referred to on 23 Aug 42 had been located approx. one mile EAST of CRIBAS (08412559). The plane was a complete wreck having apparently exploded on crashing. The badly burnt arms and legs of four bodies were buried by the patrol. The one member of the crew who parachuted had been taken to BAUCAU (08272627) by PORTUGUESE and a patrol was immediately sent to contact him. The following details about him were gleaned; he told the PORTUGUESE he was the pilot, was aged 24 years, his home was in PORT ADELAIDE and his name was GEORGE SYDNEY [WADEY]. Some of this information does NOT sound correct but will be checked by the patrol.

“A” Pl report the Chefe de Poste back in ATSABE (08552524) the natives there being in general friendly but bewildered; they did NOT appreciate the JAPANESE taking food without paying for it. A more careful examination of the native problem in this area is required.
The telephones from ATSABE to AINARO (09002531) and HATU BUILICO (08542531) had been cut, but those to HATOLIA (08480522) and BOBNARO [BOBONARO] (09012521) were still intact.

DUTCH refugees coming to AINARO report JAPANESE still in BOBNARO [BOBONARO], CAILACO (08552517) and RITA BAU (08592518); this information is doubted. These DUTCH refugees, there are NO officers amongst them, are making a heavy drain on the resources of the AINARO area and proving an embarrassment to “A” Pl. “A” Pl was instructed to move them back towards their old area in SOUTH WEST PORTUGUESE TIMOR. It is NOT desired to have troops in the EASTERN portion of the island who will antagonise the PORTUGUESE and draw the JAPANESE there.

“C” and “D” Pls ordered to move back into their old areas about AILEU (08442534) and ATSABE respectively.

25 August
FORCE HQ advised that small and frequent deliveries of boots, socks, groundsheets, message pads and sweet rations are desired to assist the distribution problem.

“A” Pl report having received a message from the PORT [PORTUGUESE] ARMY asking the AUSTRALIAN forces NOT to attack and the RAAF not to bomb their patrols in the MAUBISSE (08512536) and BOBNARO [BOBONARO] (09012521) areas. These patrols are dealing with native uprisings.
“A” Pl ordered to send patrol to CAMNASSA (09192517) to attempt recovery of mortars and MG at landed at SUAI (09212517) on 7 Aug 42 and were NOT able to be transported away. Patrol to take all precautions in moving into this area in which the natives are very doubtful.
L/CPL BROWN left Coy HQ to join “A” Pl patrol at AINARO which will move to the BOBNARO [BOBONARO] (09012521) area and recover Coy HQ’s stores concealed in that area.
“A” Pl confirm previous reports that ATSABE (08552524) and HATU UDO (09072536) areas clear of enemy.

“D” Pl advises intention of moving No 11 section to LETE FOHO (08502525), HQ at HATU BUILICO (08542531) and No 10 section close to ATSABE (08552524).
“C” Pl moving back to old area with due regard to PORTUGUESE trouble, of which there has been no new developments. This is complicating the food and transport problems over the whole area occupied by the Coy as the seat of the rebellion is in the center of that area and the natives in the surrounding districts have been called in to hunt the rebels.

The RAAF bombed DILI night 25/25 Aug, this does native and Coy morale a lot of good, but unfortunately these short but heavy raids do NOT have the same moral and psychological effects as the continuous presence of enemy light bombers.

26 August
DUTCH in the AINARO (09002531) and BOBNARO [BOBONARO] (09012521) areas to be reorganised under Lt HORSTINK RNEIA.
“B” Pl reports approx. 300 PORTUGUESE troops arrived at NOVA CAMINHA (08462547) from the EAST on 25 Aug 42; these moved towards TURISCAI (08502543) 0700 hrs 25 Aug 42.
“D” Pl HQ moving to ATSABE (08552524) on 26 Aug 42. No 12 section remaining at HATU BUILICO (08542531).
“C” Pl’s move forward being rendered difficult by native unrest in that area.
Allied planes bombed DILI at approx. 2130 hrs 26 Aug and again at 0100 hrs 27 Aug. “B” Pl report one plane dropped four bombs EAST of his position NOVA CAMINHA (08462547) and then returned towards the EAST.

27 August
“A” Pl reports patrol returned from MAPE having salvaged some grenades, mines and paper from the wreckage; also that approx. 200 natives armed with knives, spears, bows and arrows left AINARO for the MAUBISSE area to join in the hunt for the rebellious natives who killed the MAUBISSE Chefe de Poste.
All platoons pushing forward patrols, but meeting with food problems. This lack of food in these areas is most serious as it is almost impossible to carry sufficient tinned rations on these patrols; even if such were available.
“A” Pl will send a patrol to examine native huts in the MAPE (09042526) for loot.
“A” Pl reported being unable to contact Lt HORSTINK (RNEIA).

28 August
“A” Pl reports patrols to HATU UDO (09072536) to maintain telephone communication from AINARO through there to SAME (09002541). Capt BALDWIN is handling this SAME area and distribution of stores. He has had the telephones from SAME to HATU UDO and to ALAS (09012548) repaired.
“A” Pl has also patrols to the BOBNARO [BOBONARO] area to recover stores left there and to investigate MAROBO (08592521) and RITA BAU (08592518). Another patrol under Lt ROSE is scouring the MAPE (09042526) and BECO (09142526) areas. A further patrol is being prepared to move to CAMNASSA (09192517) to recover any stores that are available there.

O/C “A” Pl received a deputation of 40 DUTCH headed by warrant officers (there are NO commissioned officers in AINARO) stating that they had NO money or medical stores and that their O/C was in the EAST and that if he would NOT come to them they should go to him. Received instructions from FORCE HQ to organize DUTCH into sections with suggested bases at MALIANA (09002514), RITA BAU (08592518) and LOLOTOI (09092518). Coy to supply money, medical stores and supplies until contact could be made with DUTCH HQ in the EAST.
“D” Pl Lt HORSTINK and 77 men reported into ATSABE (08552524); O/C “D” Pl asked for instructions.
“A” and “D” Pls instructed that DUTCH were to be sent to MAPE (09042526)
“D” Pl also reported that information gained in ATSABE indicated that JAPANESE did NOT enter ATSABE but camped at bridge on road (25220854) and then followed the road NUNURA (08582506), BALIBO (08582502) and ATAMBOAEA (09062452). PORTUGUESE are of the opinion that moves were [to] start rebellion amongst the natives and to push back the AUSTRALIANS from around DILI.

29 August
“A” Pl reports patrol under Lt ROSE returned to AINARO (09002531) after following route from AINARO to BECO (09142526) to MAPE (09042526) to AINARO. Natives in the BECO area were scared and hostile and there was very little food available. Many signs of JAPANESE occupation in BECO but the area is now clear – it was the opinion of the patrol that enemy had gone from BECO to LOLOTOI (09092518) to BOBNARO [BOBONARO] (09012521) but this is considered unlikely. The patrol met a PORTUGUESE patrol which had shot up the natives in the MAPE area and was proceeding to BECO.
These two separate and distinct wars – AUSTRALIANS versus JAPANESE and PORTUGUESE versus NATIVES produce some Gilbertian situations.

Have received approx. 500 grenades, 30 AT mines and some wireless gear at MAPE.
Instructed by FORCE HQ to take over reorganization and placing of the DUTCH in AINARO and ATSABE areas by supplying small stiffening of AUSTRALIANS; this to be temporary measure pending the contacting of DUTCH HQ in the EAST. Sent instructions to Lt MCKENZIE at AINARO to move to MAPE with some selected men from his section to supervise reorganisation of DUTCH; some money forwarded from Coy HQ to assist DUTCH.

“A” Pl reported DUTCH in AINARO area moving to MAPE 30 Aug. “D” Pl report Lt HORSTINK RENEIA with 40 men moving to MAPE 30 Aug the balance approx. 40 moving to BOBNARO [BOBONARO] (09012521) 30 Aug.
FORCE HQ conveyed to the Coy the congratulations and good wishes to the COMMANDER and STAFF in AUSTRALIA and ask that lists of recommendations for awards to officers and other ranks for special attention to duty during the recent actions, be forwarded. This information was passed onto the platoon commanders promptly and with the greatest pleasure by Coy HQ.

“B” Pl reports NO enemy in the REMEXIO (08355540) and HERA (08322541) areas but enemy are repairing the road DILI to HERA which had been demolished by “B” Pl on approx. 6 Aug. Natives reported that large explosions heard at 0900 hrs 24 Aug as enemy coastal guns firing at two submarines off DILI; it is NOT known if any credence can be placed on this.

Also reports that there are few natives in the LILTAI (08392541) and REMEXIO (08352540) areas and most of these are pro JAPANESE making the food position there very difficult. The patrol reports that a large pile of human bones at LILTAI confirms previous reports that the enemy burn their dead and together with large number of blood stained bandages indicate that the enemy suffered heavy casualties in that area.

30 August
“D” Pl report that information had been received through the PORTUGUESE Chefe de Poste  of ERMERA that on 29 Aug there were 8 ships and 19 aircraft in DILI. Also report sounds of explosions from the direction of DILI 0900 hrs 30 Aug.
“B” Pl report that patrol to contact the survivor of the HUDSON bomber which crashed on 21 Aug had located him at CALICAI (08332636) on 24 Aug. He was Flying Officer S.G. WADEY No 407068 and was suffering from severe burns to the right arm and minor burns to the face and legs. He was in hospital and receiving attention from a PORTUGUESE doctor, his condition was satisfactory but would be unable to move for two or three weeks. Two men were left to look after him and bring him through when fit.

Preliminary lists of personnel who shewed particular attention to duty during the recent actions were received from Pl commanders by signal, and details are being forwarded by special runners.
 “A” Pl submitted the names of P/Sgt DENMAN (WX12123), Sig Cpl WRAY (WX11485), Cpl CURRAN (VX47342), L/Cpl FOWLER (WX11366), L/Cpl LANGRIDGE (WX12984), L/Cpl JOHNSON (WX13497) and Pte POYNTON (WX12552).
“B” Pl submitted the names of Lt T.C. NISBET (WX11072), L/Sjt MORGAN (WX9954), Cpl LOUD (WX9489), Cpl HAIRE (WX10744), L/Cpl EWAN (WX10167), Ptes HARRISON (NX55272), PARRY (WX12415), KEENAHAN (NX49475), HOLLY (WX12024) and SCOTT (WX10894).
“D” Pl submitted the names of Cpl HODGSON (VX57942) and Pte FRANCIS (QX9690).

31 August

“B” Pl report Japanese repairing road DILI-HERA. These Japs are, however, [illegible] EAST of DILI. PORTUGUESE in REMEXIO area state a JAPANESE ship was sunk off HERA (08322542) by Allied planes on approx. 25 Aug.
 “B” Pl also report 9 ships seen off MABARA [MAUBARA] (O8372512) heading EAST on 27 Aug. The ration situation in “B” Pl area is not good. All efforts are being made by Capt LAIDLAW to rectify this. The local war between PORTUGUESE and natives continues and is now mainly in the MINDELO (08542542). This war is one of the major causes of the difficulty in obtaining food as most of the natives have gone bush, complete with all they own.
Some remarks, made in telegram, from the PORTUGUESE Governor to SOUSA SANTOS , together with the work on the work on the road DILE-HERA indicate the possibility of a Japanese move to the EAST end of the island.
The number of batteries allotted to each W/T station and the positions of the chargers have been stabilized. W/T comms are at a very high pitch of efficiency.

1 September
AUSTRALIA requires any information we can garner that may help to identify the JAPANESE units stationed in PORTIMOR [PORTUGUESE TIMOR]. This request passed on to all Pl [Platoon] Comnds [Commanders] for their action.
All Pls also notified, that, if possible, it is desirable that all troops avoid the SOIBADA (08522597) area. This place is the central PORTUGUESE mission on the island.

Locations of Coy and Pl HQs and Section bases are:

Coy HQ – 08562542. “
“A” Pl HQ – AINARO (09002531). Nos I and II Secs are also at AINARO. No III Sec HATU UDU (09072536).
“B” Pl HQ – NOVA CAMINHA (08462547) . No IV Sec NOVA CAMINHA. No V Sec LILTAI (08392541). No VI Sec TURISCAI (08502543).
“C” Pl HQ – AITUTU (08532536). No VII Sec – DAI SOLOI (08472536). No VIII Sec – village (08502536). No IX Sec – BUILIBO (08492535).
“D” Pl HQ – ATSABE (08552524). No X Sec – LETE FOHO (08502525). No XI Sec LACLAMA [?] (08522521). No XII Sec HATU BUILICO (08542531). No XIII Sec is temporarily attached to “A” Pl and is based at AINARO.

The general policy of the Coy is to work patrols into the forward areas from bases well to the rear; these patrols combine recce and fighting roles – go out on definite jobs and return to their bases on completion of this job.
Capt BALDWIN is at SAME (09002541) and has with him S/Sjt GARLAND. He is in charge of the L of C [Line of Communication] area to ensure rapid distribution of stores as they come to hand.

2 September
“A” Pl reported the return to AINARO (09002931) on 1 Sep of L/Cpl BROWN and BONONARA [BOBONARO] (09022522) area patrol. This patrol was successful and succeeded in recovering from the hideouts much useful gear.
“A” Pl also reports that natives have told some of “A” Pl personnel that the recent abortive attempt to destroy this Coy was made to clean up the American reinforcements that were arriving on the island.
Through FORCE HQ the Coy received from the Air Officer Commanding in DARWIN his personal thanks for the Unit’s work in regard to the Hudson that was shot down in Timor some days ago. The GOC NORFORCE has sent his congratulations and best wishes for last action and future ones.

PORTUGUESE rumours state the ship “OECUSSI” left DILI for MANATUTO (08312601) carrying troops.
Capt LAIDLAW arrived at Coy HQ in the afternoon.

3 September
Various reports from PORTUGUESE sources state that on 31 Aug several hundred JAPANESE moved to MANATUTO (08312601) by boat. They moved from MANATUTO to LALEIA (08322611). Their stated intention was to collect and bring back to DILI supplies of rice and tinned food which had been stored there. Some of these rumors stated that all the troops returned to DILI on 1 Sep. A patrol from “B” Pl has left to investigate the matter and provide some definite information thereupon.

The Coy has not been able to move forward to the positions it held previous to the JAPANESE drive. The lack of food is one of the reasons. All areas over which the operations were conducted are now almost devoid of natives and foodstuffs. What natives do remain are passively hostile and quite a few of them are probably spies. One native in “C” Pl area was convicted of spying and shot today.
Transport, either by porter or pony, is not available.
The private local war, PORTUGUESE versus native still goes on its bloodthirsty way and provides some humour for sub-units here and there.
One of our patrols near MAPE, out hunting the JAP, encountered a PORTUGUESE patrol out hunting some natives; they exchanged compliments, and went their various ways.
Coy HQ witnessed the spectacle of about 3,000 natives, all in war dress and armed to the teeth, also complete with drums and PORTUGUESE flags, returning from the hunt with many of them nonchalantly swinging heads of the unfortunate in battle.

A patrol from “A” Pl left its base to investigate the BOBONARA [BOBONARO] (09022522) area. The ration problem still demanding much attention.
There is also a steady stream of Sig [Signal] administrative work to be handled by Sjt PRESS. See report by Lieut NISBET attached.

4 September
A large quantity of mail arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1800 hrs. Arrangements for its speedy distribution to [sub]-units have been made.
“A” Pl reports the return of the SUAI (09212517), DEBOS (09192516), CAMNASSA (09182518) patrol during evening 3 Sep. It reported many natives in the areas patrolled had gone with all their possessions into DUTCH TIMOR. All the Force stores that had been hidden in that area had been found by the JAPANESE and taken with them to DUTCH TIMOR; this included the mortars and machine guns brought over on the last trip.
Following on the looting of his house by unknown troops during his absence, the C de P [Chefe de Posto] at AINARO (09002531) is acting a little coolly.
Lieut DEXTER instructed to deal directly with the natives if he becomes obstructive.
All areas quiet.

5 September
Cpl PALMER who commanded the BOBONARA [BOBONARO] (09022522) patrol reported a PORTUGUESE patrol recovered $5000 in small change which is the property of the DUTCH force. This money together with some automatic weapons and some grenades and SAA [Small Arms Ammunition] was handed to the Admin [Administrator] at BOBONARA. This information was passed on to FORCE HQ.
The patrol also reported that the natives in this area were of no use whatsoever and were inclined to be hostile.

“B” Pl reported hearing four dull explosions from the direction of DILI at 0730 hrs. There was an interval of approx. 20 mins between each explosion. There were two like explosions heard an hour later. This was possibly gunnery practice being carried out by the coastal defenses in the DILI area.
“C” Pl reports native rumours reaching their HQ state there are many JAPANESE at BESELAU (08432536). No VII Sec under Lieut CAMPBELL is investigating and watching this area closely.
L/Cpl BROWN, with the stores recovered from the BOBONARA [BOBONARO] area, returned to Coy HQ. This typewriter was amongst those he brought.
Capt LAIDLAW departed Coy HQ at 0900 hrs.

6 September
Capt BALDWIN is having a lot of trouble to get transport for the latest cargo of stores to arrive here – hence the delay in their distribution. All platoons asked to supply further horses to relieve the situation.
Instructions issued that in future all W/T stations will intercept all messages and give them to their Pl Comd for his information.
C de P [Chefe de Posto] AINARO (09002531) states he has been asked to supply some natives to help deal with a band of ‘milandros’ (insurgent natives) who are operating in the AILEU (08442534) area. This may be the explanation of the JAPANESE reported in that area yesterday.
“D” Pl report approx. 3000 natives moved from DUTCH to PORTUGUESE TIMOR during this morning and occupied the LEBOS (09092513) posto. It is thought these natives are the ones who followed the JAPANESE when they withdrew from PORTUGUESE to DUTCH TIMOR. It appears they have been armed and incited to hostile action by the JAPANESE. PORTUGUESE troops are moving out to contact them.

7 September
The following message was received from HQ NORFORCE by FORCE HQ and sent to Coy HQ to be made known to all ranks of No 2 Indep. Coy, AIF:

‘Commander in Chief has requested the following message be conveyed to Comd Sparrow Force. Minister for External Affairs drew attention to statement to Parliament yesterday (3 Sep) which received world broadcast made following reference to you – quote – Not so well known but great in importance has been the magnificent guerrilla fight waged by Australian troops in TIMOR. That story when fully told will be one of the epics of the war – unquote – Commonwealth Government in full appreciation of your heroic efforts. Greetings and best wishes’.

The insurgent natives whose activity was reported yesterday and reported today as having advanced a little further and to have killed two Portuguese. FORCE HQ advised Capt CALLINAN that he could take any action he thought fit against these natives. All sub-units were ordered to attack any of them that entered our areas, to cooperate with PORTUGUESE army patrols where possible, and to be alert to any ruses or tricks they may attempt.
Lieut RODD was sniped at 7 times as he was travelling from HATU BUILICO (08542531) and AINARO (09002531). A search failed to find any native [responsible?] in this area.
The C de P AINARO advised he has been ordered by the Administrator at AILEU (08442534) to man the border between FRONTEIRA and SURO to prevent the advance of the belligerents.
The native situation in all areas is regarded as most unsatisfactory. In the FRONTEIRA area they were definitely hostile and in other areas cooperation is not forthcoming, making food and transport very difficult to obtain. The only natives that can be trusted are our own regular servants. These new conditions alter very greatly the circumstances of the Coy.
The Administrator at AILEU informs us that two large transports unloaded many JAPANESE troops in DILI yesterday.
“C” Pl reports there are a number of PORTUGUESE, Chinese and natives operating in the TIBAR (08342529) area. This party are said to be shooting natives who are not Pro-Jap.
A further large amount of mail arrived at Coy HQ late in the morning and was sorted ready for distribution.
The bulk of the last cargo of stores to arrive Australia was rations, also the extra W/T set 101 asked for.
Capt LAIDLAW, who has a bad [illegible], is remaining at the RAP for treatment.

8 September
“B” Pl reports one 5000 ton transport and one destroyer berthed in DIL, having come from the EAST. They moved in at 1200 hrs 2 Sep and departed the same night.
There are three fighter planes on the drome – also much activity on the NORTH-SOUTH runway. One of these planes patrols the road DILI-MANATUTO all day.
Also there are JAPANESE troops at the FATU WIE saddle (08342537). It is also reported they have camouflaged the Cathedral and beacon in DILI.
“D” Pl reports the insurgent natives are now in occupation of LEBOS (09092513), MAUCATOR (09142513) and RAI MEAN (09152526) with the PORTUGUESE base at BOBONARA [BOBONARO].
The PORTUGUESE report there are some native troops from the RNEIA operating with these natives and also some other native troops, about 50 in all, gave their arms to the natives.
The policy of the unit in regard to this particular war is to keep out of it unless the natives move into our areas. When, and if, this happens, they will be hit hard and often.

All personnel are in poor condition after the recent action and also due to poor food so it is not possible to obtain reliable information from our own recce patrols. In the meantime, we cooperate with the PORTUGUESE patrols to a maximum.
It is thought the bombing of LEBOS and DILI will help the situation so this was requested.
“D” Pl reports the C de P ATSABE states that Japanese moved to BALIBO (08582502) by MT [Motor Transport] and shelled rebellious natives there. The reasons behind this move are not obvious but it is thought they may be of a diplomatic nature.
More satisfactory and efficient schedules for W/T communications between FORCE and Coy HQs have been arranged
“A” Pl reports a large twin-engined plane with very tapered wings flew over AINARO at 1415 hrs heading in a SOUTHEASTERLY direction.

9 September
“A” Pl reports the C de P AINARO states all telephone lines leaving DILI have been cut by the JAPANESE.
“B” PL report one cruiser in DILI harbour on 6 Sep. They were unable to obtain further details.
“D” Pl reports the C de P ERMERA states there are in DILI at present one destroyer and one transport which are loading troops to be taken to the EAST end of the island. A request for a recce by the RAAF to be made to confirm this was lodged with FORCE HQ.
It is thought these troops may not be going to the EAST end of the island but may be reinforcements for NEW GUINEA.
All the JAPANESE moves over the past two weeks, taken in conjunction with the external news, would indicate they think DILI has become an important strategical centre and are acting accordingly.

New W/T set 101 despatched from Coy HQ to “A” Pl.
An urgent request for information that may be of assistance in identifying JAPANESE units stationed in PORTIMOR has been received from FORCE HQ and passed to all Platoons. This matter must be treated as important.
The general situation remains quiet. No new developments in either of the native wars.
Capt BALDWIN arrived at Coy HQ.

10 September

“A” Pl, on request, state an area selected near AINARO would be suitable for the dropping of stores. They also report aircraft heard over AINARO at 0500 hrs. The C de P there said natives told him they saw 4 planes.

There was also one large unidentified plane seen over CAILACO (08542515) at 0530 hrs.

FORCE HQ informed of the plane seen over AINARO yesterday. They state they have information this was an Allied recce plane.

Lieut TURTON reports he had definite information that the recent JAPANESE moves to and from DILI were change overs; but from where and to where he is unable to state.

All Platoons asked to muster all the horses they can and send them, under escort of 3 men, to FAU CUAC (09072546) to arrive there on PM of 13 Sep. There will be a lot of stores to shift about that time.

New frequencies between FORCE and Coy HQs arranged.

FORCE HQ has requested the names, etc of men who distinguished themselves in the last action which the unit was engaged in. These names, together with the details of the particular manner in which the men distinguished themselves, are required for recommendations for decorations.

Capt CALLINAN left Coy HQ to confer with Col SPENCE.

11 September

Lieut DEXTER reports the C de P AINARO states all PORTUGUESE, natives and CHINESE are not allowed to move into DILI. Also all telephone lines to and from DILI have been cut by the JAPANESE. These measures have been taken by the JAPANESE probably to stop possible leakages of information to us.

“C” Pl reports No VIII Sec has recently returned from patrol to the old area near DILI. All was quiet there and the natives appeared to be friendly to our troops. No VII Sec is at present on patrol to BOHAK. An early report from this patrol states the natives here are a doubtful quantity but are being watched closely.

The recently arrived comforts have been distributed among all platoons and are much appreciated by all ranks.

A plentiful supply of small denomination Australian currency which has lately been received by the Unit and distributed to the platoons is making the purchase of food much easier. The natives here are very keen on silver coins and are quite willing to accept them as payment for all commodities.

Capt CALLINAN returned to Coy HQ.

12 September

Reliable PORTUGUESE sources state large numbers of Dutch Timor natives and JAPANESE have moved into PORTIMOR and are now moving through TATA (08492518) and HATOLIA (08482521) to MANTASSIE (08472524).

Lieut TURTON is certain they will move to ERMERA (25462524) tonight and so recommended that this place be bombed early tomorrow morning. This request was passed onto FORCE HQ. It is also reported the PORTUGUESE natives along the path taken by the JAPANESE are in revolt. These troops probably fulfilled a triple role. Firstly to recce the road HATOLIA-ATAPOEPOE. Secondly to reinforce DILI and thirdly to incite natives in Portuguese Timor to revolt. “D” & “A’ Pls are watching the position and are ready for a possible move into their areas.

“B” Pl asked to recce road HERA-MANATUTO with a view to affecting demolitions hereupon. Lieut NISBET thinks it is necessary another platoon will be moved over to his area to cooperate in the job of demolitions. “B” Pl later replied an additional platoon would not be necessary, the recce could be made; also at present Pt SUBAO (08282557) was known to be a suitable place.

From PORTUGUESE sources it is learnt the reason for concentration of all CHINESE at TALO (08482523) and AILEU. The PORTUGUESE consider the CHINESE in the mountain areas have been responsible for the spreading of pro-JAPANESE propaganda which is the cause of the recent native revolt. CHINESE have to report to these places under threat of arrest if they fail to do so.

Capt BALDWIN departed Coy HQ for FATU CUAC (08072546).

12 September

Report on Jap Visit to MANATUTO

By T.C. Nisbet at FATU MAKERIC

The information contained in this report although coming from Porto sources must be considered as near correct because all the reliable sources told the same story. Approx. 200 Japs went to MANATUTO in 6 launches or small boats on the morning of the 1st September. They disembarked at 0300 hrs and encircled the town. At daybreak they commenced an intensive search hoping to find the aviator [Wadey] as they are supposed to have persistently demanded to be shown his whereabouts. When they could not locate him they went to the Administrator’s House and demanded that the airman be brought to them. The Administrator at the time was absent (Timor Revolt) and the Japs were interviewed by the Secretary who told them that without a direct order from the Government he couldn’t have the aviator brought to MANATUTO. The Japs then asked to be put on the phone to speak to the Porto Doctor at CALICAI telling him that unless the airman was produced they would go to CALICAI and destroy the hospital with their big guns – the Doctor refused replying that there was plenty of mountains behind CALICAI. The Japs had a meal in the Administrator’s House and also carried out mortar practice. Cpl Loud reports seeing wheel marks which he states to be made by a field piece of some sort. The Japs returned to Dili by boat leaving MAN at approx. 1600 hrs on 1 Sept.

There was no indication in any of the reports that the Japs took supplies of rice or tinned foodstuffs back with them. The Jap Airforce was represented by 1 fighter which was noted stunting over MAN in the morning and also in the afternoon.

My conclusion is that the Jap did hope to nab the airman as his movement in this case is most unlike his methods against us (NB) and also that he had no reason to visit MANATUTO for food as the Administration in that province is the most helpful towards the ENEMY in this respect as is borne out by the behaviour of the troops while there.

T.G. Nisbet 1700 hrs (NB) Six launches I consider hardly strong enough to indicate an attempt to ‘take’ the place against opposition. TCM

13 September

“B” Pl report having received from reliable PORTUGUESE sources the following:

On 6 Sep two destroyers and one transport brought fresh troops to DILI and took the old garrison off to the EAST. There are now 3000 troops in DILI. These troops are billeted in the hospital, the cathedral and the mission.

“D” Pl reported through the day the reported movements of the two JAPANESE parties moving from ATAMBOEA to DILI. The forward party, having slept in ERMERA moved to DILI in the morning and the rear party, having stayed in HATOLIA for a couple of hours and burnt the telephone there, moved on through TOCULULLI to DILI.

All reports of these movements are from reliable PORTUGUESE sources – as yet our patrols have not had time to reach the areas concerned and make their reports. This, incidentally, also stresses the need for 208 [108?] sets or their like.

“D” Pl also will carry out on the road HATOLIA-DILI any demolitions it is found possible to do.

The responses to the appeal to the platoons for horses was very satisfactory. The 400 required are not produced but more than could reasonably be expected in the circumstances (local unrest) were made available.

Capt BALDWIN is handling the receipt, break up and distribution of the cargo.

FORCE HQ report there has been some action between RNEIA forces and natives in the LOLOTOI (09092512) area.

14 September

“D” Pl report they learn from PORTUGUESE sources the two parties of JAPANESE and DUTCH TIMOR natives that moved to DILI will be returning in approximately two days.

Patrols from this platoon are demolishing the road between HATOLIA (08482521) and VILA MARIE [MARIA] (08472524) and also laying A/T mines in all favorable places.

“C” Pl notified of all that is happening in “D” Pl’s area. “C” and “D” Pls arrange to liaison by means of a patrol from each platoon to meet at HATU BUILICO (08552531) each day. This is made necessary by the fact that their areas of operation adjoin, and close cooperation between them will give better results in any action that may occur in their areas as a result of the Jap moves.

FORCE HQ advise the ship due with stores this evening was turned back in consequence of having sighted unidentified vessels in the vicinity of BETANO (09102544) immediately prior to berthing there.

“A” Pl were notified of this and asked if their OPs on the SOUTH coast had anything to report that may be connected with this matter.

Capt BALDWIN had nothing unusual to report from his area except the nonarrival of the vessel.

Lieut ROSE reports he has discovered a site for an Emergency Landing Ground near BETANO (09102544) that could be prepared in two or three days. He was ordered to report on it (report to include maps) immediately.

Order for the explosives necessary to blow the road HERA-MANATUTO lodged with FORCE HQ.

15 September

The C de P AINARO passed on to Lieut DEXTER information he had received from the Administrator at AILEU to the effect that the JAPANESE who were in AILEU during the end of the recent drive were very pleased with life in general. Their stated reason for this frame of mind was the death in action of Capt CALLINAN. Their joy of course, is without real foundation as at Coy HQ, Capt CALLINAN is still at the head of affairs.

“B” Pl report having received from the C de P VILA DE OURIQUE (08452555) the information that 300 JAPANESE landed at MANATUTO at 0300 hrs. They brought with them some push bicycles and commandeered two trucks of PORTUGUESE ownership in MANATUTO. Having cut the telephone line to BAUCAU they commenced to move off along the BAUCAU road. This was confirmed by a signal from FORCE HQ who had received it from the priests at SOIBADA (08522557). One plane also cooperated with the troops during this movement.

“C” Pl advise the return of a patrol to BONAK (08382529). This patrol reports all friendly natives have left the area which is devoid of food. Whilst Oping DILI they observed three planes on the drome and heard much firing practice by a variety of weapons. Capt BOYLAND is convinced the information they gleaned points to the JAPANESE living in fear of a large

scale attack on DILI. He reports the natives in his area are still on the warpath – the main trouble being they do not know who they are to fight.

Over the past four months it has been the policy of the Coy to weed out and export all the men who are useless either because of their health or because they are not fit for the type of work to be done here. Consequently our four platoons have fallen below strength. To remedy this XIII Sec will split up among the 4 platoons. “D” Pl will get the pick of the NCOs as this platoon needs them most. Lieut ROSE is to go to FORCE HQ for special duty.

FORCE HQ advise shipping sighted off TINEBAR Island by the RAAF – one was sunk and the other damaged.

16 September

“B” Pl ordered to send one section to MANATUTO to attempt to capture a prisoner and also to harass the JAPANESE who have moved to the EAST. It was learned from FORCE HQ later in the day however that all JAPANESE had left MANATUTO. From the same source it was learned that the JAPANESE arrived in BAUCAU (08272627). The eight small ships that had brought them to MANATUTO left there and moved to BAUCAU, arriving there in the morning. The JAPANESE then moved SOUTH along the VIQUEQUE (08522622) road by MT

to VENILALE (08392622). A Zero fighter was in attendance during this move.

“D” Pl having heard through PORTUGUESE sources there are few JAPS each at TALO (08472524), MANTASSI (08472523) and ERMERA (08462524). This platoon was ordered to investigate these reports with a view to obtaining a prisoner.

Also reported through the same channels there are many DUTCH TIMOR natives, some of them with rifles and some with AUSTRALIAN clothes at ATABAI (08482512) and LIQUICA (0835219).

No XIII Sec will be divided as follows: “A” Pl 3 men, “C” Pl 13 men and “D” Pl 9 men. This does not bring all platoons up to strength but very nearly so.

17 September

Capt BOYLAND reports while moving to AILEU to interview the Administrator there he encountered a Portuguese patrol – these men, who are our friends, warned him that this fellow is no good and also that many of the Chefe de Posts had been offered $2,000 for information about Australians. The interview convinced Capt BOYLAND that the Administrator is very frightened and not much good. Which is the general Portuguese

opinion of him.

“A” Pl report a patrol just returned from BECO (09152525) area report there is absolutely no sign of Japanese or hostile native movement in that area.

FORCE HQ advise JAPANESE in the EAST of the island moved to VIQUEQUE during the afternoon. They also advise the RNEIA Force is taking action again at belligerent natives in the LOLOTOI (09092518) area. As is the custom, this information was passed to all platoons.

FORCE HQ also request two sections to be made available to Capt BALDWIN at FATU CUAC (09072546) at 1200 hrs 20 Sep. Cy HQ order “A” and “C” Pls to supply one each. They also request 100 boongs to be made available at short notice. “A” Pl asked to enquire from C de P AINARO.

“A” and “B” Pls are watching the WEST and EAST fronts (which are unsettled) otherwise all is quiet; except at FATU CUAC where the work of dividing and distributing the last cargo of stores goes under the watchful eye of Capt BALDWIN.

Capt LAIDLAW arrived at Coy HQ.

18 September

“A” Pl report BOBONARA [BOBONARO] and ATSABE report by phone their areas are all quiet. All reports being received by Lieut DEXTER from Capt BRAMOUER[30] of the RNEIA are in contradiction to what the situation appears to be. Capt BRAMOUER came to AINARO from MAPE this morning and told Lieut DEXTER Japanese and hostile natives were at BECO (09152525), SUAI (09212517) and DEBOS (09192516). The situation is very obscure but “C”

and “D” Pls are ordered to keep close contact with “A” Pl in case an attack from the WEST does materialize. No II Sec move to HATU UDO (09082536).

The C de P AINARO has been ordered by the Administrator to report to him at AIHOU. This also applies to the C de P MINDELO. Capt BOYLAND and Lieut DEXTER are of the opinion that the Administrator is no good but it is thought the cause of the unrest in the AILEU area may be the large concentration of Chinese there. Capt BOYLAND asked to contact the Administrator and endeavour to find out the real reason for his keen interest in the movement of Australian troops.

In view of the Japanese activity in the EASTERN end of the island, No VI Sec today arrived at LACLUTA (08482609) having come from TURISCAI (08502543).

Arrangements being completed for the division of No XIII Sec .

A check-up of the transport arrangements for each W/T station reveals that all has been satisfactorily arranged. News received Capt CALLINAN promoted MAJOR. Maj CALLINAN departed Coy HQ en route to FORCE HQ.

19 September

“A” Pl reports No II Sec moved from HATU UDO (09082536) to report to Capt BALDWIN at FATU CUAC (09072546).

A patrol under L/Cpl FOSTER returned from MAPE and records that area all quiet. As far as they could ascertain, without going there, BECO is all quiet. The phone at MAPE is working to BONONARO and AINARO. Some of the RNEIA at AINARO are moving back to MAPE today.

A sealed envelope addressed to the ‘Allied Forces in Timor’ arrived at AINARO. Lieut DEXTER opened it and it proved to be from a PORTUGUESE Lieutenant LIBERATO who states he has established military law in BOBONARA [BOBONARO] and intends to maintain a strict neutrality. This letter is being forwarded.

C de P AINARO states he has learnt from the Administrator AILEU the JAPANESE intend to move to AILEU on 20 Sep. “C” Pl were notified of this and they replied necessary action would be taken. Lieut DEXTER also replied the boots in his Platoon are mostly unserviceable.

No VI Sec under Lieut MACKINTOSH is moving to the area between BAUCAU (08272627) and VIQUEQUE (08022622) with the intention of harassing any JAPANESE movement on the road between these two places or anywhere in that area.

FORCE HQ advise the JAPANESE at present in SAN DOMINGOS rough handled PORTUGUESE officials and are attempting to start rebellion amongst the natives.

Capt BOYLAND reports his interview with the Administrator was unsatisfactory. He seemed very frightened and would make no definite statements. Capt BOYLAND recommends the bombing of AILEU.

In accordance with the order to be prepared to support “A” Pl, “D” Pl report there dispositions are as follows: No X Sec , which is working on the road HATOLIA – ERMERA remains in the area HATOLIA and LETE FOHO – No XI Sec is in the ATSABE (08552524) area and No XI Sec are at HATU BUILICO (08542532).

Lieut TURTON also advises a PORTUGUESE report of 18 planes on the DILI drome.

There was some aircraft activity over the Company area today. Summary of the reports seem to indicate unidentified plane or planes moved from SOUTH to NORTH towards DILI at approx. 1100 hrs and shortly afterwards this plane or planes returned from NORTH to SOUTH at high speed. It appeared as if there were other planes in hot pursuit. Nothing definite is known regarding this activity.

Maj CALLINAN accompanied by Maj WALKER returned to Coy HQ.

20 September

“A” Pl report they have received a PORTUGUESE report there has been a large party of JAPANESE at HERA (08322541) for the past three days. They are investigating this report.

Lieut NISBET also reports L/Cpl RICHARDS and the airman, who have been staying at CALICAI, and who moved to avoid the JAPANESE movements in the EAST were at BARIQUE (08502605) on 19 Sep and are moving to FORCE HQ. FORCE HQ were notified.

Capt BOYLAND states he is of the opinion that the Administrator at AILEU may be working against us; however the native situation in this area is considerably quieter, therefore food is easier to obtain.

“D” Pl report following the reports of a possible JAPANESE move to AILEU, Nos X and XI Secs have moved to LETE FOHO (08502525) and, if necessary, can move to HATU BUILICO (08542531) to cover AINARO (09002531). They also report having received the information from PORTUGUESE sources there are now 6000 JAPANESE in PORTUGUESE Timor.

FORCE HQ advise the JAPANESE at BEACO (08562528) and VIQUEQUE (08522622) returned through OSSU (25442622) to VENILALE (08392622) arriving there at 1800 hrs 19 Sep. They moved by MT. It is also advised the RNEIA detachment operating in that area destroyed two JAPANESE trucks and killed ten JAPANESE.

It is advised Capt LAIDLAW has been promoted to the rank of Major. This officer left Coy HQ today to move to “B” Pl.

Lieut NICOLAY, the Sig Officer of the No 4 Indep Coy, arrived at Coy HQ.

With Maj WALKER, the OC of this Coy, there are now two officers from No. 4 here.

The distribution of stores from the FATU CUAC area continues. Boots are urgent requirements with all platoons; these are being distributed now.

21 September

Information received from the C de P HATOLIA the JAPANESE who moved through there recently wore peaked steel helmets which carried a large star on the front. They also wore long sleeved shirts and long trousers both of which were a dark green color. They were armed with long barrelled rifles.

At 1500 hrs the C de P AINARO reported to Lieut DEXTER JAPANESE entered AILEU. This was passed to “C” Pl who could not confirm it; they had received a note from a PORTUGUESE stating JAPANESE had entered AILEU at 1500 hrs. PORTUGUESE sources stated there were 400 JAPANESE in the movement who were accompanied by some natives dressed in AUSTRALIAN clothing and carrying rifles.

Nos X and XI Secs have arrived in HAU BUILICO (08542531).

“A” and “C” Pls reported one single-engined JAPANESE fighter circled MAUBISSE (08512536) and AINARO (09002531) at approx. 1245 hrs. The plane was also reported to patrol the road AILEU-MAUBISSE at 1230 hrs.

All these moves seem to indicate the JAPANESE intend to move right through to AINARO.

C de P ERMERA states 25 small ships entered DILI harbour today.

22 September

At 1500 hrs C de P AINARO reported to Lieut DEXTER 300 JAPANESE had commenced to move from AILEU (08442534) to MAUBISSE (08512536) at 1400 hrs.

“D” Pl could throw no light on this statement. Capt BOYLAND is at present moving forward of his HQ to recce the situation and it is anticipated, when he returns, he will clarify the situation with the information he shall have collected.

“A” Pl report one JAPANESE aircraft circled AINARO at 0825 hrs and then headed in the direction of HATU BUILICO.

As all evidence pointed to a JAPANESE drive to AINARO the following moves are ordered by Coy HQ:

“A” Pl to oppose the move down the road MAUBISSE-AINARO.

“C” Pl to harass the left flank of a move down the road and, if necessary, to fight a delaying action down the track MAUBISSE-SAME.

“D” Pl to harass the right flank of the road movement and not to move from their area unless forced from the NORTH or WEST.

“B” Pl to station standing patrols at MINDELO (08542541) and TURISCAI (08502543) to hinder any possible move from MAUBISSE through TURISCAI and MINDELO to SAME.

23 September

Lieut DEXTER reports the C de P AINARO states he has been informed the JAPANESE intend to move to MAUBISSE (08512536) and thence to AINARO (08002531).

This was confirmed in part at 1055 hrs when No VIII Sec, in position at the MAUBISSE SAME saddle, reported JAPANESE had entered MAUBISSE. A JAPANESE plane reconnoitered the MAUBISSE area at 1000 hrs. This plane was sighted from “C” Pl HQ at AITUTU (08532537).

The JAPANESE stayed in MAUBISSE and the MAUBISSE valley all day; their estimated strength was 400.

Capt BOYLAND reported No IX Sec moved to the SAME MINDELO saddle. The exact reference to cover this place is not known but it is presumed they are covering the tracks from MAUBISSE to SAME and MINDELO.

As No VII Sec has been provisionally been ordered FATU CUAC, Capt BOYLAND has only two Sections to work with. He requested No VII Sec be returned to his command but FORCE HQ would not release this section. Capt BOYLAND also requested RAAF action but Coy HQ has not been notified this will be forthcoming!

“B” Pl report their patrols have ascertained all JAPANESE in HERA have returned to DILI completed their investigation of that area.

“A” Pl state a JAPANESE fighter circled AINARO at 1330 hrs and again at 1405 hrs.

Capt BOYLAND’s opinion that the JAPANESE would move from MAUBISSE tonight was confirmed at 1730 hrs when No VIII Sec, still in position on the MAUBISSE AINARO saddle engaged a large number of JAPANESE who move against their position. When forced, they dispersed and retired and at 2135 hrs there were only two who had failed to report to the rendezvous.

FORCE HQ advise all JAPANESE have left BAUCAU (08272627) and have moved to MANATUTO (08312601) where there are now 400 of them.

24 September

“C” Pl report at 0645 hrs a party of approx. 150 JAPANESE moved out along the road MAUBISSE-AINARO. Also they pass on the good news that all of No VIII Sec have now reported in.

Lieut BURRIDGE estimates his section killed or wounded 30 Japs – which is in accordance with usual Coy performance.

This platoon reported two more parties of JAPANESE followed the first party down this track. The total strength of the three parties was estimated at 350.

In the early after[noon] FORCE HQ stated they had received information there were a party of JAPANESE at a village approx. map reference of which was 08572540. This spot came under the eye of “C” Pl who were asked if they could throw any light on the matter. Their reply stated the reference given was approx. the reference of the location of their new HQ.

FORCE HQ advise on the night 23/24 Sep No. 4 Indep Coy, AIF landed at BETANO. This Coy will operate in conjunction with No 2; in accordance with this plan the corresponding platoons commenced to move to our platoon areas; also No 4 Coy HQ will be with No 2 Coy HQ. All our platoons were advised of this and asked to make all necessary arrangements.

At 1445 hrs “A” Pl reported “A” and “D” Pls were attacking the JAPANESE moving to AINARO. “A” Pl opposed them on the road and “D” Pl attacked their right flank from the slopes of Mt KABLAKI. No details are available yet.

FORCE HQ advise the RNEIA detachment at MAPE (09052526) will, if forced, retire to HATU UDU (09082536) with instructions to patrol the area. This information was passed to “A” Pl.

FORCE HQ also state the vessel which transported No. 4 Coy had run aground at BETANO.

“B” Pl report their patrols have ascertained all the JAPANESE in MANATUTO (08312601) returned to DILI on 22 Sep. Thus the EASTERN end of the island is now clear.

25 September

Lieut DEXTER reports the JAPANESE taking part in the present drive are not equipped with mortars or field guns, they have medium MGs. In the action in the MAUBISSE valley of yesterday he estimates the JAPANESE lost 60 killed and wounded and he reports no casualties to either “A” or “D” Pls. In the action a duel between the JAPANESE MGs and our Brens resulted in the JAP guns being silenced. The action can only be regarded as successful

despite the fact the natives and OP reports the JAPANESE movement into AINARO at 0400 hrs. When they arrived there they moved about the town but did not attempt to move out.

“A” Pl maintained forward OPs on AINARO.

“D” Pl withdrew to the KABLAK Saddle after their part in the action and watched the track AINARO-SAME. They also OPed AINARO from this position.

“A” Pl advised they contacted “A” Pl No. 4 Coy between HATU UDU (090824536) and AINARO at approx. 1600 hrs.

Advice from FORCE HQ No. VII Sec commenced to move back to “C” Pl area during the afternoon of 24 Sep.

Capt BOYLAND advises “C” Pl No. 4 Coy arrived at his HQ at approx. 1300 hrs – all very tired.

Hourly schedules for W/T comms have been arranged between FORCE and Coy HQ. Coy however, was unable to contact FORCE from 0900 to 1800 hrs. W/T comms within the Coy are functioning very well; traffic heavy but comms are capable of handling it.

General instructions to all platoons: “A” Pl, if forced, to withdraw through HATU UDO to FATU CUAC. Otherwise “A” and “B” Pls to watch AINARO and harass JAPS as much as possible. “C” Pl to establish OPs on MAUBISSE to harass JAP withdrawal from AINARO or to watch and harass any reinforcements coming from DILI to AINARO.

Capt BALDWIN is having difficulty in obtaining transport to shift stores from FATU CUAC but nevertheless they are coming out of there satisfactorily. Platoons supply all the horses they can.

FORCE HQ advise the destroyer that transported No. 4 Coy here ran aground at BETANO. It was bombed by JAPANESE at 1420 hrs and 1700 hrs unsuccessfully.

It is thought the information of Allied shipping on the SOUTH coast will inspire further JAPANESE activity on the island to investigate the results of this activity.

Capt CROSBIE, Staff Captain to the CSO NORFORCE who has been sent to TIMOR to organize the signals through the island arrived at Coy HQ.

26 September

“A” Pl report their OPs state there was no movement in AINARO at dawn this morning. Natives stated they had all moved to NUNAMOGUE (08572532) overnight and from there on to MAUBISSE. OPs continue to keep a close watch on AINARO and “C” and “D” Pls were asked if they had seen any movement in the MAUBISSE Valley. These platoons state they had not – they had nothing to report.

“A” Pl is at map reference 09042533.

No. VI Sec, who have been on a roving commission in the EAST end of the island, have entered BARIQUE (08502605) and have asked for orders. “B” Pl advised of this and No. VI Sec ordered to move to TURISCAI (08502542).

Maj LAIDLAW advised his intended disposition as follows: No. IV Sec at VILA DE OURIQUE (08452556), No. V Sec at LILTAI (08392541) and, as above, No. VI Sec at TURISCAI. Each Section will work in conjunction with its like number of No. 4 Coy. In addition to normal patrols No. VI Sec will maintain a standing patrol on the road AILEU-MAUBISSE at a point near BUILIBO, map reference 08482436. This patrol will harass any JAPANESE movement on

the road.

No. 2 and No. 4 Coys are to work in conjunction with each other. The like sub-units of each unit will be operating together. As No. 4 Coy were equipped with W/T sets No. 208 and W/T sets No. 109 a more comprehensive signal net may be arranged. Capt CROSBIE, Lieut NICOLAY and Sgt PRESS are working to this end – cipher systems are also being considered. The ultimate aim to be to have the best of the equipment available on the simplest system.

£200 in small change has been sent to each Platoon.

FORCE HQ advise the vessel aground at BETANO was destroyed by the crew this morning – during the air attacks on her she shot down one JAPANESE Zero fighter. The crew were taken off by two corvettes.

FORCE also advise DARWIN are asking for a prisoner again. Platoons informed and asked to do what can be done.

27 September

A patrol from “A” Pl moved into AINARO at dawn this morning. They discovered the JAPANESE had moved out to ATSABE (08552555); the move had commenced at midnight 26/27 Sep. These JAPANESE had behaved very well while in AINARO, they damaged no property and stole nothing. They did P.T. several times during their stay there. The priest in AINARO stated they wore long trousers and long sleeved shirts, skull caps and Australian

boots and they carried American and Dutch arms. Lieut DEXTER found a note book left by them – this is being forwarded to Coy HQ.

“A” Pl is disposed as follows: two sections of No. 4 and one section of No. 2 in AINARO area. One section of No. 4 is at HATU UDO and one section of No. 2 is divided between AINARO and HATU UDO. No. II Sec is being held at FATU CUAC.

“A” Pl also advised at 0930 hrs a JAPANESE fighter plane machine gunned HATU UDO. There were no casualties.

“B” Pl report the road DILI-HERA is now open for MT traffic. Over the past few days some parties of JAPANESE have been to HERA in MT but all have returned to DILI. Maj LAIDLAW states his intention to move No. 5 Sec to a position where it can OP this road and DILI aerodrome and harbour.

“C” Pl advise the following dispositions. HQ at map reference 08572539. No. VII Sec at 08582540. No. VIII Sec is resting following its recent action in which a large percentage of the men sprained their ankles during the getaway. No. 9 Sec is at 08552736 and is OPing MAUBISSE.

The W/T set 208 No. 9 Sec of No. 4 Coy has is in operation therefore if anything happens at MAUBISSE this information will be got back to Coy HQ in excellent time.

Capt BOYLAND states he has a native rumour that there 200 were JAPANESE in AILEU who will move to MAUBISSE night 27/28 Sep. He states all preparations have been made for this movement.

All platoons report No. 4 Coy sub-units have settled down and, having had a needed rest and much good food, are ready to cooperate with No. 2 Coy.

FORCE HQ advise DARWIN have been given all Coy codes. DARWIN intend to listen to all our signals and so keep well in the picture regarding operations, etc. here.

A suggestion that the RNEIA detachment at present operating in conjunction with this Unit be transferred to take over L of C duties was passed from this HQ to FORCE HQ.

Capt CROSBY left Coy HQ for FORCE HQ.

28 September

“A” Pl report having received a PORTUGUESE rumour that 2000 JAPANESE entered AILEU during the evening of 27 Sep. This is supported by rumour from like sources received by “C” Pl that 400 Japs entered AILEU on 27 Sep. This party were reported to have moved to

MAUBISSE today and, having stayed there a short time, returned to AILEU.

“C” PL is watching their area very closely as this move will manifest itself there first.

Following on the events of the last few days in the BETANO area it is considered such a JAPANESE move, namely SOUTH through MAUBISSE to SAME is to be expected. Therefore the following orders were issued to delay this move which, obviously must be hindered as long as possible: “C” Pl to watch the track MAUBISSE-SAME. “B” Pl to OP the road AILEUMAUBISSE and in the event of a move down the road they will harass the enemy left flank and rear. “D” Pl to move to a position to make a second obstacle on the MAUBISSE-SAME track and similarly on the track SAMEFATU-CUAC.

Lieut DEXTER advises Cpl DAVIES and three men reported into AINARO having encountered the JAPANESE who were moving from AINARO to ATSABE. He had a narrow escape. Lieut TURTON and two men are also still not accounted for but Cpl DAVIES states he believes they are safe in ROTEI (08542525) area.

“B” Pl advise if necessary ample horse transport may be obtained from FATU BERLIU (08562553).

FORCE HQ desires an intelligence signal to be passed to them daily at 1500 hrs. All platoons asked to cooperate with Coy HQ to make this possible.

Some mail arrived at Coy HQ – it was sorted and distributed immediately. A lot of mail however is being sorted and distributed directly from the beach.

29 September

“C” Pl report their OP reported JAPANESE in MAUBISSE at dawn this morning. These JAPANESE commenced to move to move out of MAUBISSE at 0800 hrs. There were approximately 500 in the force. At 1030 “C” Pl troops engaged them just NORTH of KABLAK Saddle (08562537). For the remainder of the morning and through the early afternoon this platoon, in conjunction with “C” Pl, No. 4 Coy, fought a series of ambushing actions but were slowly forced out of the hills. Once on the plain NORTH of SAME they were in unsuitable country and were forced to retire to positions SOUTH of SAME. Capt BOYLAND states he considers there were 50 Japanese killed or wounded during the action; he further reports there are 8 of our men missing but it not known yet if they are No. 2 or No. 4 personnel.

“A” Pl received from information from a Portuguese that at 1400 hrs that the JAPANESE were within 1 ½ hrs of SAME at 1400 hrs – this probably being correct. At 1700 hrs “C” Pl reported it was though the Japs were sleeping just NORTH of SAME.

“B” Pl report they have established an OP on the road AILEU-MAUBISSE near BUILIBO. This is manned by a full section which is prepared to hinder any movement along this road. Pl HQ expected to contact TURISCAI troops (No. 6 Sec) by W/T this evening.

“D” Pl report their HQ is close to the track AINARO-SAME and in a position where SAME can be watched.

Lieut TURTON has not yet returned to his HQ.

The plan as outlined yesterday is coming into operation now. “A” Pl are moving EAST from AINARO and will thus be on the Jap right flank; they are still OPing AINARO however. “B” & “D” Pls are watching for a further move to the SOUTH from AILEU or they are prepared to receive the SAME party when they return.

Early in the morning, shortly after intelligence reference the Jap move to SAME was received at Coy HQ, a pack team was sent from Coy HQ to SAME to clear it of all stores.

Coy radio network frequency was changed to one which is common to the W/T sets 101 and 109. This will allow of a much more free system during movement which will be part of the action during the next 4 days.

Coy HQ moved to a native village (map ref 08532547) night 20/30 Sep.

30 September

“A” & “C” Pls ordered to cooperate in a night attack on the JAPANESE camp tonight.

“C” Pl report they are in positions to cover the tracks SAME-FATU-CUAC and FATU-CUAC-BETANO. Forward sections of “C” Pl have lost contact with the JAPANESE and their exact location is not known. “A” Pl are patrolling into the SAME-FATU-CUAC area and are asking for information re the Jap positions.

“D” Pl positions are as follows: HQ as yesterday. No. X Sec – on KABLAK range OPing SAME. No. XI Sec with HQ. No. XII Sec on NORTH slopes of the KABLAK range with OP on AITUTU (085532537). Thus they are ready and in position to carry out in instructions in regard to Jap move NORTH or SOUTH.

“C” Pl contacted Capt BALDWIN earl yesterday afternoon and warned him of the JAPANESE moves. Most of the stores have been cleared from the area however.

The explosives and a lot of the SAA bought by No. 4 Coy is being sent to “B” Pl area.

1 October

The present drive took a curious turn today. There are approx. 450 Japs in the area somewhere SOUTH but contact has been lost with them and their location is unknown. The major reason for this state of affairs is the failure of intercommunication within “C” Pl. Thus the day was spent by “A” & “C” Pls in patrolling the area SOUTH of SAME searching for the Japs.

From “A” Pl No. XII Sec left SUMOLO (090442540) and patrolled towards FATU CUAC but were unable to contact the enemy. No. I Sec left HAU UDO and patrolled to BETANO but they could find no Japs in that area. No. III Sec contacted HQ “C” Pl which was at FATU CUAC. An “A” Pl OP on SAME reported SAME all quiet at 1100 hrs and the troops at HATU UDU reported there was no movement towards that place at 1400 hrs.

In the meantime “C” Pl had sent patrols to BETANO and SAME but were unable to locate the JAPANESE. This report originated about 1700 hrs. The troops who were in the patrol to BETANO heard the native rumour the JAPANESE intended moving to HATU UDO.

“C” Pl ordered to patrol the road SAME-ALAS to check and report on any enemy move in that direction.

“D” Pl report at 1400 hrs approx. 50 unidentified men entered SAME from the NORTH and disappeared into the coconut groves near SAME. Also they report Senhor SOUSA SANTOS came to their HQ late in the afternoon. He had come from BOBONARO and stated there were JAPANESE at SUAI (09212517).

The RNEIA force has been placed under the command of Lieut DEXTER. This force is remaining in the area HATU UDO-AINARO.

“D” Pl report there are definitely JAPANESE in AILEU. They are billeted in the Administration residence and Chinese shops. No. V Sec furnished this information and are remaining close to AILEU. They are waiting an opportunity to ambush or otherwise hinder any small parties that they move about in that area. They will also report any large troop movements

from this area.

“B” Pl also report at present there are 3 bombers, 2 recce and 2 fighter planes on the DILI drome.

2 October

Lieut DEXTER reports an OP of No. 4 Coy personnel reported approx. 150 Japanese entered HATU UDO at 1800 hrs last night. This OP reported at 1100 hrs today there was no movement in HATU UDO.

At 1400 hrs No. I Sec from the WEST and No. III Sec from the SOUTH entered SAME. There were no Japanese there. These patrols discovered the party of men seen by “D” Pl yesterday were Portuguese ‘muriadores’ returning to BOBONARO. They also learnt the Japanese had burnt all native huts in the SAME BETANO area. This is the Japanese way of turning the natives against the Australians. The Japanese never lose an opportunity to create unrest and discontent among the natives. Obviously their ultimate end would be to have all natives hostile to both ourselves and the Portuguese.

“A” Pl also report a low flying Jap fighter plane was patrolling the track SAME-HATU UDO and HATU UDO-AINARO between the hours of 0900 and 1000. Also No. I Sec is being moved back from the SAME area to watch HATU UDO. HQ of “A” Pl is now at a native village (map ref 0904??39).

During the morning patrols from “C” Pl were active in the BETANO area.

A patrol, complete with W/T set 208 has been sent to cover the track SAMEALAS.

No. II Sec is still operating with “C” Pl.

Capt BOYLAND advises al his platoon are very tired, having been on the move for almost a week without real rest and without sufficient food for some of the period.

“B” Pl are also well in the picture. This platoon received a report from Portuguese sources stating there were a party of Japanese in METINARO (08322545) on 1 Oct – a patrol was dispatched immediately to investigate this. Also a patrol to the MANATUTO (08312601) area reported on enemy activity there.

No. V Sec, who are OPing AILEU, report 200 Japanese moved from AILEU to SOLOI (08422534) early this morning. No. VI Sec has arrived at TURISCAI.

Over the past week “B” Pl has had to pay for a large number of pack horses which have been moving stores from the FATU CUAC area to “B” Pl area. Consequently they have asked for their supply of money to be replenished. It might be noticed here the local natives are quite happy to be paid in Australian coinage.

The reasons for the partial failure of the combined plan to check the Jap drive to the SAME area are now apparent. “C” Pl were unable to check the drive from the MAUBISSE-SAME track for long enough to allow “B” and “D” Platoons to operate on the enemy flanks and rear or to allow “A” Pl to get into position in the SAME area.

However a patrol from “B” Pl, No. VI Sec of No. 4 Coy moved out from TURISCAI contacted the enemy SOUTH of MAUBISSE on 29 Sep. In the resultant action there no casualties suffered by the section there were 10 to 15 Japanese killed or wounded.

3 October

Lieut DEXTER reports a patrol from “A” Pl No. 4 Coy entered HATU UDO night of 2/3 Oct and found all Japanese had moved from there along the AINARO track at 0800 hrs 2 Oct.

Lieut TURTON, who reported into “A” Pl HQ during the evening of 2 Oct stated he saw approx. 300 Japanese with approx. 100 natives and Javanese moving along the track HATU UDO-AINARO.

“A” Pl of No. 4 Coy is to continue to cooperate with our “A” Pl and will be based on HATU UDO. “A” Pl No. 2 Coy will be based on SAME. The RNEIA now under the control of Lieut DEXTER, is based on AINARO. Food in these areas is scarce and arrangements are being made to rectify this by the supply of rations recently brought from AUSTRALIA.

“A” Pl report 3 large unidentified planes came from the SOUTH and circled over SAME then returned to the SOUTH at 0740 hrs.

“B” Pl, in accordance with the general plan laid down by Coy HQ to suit the new situation, have moved a patrol to a position to OP MAUBISSE. Also a patrol, complete with 208 set is to establish an OP on DILI. This patrol is to pay particular attention to the rapid communication back to Pl HQ of any information gleaned by the OP. This must be treated as of prime importance.

“B” Pls OPs and patrols report there are enemy in AILEU area or EAST of DILI.

“C” Pl are to remain and rest in the FATU CUAC area.

“D” Pl will remain in the area of the KABLAK range and will watch the tracks MAUBISSE-AINARO and MAUBISSE-SAME.

They have heard two rumours – one -Portuguese, stated the Japanese had left AINARO en route for MAUBISSE on 2 Oct. This was unconfirmed by OPs. The second was from native sources and stated a large number of Japanese had entered a native village in the MAUBISSE area at 0800 hrs 2 Oct.

Lieut TURTON asked to pass Coy HQ this views on the suitability of establishing an OP on DILI at BAZAR TETE (08392524).

Coy HQ is again asking for all possible intelligence matter on the Japs to be sent to them. Australia is most interested in this aspect of our work. All indications are that another Japanese drive has now been completed (with the usual negative result), although No. 4 Coy lost one man killed in action, so some generalities can be written. Firstly, was the almost doubling of strength which, although not used to any great extent against the enemy in action was available for use when and where necessary. Secondly, although not quite fully in operation, was the more comprehensive network of communications made possible by the W/T equipment of No. 4 Coy. On the other hand the addition of a like sub-unit attached to each sub-unit of No. 2 Coy, such sub-unit being mostly the responsibility of the No. 2 sub-unit commander, greatly added to the difficulties of operation and administration always experienced by commanders in action.

To give an example, in each department mentioned there was twice the number of sections to be handled and moved and the transport of the additional W/T equipment was not exactly without problems. The whole operation was only made possible by hard work and cooperation by both companies.

Not previously mentioned is one of the main factors which caused “C” Pl to lose contact with the Japanese forces on 30 Sep and 1 Oct. On these days two low flying Japanese fighters were constantly over the heads of our troops, an although they did not actually strafe them, they were a constant menace and greatly hampered the operations of our patrols and no doubt kept the Japanese land forces informed of our positions and movements.

4 October

The RNEIA forces having moved out of AINARO Lieut DEXTER has no way of knowing the position in that area. The RNEIA forces were ordered to send a strong patrol into AINARO to clarify the position there. “D” Pl have not reported any movement on the road AINARO-MAUBISSE.

All native huts in the HATU UDO area were burnt by the Japanese as they moved through consequently many stores that were hidden in huts in that area were destroyed. This included a battery charger.

Maj LAIDLAW reports No. 6 Sec, No. 4 Coy, report there was much Japanese movement in MAUBISSE today. This report was made at 1600 hrs. His OP on this place is watching for more movement to or from here. This report is possibly connected with a report from No. XII Sec that many Japanese moved from MAUBISSE to AINARO on night 3-4 Oct. A very close watch is being kept on this area generally. There was also a Japanese plane making a recce of the road AINARO-NUNAMOGUE-MAUBISSE this morning. This is probably the same plane reported by “C” Pl to be on a coastal patrol at 0800 hrs this morning.

“D” Pl have asked approval of the following dispositions: HQ to remain in their present position. No. X Sec to move to SAME Saddle (08562537). No. XI Sec to be based on NUNAMOGUE (08572532). No. XII Sec in the AITUTU (08532537) area.

In answer to yesterday’s request Lieut TURTON states BAZAR TETE is not a suitable location for an OP on DILI. Visibility is invariably poor and the field of vision is very limited. He has also heard the Japanese are frequenting the markets at BAZAR TETE and LIQUICA (08352519). He would not recommend establishing an OP there.

“C” Pl state the Japanese who moved from MAUBISSE to SAME were accompanied by armed natives and some Japanese troops. They used field craft very successfully and all officers appeared to be mounted and moved well to the rear of the troops. The troops were clad mainly in RNEIA uniforms and helmets[31].

Col. SPENCE arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1700 hrs.

5 October

No. XII Sec of “D” Pl report the Japanese left AINARO at 0100 hrs this morning and moved along the road to MAUBISSE. Their movement was picked up near MAUBISSE again at 0700 hrs in MAUBISSE by “B” Pls OP. They reported there was a lot of movement about that time and shortly after 700 Japanese and 200 horses moved out along the AILEU road. They

had left a small garrison there. Having moved through AILEU they also left a small detachment there to act as a garrison, the main body moving right back to DILI. The sections watching these two places have been ordered to take offensive action against these two garrisons.

No. XI Sec is still patrolling the AINARO area and it is now definite there are no Japanese remaining in that area.

It is reported from the Commandant at HATU UDO the Japanese, or Japanese natives, killed two priests and one deportado, all Portuguese subjects, in AINARO on 3 Oct. Confirmation of this statement is being sought.

Transport problems in general are receiving some thought. The first one is to arrange transport of foodstuffs from FATU CUAC to “A” and “D” Pls who need them urgently as their present areas were all cleaned out by the Japanese.

Coy HQ has had for some time sufficient horses to move all its gear when Coy HQ changes location. Actually there are nine horse loads. This arrangement has been very successful as no reliance has had to be placed on hired native transport which, in an emergency, is always very unreliable. This arrangement has also existed in part in all sub-units but it is desired that it be made a definite and regular arrangement to apply to all essential company stores – non-essential ones being hidden whilst movement is taking place. Instructions issued to bring this arrangement into effect.

Maj LAIDLAW and Capt CROSBIE arrived at Coy HQ.

6 October

“A” Pl report all is quiet in their area and the men are getting a much needed rest. This also applies to “C” and “D” Pls.

However “B” Pl report their ambush position of the road between MAUBISSE and AILEU was sprung by a party of Japanese moving out from AILEU to MAUBISSE. This forced them out of position and consequently they were not able to interfere with the party returning from AMEAINARO- MAUBISSE.

Of importance also is the advice that standing patrol, complete with W/T equipment, has established an OP on DILI and have established contact with Pl HQ. Their first report was eight planes on the drome and no shipping activity at 1700 hrs 5 Oct. Thus one of the Unit’s most important jobs has been re-commenced and further added to the futility of the Japanese actions against us.

“B” Pl have heard a reliable Portuguese rumour which states when the Japanese were in Aileu they killed 12 Portuguese subjects which included two women and two children. “B” Pl is endeavouring to find out the names of those killed.

Lieuts TURTON and DEXTER arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1000 hrs.

7 October

The following new dispositions have been advised to all platoons and will be made shortly: “A” Pl No. 2 Coy will be based on SAME (08512537) and will have a common HQ with “C” Pl No. 4 Coy at HATU UDO (09082536) which platoon will be based on AINARO (09002531). The “B” Pls of both companies will remain in their present areas; i.e., HQs at NOVA CAMINHA

(08462548) with standing patrols in TURISCAI (08502543), BUILIBO (08492536) and VILA DE OURIQUE (08452955) plus a patrol OPing DILI. “A” PL NO. 4 Coy will move into the HATOLIA (08472521), LETE FOHO (08502527), BAZAR TETE (25382523) area. “C” Pl No. 2 Coy will remain based on FATU CUAC (09072545) and “D” Pl will be based on [illegible] (08542536).

“A” Pl report it has been definitely established one Portuguese priest was killed by natives in AINARO and the Japanese made the other one prisoner. The natives were the ones who accompanied the Japanese and were mainly from DUTCH TIMOR with a few from the MAUBISSE area.

“A” Pl further report some of the RNEIA force were moved back to AINARO yesterday.

Pl HQ will move to HATU UDO today.

“B” Pl report No. 6 Sec of No. 4 Coy entered MAUBISSE this afternoon. There were no Japanese there.

The DILI OP report there are four fighters and one bomber on the drome. Also 17 trucks left DILI on the WEST road at 1300 hrs and returned with an unknown load at 1420 hrs.

Col SPENCE and Lieuts TURTON and DEXTER left Coy HQ this afternoon for their respective commands. Capt BALDWIN arrived at Coy HQ.

8 October

All areas quiet all day today. It is intended to base the RNEIA forces at MAPE; all platoons and Force HQ notified of this.

Force HQ advise it most imperative they have the daily intelligence signal not later than 1500 hrs daily. A new cipher system has been introduced into the unit and it is considered to be absolutely uncrackable. It entails a lot more work and requires more paper but it is considered these factors are amply compensated for by the added security of the new system.

In regard to the billeting of the Coy personnel the unit’s policy has undergone a change over the past two months. Prior to the Japanese drive in August most of the unit are billeted in or about Portuguese buildings whenever possible. Now, however, in view of the Japanese air activity which invariably accompanies their troop movements, these places have been avoided as they provide excellent targets for aerial bombing and machine gunning.

Troops now, in general, have shelters constructed close to native villages which are quite satisfactory as food can be pursued directly from the natives and transport obtained directly from them. The small denomination Australian currency is invaluable for these purposes, the natives being very keen to acquire it.

9 October

All platoons advised there are two spies, one Portuguese and one native, operating in the NOVA ANADIA-ALAS-SAME areas. These men, when captured, will be disposed of in the usual manner.

The period of quiet in all areas continues. The new dispositions as laid out on 7 October are coming into effect – platoons of No. 4 Coy being on the move.

Under the control of Capt CROSBIE arrangements are being made for direct comms from Coy HQ to NORFORCE during emergencies. Also the rapid receipt in AUSTRALIA of information from the DILI OP is being arranged.

Stores from the FATU CUAC-ALAS areas are being shifted to platoon areas.

Lieut ROSE is now in charge of L of C [Line of Communication]. Capt BALDWIN who was in charge has been detached from the Company and attached to Force HQ for special duty.

Capt BOYLAND arrived at Coy HQ in the evening.

10 October

A Portuguese rumour has been received at Coy HQ stating there are 3000 to 4000 Japanese at present in the DILI area. The commander’s name is not known but that of the 2 i/c is TOKUOSHA.

Also the Administrator of SAN DOMINGOS advised Force HQ, who passed this information on to Coy HQ, that he has heard the Japanese are training in DILI a large number of natives from ALOR; he expects a drive into his province within two or three days.

Force HQ advise NORFORCE requires a special report of aircraft activity in the SOUTH COAST area. All platoons asked to supply information that will have bearing on this matter.

“B” Pls OPs had some intelligence report. The MAUBISSE-AILEU OP say approx. 300 Jap troops drilling in AILEU at 0900 hrs this morning. The DILI OP reports at 1700 hrs there were 4 planes on the DILI drome.

Hourly W/T scheduled have been arranged from the DILI OP direct to Coy HQ. The obvious result of this arrangement is to shorten the time required for reports originating from this OP to reach NORFORCE.

All other areas are quiet.

11 October

“C” Pl, commencing tomorrow, are to move from the FATU CUAC area and will occupy positions in the MINDELO-TURISCAI area. The “B” Pl troops thus released will be used for other purposes.

“C” Pl report one Jap fighter plane patrolled the SOUTH coast from WEST to EAST at 0850 hrs.

A reliable Portuguese report states that the Japanese forces in AILEU is commencing to dig in the foothills around AILEU. The troops of this force are billeted in the town itself while the officers occupy the Administrator’s residence. The higher officers live in the Governor’s palace.

“B” Pl advise preparations are being to blow the road DILI-MANATUTO.

DILI OP advises at approx. 1800 hrs planes were heard in the direction of DILI followed by a number of heavy explosions. All indications were DILI had been bombed by Allied planes.

Coy HQ has asked Force HQ to pass orders to the detachment at BARIQUE (08502605) to disperse and hide the ammunition at present hidden there. All platoons notified there are quantities of pack saddles and rice at Coy HQ. The items may be collected by any that are in need of them.

General situation is unchanged. Capt BOYLAND left Coy HQ to return to his platoon.

12 October

In compliance with the moves as laid out yesterday No. VII and IX Secs commenced to move earlier this morning. Pl HQ and No. VIII Secs moved off at midday. Routes will be through SAME, TUTAILORO, MINDELO and TURISCAI. Nos VII and VIII Secs will take up positions to watch the ALIEUMAUBISSE areas and Pl HQ with No. IX Sec in reserve will be based on MINDELO and TURISCAI. It is anticipated movement to new areas will be completed by the evening of 13 Oct.

“B” Pl advise it is anticipated the road HERA-MANATUTO will be blown on the night 14/15 Oct. It is considered there will be Japanese reactions to this stroke but of course it is too soon to anticipate what form they will take.

“B” Pls OPs as usual have some reports available. MAUBISSE is all quiet, no Japs there; DILI OP has nothing to report except there were two planes on the drome in the late afternoon.

Force HQ advise they believe a move to the BAUCAU (08272627) area can be expected over the next few days. It is now confirmed there are 600 natives and a large number of Japanese in DILI ready to move. All platoons notified of this and the relevant ones ordered to watch AILEU closely. It is considered the BAUCAU story may have been spread by the Japanese as a

cloak to move SOUTH from AILEU.

Force HQ advise a daily meteorological report from the DILI OP is required by NORFORCE. To speed up its delivery, it will be transmitted directly from the OP, thence to Force HQ.

At approx. 1800 hrs a plane was heard in the direction of SAME. This plane was heard from Coy HQ and appeared to be moving from SOUTH to NORTH.

13 October

“A” Pl report this morning at 1800 hrs 12 Oct aircraft were heard SOUTH of SAME heading in a WESTERLY direction. More planes were heard again at 2000 and 2045 hrs. This lot were first heard in a SOUTH EASTERLY direction from SAME and appeared to be moving towards DILI. This activity was explained by Force HQ who advised , later in the day, two Allied planes had attempted to bomb DILI but only one of them had been able to find and bomb DILI.

Force HQ also desire the confirmation as a good bombing target of AILEU. They were supplied with a description of prominent landmarks in the town – also with the information there are now approx. 800 Japanese troops stationed there.

Lieut DEXTER states he desires approval to keep “A” Pl HQ at SAME instead of moving to HATU UDO as was intended. Reasons being it would not be possible to have W/T comms between Pl HQ and the Platoon – which is most undesirable. With Pl HQ at SAME control within the Platoon is direct; also separate W/T schedule could be arranged between HQ, “A” Pl, 2 Coy, at SAME and HQ “C” Pl, 4 Coy, at AINARO. This was approved of, the necessary

instructions were issued, and the necessary W/T arrangements made. This in addition to  each platoon concerned working, as usual, to its Coy HQ, these two Platoons work to each other on an independent schedule.

There was some aircraft activity today, mainly in the SOTH COAST area. “A” Pl at SAME reported an unidentified plane flew SOUTH at 1750 hrs. Aircraft reports from the SOUTH COAST area indicate the Japanese maintain a patrol along the coast in the morning and evening. The DILI OP also reports three bombers took off from the drome at 0650 hrs and circled off to the SOUTH WEST.

14 October

All platoons warned Japanese drives to ALAS and VILA DE OURIQUE may be expected in the near future. All platoons are to remain on the alert and “C” Pl will pay particular attention to the AILEU-MAUBISSE areas.

The C de P ATSABE has advised all Portuguese soldiers evacuated AILEU without their arms the last time the Japanese occupied this place. The Portuguese troops, who have been recruited from the local natives, are dispersed in the hills; the Japanese are attempting to muster them in LIQUICA (O8352519).

“B” PL report hearing a native rumour 300 Japanese moved from AILEU to MAUBISSE during the night 13/14 Oct. However No. 6 Sec of No. 4 Coy, who are still watching the road between these two places, state there was no movement on this road.

The DILI OP reported much MT movement on the drome between 0600 and 0800 hrs. This movement appeared to be the refuelling of the planes on the drome. One Jap plane patrolled the SOUTH coast from EAST to WEST very high and well out to sea. It passed opposite BETANO at approx. 0710 hrs.

FORCE HQ advise the daily met report from the DILI OP is now required at FORCE HQ on the 1200 hrs schedule. The OP asked to send it to Coy HQ on the 1100 hrs schedule to make this possible.

The RNEIA detachment has been reorganised once again and is based in the MAPE (08042525) CASSA (09092533) areas and patrolling to the WEST and SOUTH from those places.

15 October

“B” Pl have heard from Portuguese sources that the Japanese intend to a neutral zone in LIQUICA and have ordered all Portuguese on the island to move there immediately.

The DILI OP reported approx. 60 Japanese were seen to move SOUTH from HERA (08322541) this afternoon. Further activities of these troops are not known.

Later in the day (14 Oct) No 6 Sec of No 4 Coy reported they had been forced out of their positions by hostile natives who revealed their position to a party of approx. 200 Japanese who moved out of AILEU along the MAUBISSE road. These Japanese entered MAUBISSE at 1500 hrs the same day. These troops had not been seen by “D” Pl’s OP on MAUBISSE at 1700 hrs.

“C” Pl advise their HQ is now near MINDELO (08542542). No 9 Sec is at TURISCAI and No VIII Sec is in a new position but no reports had been received from them at 1700 hrs.

“B” Pl advised having heard a native rumour the Japanese intended moving from MAUBISSE to HATU BUILICO on the night of 14/15 Oct.

There was a good deal of aircraft activity all day. At 0600 hrs a Jap recce plane was heard and seen flying SOUTH over Coy HQ. “A” Pl HQ at SAME saw a Jap recce plane flying NORTH over SAME at 0810 hrs. Quite possibly this was the return to DILI of the first mentioned plane. Planes were also heard at approx. 0700 hrs at SAME but were not seen.

At midday FORCE HQ advised DILI had been bombed at 0610 and 0720 hrs by one plane on each occasion.

Between 1200 and 1300 hrs two large unidentified planes were reported flying NORTH from SAME and MINDELO. “B” Pl heard planes flying EAST coming from the direction of DILI at 1300 hrs. They thought these planes were Hudsons.

At 1700 hrs “B” Pl reported AILEU and possibly DILI had been bombed by two Allied planes at approx. 1300 hrs.

Capt BALDWIN arrived at Coy HQ in the evening. Capt BALDWIN had been transferred to FORCE HQ.

16 October

“B” Pl report 100 Japanese, some of them mounted, moved out from DILI to the EAST at 0630 hrs this morning. Three hrs later, at 0930 hrs another 100 moved out the same way. There were unable to state where these Japanese were going.

The DILI OP reported at 0500 hrs there were five planes on the drome. Also a plane flew from DILI in an EASTERLY direction at 0730 hrs.

Late in the afternoon “B” Pl advised the RAE Section had reported the road HERA-MANATUTO had been blown according to plan. Their W/T set had broken down hence they had been able to communicate with “B” Pl sooner.

Lieut TURTON advises the natives in the MAUBISSE are in revolt again and are burning huts in that area. Loyal natives from AINARO are moving up to deal with them.

“C” Pl’s OP on MAUBISSE reported at 1700 hrs a party of 60 Japanese were seen moving in the direction of the SAME SADDLE. A further party of 50 were moving towards the OP.

Coy HQ had advised FORCE HQ it will be impossible to get more than 50% of the transport required to shift the stores that are expected by boat shortly. In view of this it is suggested the boat be postponed and arrangements be made to have urgently needed stores dropped from planes in the SAME area. This matter is being considered at FORCE HQ who will advise what is being done as early as possible.

There was no aircraft activity in the SOUTH COAST area all day.

Capt CROSBIE arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1700 hrs.

17 October

Capt BOYLAND reports his platoon is having a very rough time of it in their new area. As most of the natives in this area are hostile, food is unprocurable and spies are very active. The activities of some Japanese paid natives led to strong Japanese patrols moving out towards our OPs on both MAUBISSE and AILEU. Ambushes were set for these patrols but once again the Japanese were aware of this as they circled the ambush positions thus

forcing our troops to retire. The Japs in MAUBISSE however do not seem to be moving out very far but are recruiting a lot of natives from the area.

No VIII Sec has moved again and is now covering the track MAUBISSE-MINDELO.

? returned to his platoon at midday at midday today and reported as follows:

Following an order from the Governor to report to LIQUICA the Portuguese civil authorities and detachment of Army at BOBONARO moved to LETE FOHO and HATOLIA. They realized the trap that had been set for them and their present intention is to remain where they are. The C de P of ATSABE is doing good work in organizing loyal natives to fight the Japanese inspired rebels.

It is now fairly obvious that over the past few weeks the Japanese have been attempting to destroy the Portuguese administration on the island. However it has now been decided to offer the Portuguese our fullest cooperation to the extent of using Australian troops against the rebel natives.

“A” Pl of No 4 Coy report they have native rumours there are Japanese in HATU BUILICO (08542521). They are sending a patrol to investigate.

“B” Pl report there is much Japanese activity on the road DILI-HERA and also in HERA where it is estimated there are now 200 Japanese troops. There are many spies in the OP area and it seems they have reported to the Japanese there is an OP in operation and also the Japanese have an idea of its location as planes MGed [machine gunned] and bombed the general area today. The nearest they got to it was however one bomb about 300 yds away.

In the afternoon smoke from a large fire obscured the view of DILI. This may have been deliberately done to conceal some shipping movement. There has been no shipping in DILI for quite some time.

There was more aircraft activity again today. Three Japanese planes divebombed SAME at 0545 hrs this morning. There were no casualties. At 0600 hrs a recce plane passed over AINARO from the NORTH.

FORCE HQ advised MANATUTO was bombed at 1730 hrs yesterday evening. Fires were started. It is not known if there were Japanese there at the time. The planes that did the bombing had come over to bomb DILI but that place was obscured by cloud.

FORCE HQ also advise the ship has been cancelled as requested. Stores may be dropped at a maximum of 1000 lbs per day but a decision regarding that has not been reached yet. Final advice from NORFORCE is awaited.

“A” Pl ordered to recce suitable positions for the dropping over SAME.

18 October

“C” Pl report it appears the Japanese in MAUBISSE are scoring the area for food. This place is recommended as a good daytime bombing target. The Japanese are to be seen walking about the town all day.

“B” Pl state the bombing of MANATUTO is accredited to the Japanese by the Portuguese. Fortunately, there were no Portuguese injured. There were no Japanese at MANATUTO at the time of the bombing.

“C” Pl report TURISCAI was bombed by three Japanese dive bombers between 1100 and 1110 hrs today. There were no casualties and little damage. Three of the 15 bombs dropped failed to explode.

As usual there was more aircraft activity along the SOUTH coast this morning. At 0645 hrs an unidentified plane passed over BETANO from the EAST and then headed NORTH WEST. Again at 0915 hrs another unidentified plane moved along the coast from EAST to WEST well out to sea.

FORCE HQ advise NORFORCE will not send planes to drop stores. They want to send the boat and that as soon as possible. FORCE ask what date is recommended. The reply is the 22 Oct as that is the earliest it is thought transport can be mustered. All platoons ordered to send pack trains to the usual place on that – trains to travel at night.

FORCE HQ advised of bombing targets in the DILI area. Such things as the usual place on the drome where the planes are kept, AA batteries and store houses were advised.

Maj CALLINAN left Coy HQ at 0800 hrs. He is going to HQ “D” Pl to discuss the Portuguese and native situation in FRONTEIRA with Lieut TURTON and the C de P ATSABE. It is hoped to arrange cooperation between the Portuguese, loyal natives and the Australian forces.

Maj CALLINAN transferred to HQ Sparrow Force today.

Capts CROSBIE and BALDWIN left Coy HQ en route to FORCE HQ.

18 October

[Supplementary War Diary entry]

Portuguese report party Japs moved to small village EAST of DILI, also all Portuguese intend leaving BAUCAU for OSSU RUA.

Three Jap bombers seen and explosions heard direction TURISCAI at 1130 hrs.

Unidentified single engine plane from EAST circled BETANO 0645 hrs then headed NORTH WEST. Similar plane along coast from EAST to WEST 0915 hrs.

Approx. 200 Japs and natives in MAUBISSE, but patrols not venturing from town. Natives are armed with pistol guns, Dutch and Australian rifles. Japs dressed in navy blue pants and khaki shirts.

Hostile natives clearing MAUBISSE valley of food and taking it into Japs. Japs believed to be making recruiting drive amongst natives MAUBISSE area.

TURISCAI bombed and machine gunned by 3 Jap planes 1105 hrs. 15 bombs dropped, 3 of which did not explode, no casualties.

Capts BALDWIN and CROSBY arrived FORCE HQ.

[Signed] A. Spence, COMD SPARROW FORCE

19 October

“C” Pl advise their dispositions are now as follows:

Pl HQ at map reference 08522542 – No VIII Sec 08522542 – No IX Sec 08502543. No VII Sec has been divided between the other two Sections during Lieut CAMPBELL’s absence.

The food situation makes it almost impossible to maintain OPs on MAUBISSE but attempts will be made to re-establish them. Fighting patrols from both Sections are also moving about the area.

The DILI OP reports one medium sized merchant vessel entered DILI harbour at 0647 this morning. This information was passed to FORCE HQ 20 minutes after the message was originated at the OP. FORCE HQ ask to be advised of the time and direction of its departure.

Through the day a large barge unloaded its stores onto the beach just to the WEST of the jetty.

At 1500 hrs the OP report there were fighter planes on the drome.

From “A” Pl No 4 Coy it is learnt a party of Japanese and armed natives moved to HATU BUILICO yesterday and having burnt a number of native huts in that area, returned to MAUBISSE.

FORCE HQ advise NORFORCE will not use planes to drop stores and the boat from AUSTRALIA can be expected on 22 Oct.

Following the transfer of Maj CALLINAN, Maj LAIDLAW assumes command of No 2 Independent Coy, AIF.

20 October

“B” Pl report the ship mentioned yesterday is still in DILI harbour. The OP reported at 0545 hrs 12 truckloads of troops moved from DILI to HERA. At 1100 hrs Japanese troops were observed to be moving into position to surround the OP – the OP party commenced to withdraw immediately, being heavily outnumbered.

“C” Pl advise they have heard native rumours concerning the movement of the Japanese at Maubisse. One rumour states they will be moving out to TURISCAI and MINDELO within the next few days and another states all Japanese in MAUBISSE have returned to AILEU. These rumours are being investigated by “C” Pl. Also “B” Pl are sending a patrol to TURISCAI.

“D” Pl also heard from native sources another party of Japanese had moved to HATU BUILICO. No XII Section is investigating this rumour.

“D” Pl also advise their new dispositions as follows: Pl HQ at map ref 09002536 – No X Sec at 08572539 – No XI Sec at 08522535 – and No XII Sec at 08582539.

Aerial activity was not pronounced today. One Jap recce plane was reported flying NORTH over SAME and MINDELO at 0730 hrs.

FORCE HQ desire to know if there are Japanese in MAUBISSE – if so – could landmarks for bombing targets be indicated. A met report from that area is also desired at 1800 hrs. Their requirements were all attended to immediately.

From No 4 Coy it is learned definitely approx. 300-400 Japanese entered MAPE on 19 Oct. They burnt it to the ground and departed along the ATSABE-BOBONARO tracks at 1800 hrs the same day.

A sub-section of “C” Pl, together with some RNEIA troops engaged some hostile natives near BECO. They inflicted casualties on the natives (who were believed to be from DUTCH TIMOR) with no loss to themselves.

Capt BALDWIN arrived at Coy HQ in the evening to complete arrangements for the reception and transport of the stores coming on the next boat.

Lieut NISBET arrived at Coy HQ from HQ “B” Pl.

21 October

Following on the requests from FORCE HQ about MAUBISSE yesterday three planes (twin engined bombers believed to be Hudsons) passed over SAME and MINDELO heading NORTH at approx. 0500 hrs. Explosions were heard in the direction of MAUBISSE from MINDELO shortly afterwards and at 0510 hrs these planes passed over SAME headed SOUTH without wasting any time.

“C” Pl reported at 1100 hrs heavy firing was heard in the direction of TURISCAI and native rumours stated Japanese had moved to the place. No messages were received from the Section stationed there. Also at 1400 hrs some movement was observed coming towards No VII and No VIII Sections.

A patrol from “B” Pl moved to TURISCAI and also a patrol made up of odds and ends from Coy HQ under Capt GARVIE and Lieut NICOLAY of No 4 Coy moved to the junction of the tracks to TURISCAI from NOVA CAMINHA and FAI NIAN.

“D” Pl report three men from No XII Section reported to SAME SADDLE late in the evening. These men reported having heard shooting from the direction of AITUTU. No X Section is investigating.

“B” Pl [advise] all the OP party is safe and as they believe the OP position is safe they will move back there in a few days to re-establish the OP.

“A” Pl report hearing aircraft SOUTH of SAME at 0610.

Capt BALDWIN departed Coy HQ at approx. 1000 hrs.

22 October

“C” Pl report all is all quiet in No VIII Section’s area.

“B” Pl are sending are sending another patrol to TURISCAI. Native rumours report state the Japanese will be returning to TURISCAI today. The party which came out yesterday proved to be about 30 strong. They entered the town, fired into all the buildings, set fire to them and then retired in the direction of AILEU. No IX Section believed they were the advance party for a large party and made preparations to ambush the main party, consequently the main party got away unscathed.

“D” Pl report in the afternoon there is still no news of No XII Section. Lieut TURTON has moved to SAME SADDLE to be prepared for any move to SAME.

From “A” Pl No 4 Coy it is learnt the few Portuguese in the HATOLIA area would be willing to fight with us if the women and children could be sent to AUSTRALIA. Also the Portuguese who have moved to LIQUICA are expecting an attack by Japanese inspired natives shortly.

As usual the Japanese patrolled the SOUTH coast this morning. One plane moved over BETANO from WEST to EAST at 0745 hrs and another was heard from SAME at 1000 and 1020 hrs.

The patrol to TURISCAI returned to HQ in the evening.

Lieut NISBET departed Coy HQ en route for HQ “B” Pl this morning.

23 October

No XII Sec has all reported to SAME SADDLE. On the night of 22/23 Oct they engaged a party of Japanese natives near 08522535 and killed approx. 20 of them. This party then moved down the road to AINARO and was reported to be moving into AINARO at 0100 hrs 23 Oct. On receipt of this information the following instructions were issued from Coy HQ. This party of Japanese and natives are not to return to MAUBISSE without suffering heavy casualties. To bring this into effect the following moves were ordered: “C” Pl No 4 Coy were to attack the enemy in AINARO and to prevent any moves towards HATU UDO. “D” Pl No 2 Coy would move its Sections to positions from which they could engage the enemy if they returned from MAUBISSE along the road AINARO-MAUBISSE. “C” Pl No 2 Coy are to send a strong

fighting patrol into MAUBISSE to attack any enemy there and “A” Pl No 2 Coy would hold their troops at SAME in readiness to support either “C” Pl No 4 Coy or “D” Pl No 2 Coy if necessary.

“C” Pl No 4 Coy immediately sent a fighting patrol from the road MAUBISSE-AINARO and No XI Section to the AINARO saddle. No reports were received from these Sections through the day, however, so it is not known if they contacted the enemy.

“C” Pl’s area was all quiet today. A patrol from No IX Section moved out to gather information on AILEU if possible.

“B” Pl suggest patrolling the road AILEU-MAUBISSE; this suggestion was agreed to and arrangements are being made to put it into operation. “B” Pl also report they have heard from the C de P LACLO six truckloads of Japanese came out to inspect the road block on the road HERA-MANATUTO a few days and, having inspected it, returned to DILI.

“A” Pl report hearing a native rumour stating the Japanese would be coming to SAME in the near future.

It has been pointed out to all Platoons over the past week parties of hostile natives accompanied by a few Japanese have been moving about the countryside practically without opposition. If this is allowed to continue it will greatly lower our prestige among friendly natives. All Platoons ordered to look for these parties and attack them on all possible occasions.

From Lieut ROSE it is learnt the boat arrived at 1900 hrs. Unloading and dispersal of stores proceeded according to plan and the boat was away again by 2100 hrs.

“A” Pl reported one plane moving SOUTH to the WEST of SAME at 0600 hrs. It was identified as a Japanese recce plane. L of C reported an unidentified plane moving along the NORTH coast from WEST to EAST at 1050 hrs.

Lt MCKENZIE reported to Coy HQ this evening.

24 October

“A” Pl advise “D” Pl do not know anything of the reported Japanese move to SAME via the SAME Saddle. “A” Pl are watching the track MAUBISSE-SAME closely.

“D” Pl advise the facts of this action of the action between No XIII Section and hostile natives.

On the evening of 22 Oct Lieut RODD and two men, who had been making a recce, returned to his Section HQ. They found it occupied by hostile natives and, having shot up quite a few retired to the hills. At dawn the following morning the same two men under Lieut RODD attacked the natives, killing approximately 20 natives then fled. Our party were met with spears, arrows and few shots but were unharmed.

Lieut TURTON advises following on their recent movements his Platoon is in a very poor state and the earliest he will be able to move to MAUBISSE to attack it would be 25 Oct. As his patrols and OPs on the track AINARO-MAUBISSE have been unable to find any trace of Japanese or hostile natives he desires to be informed if the report of their movement to AINARO was confirmed or otherwise. No XII Sec is now at 08572540.

Following on the orders issues from Coy HQ yesterday No VII Sec under Lieut CAMPBELL attacked MAUBISSE commencing at 1900 hrs. There are no Japanese in the place but it was full of hostile natives who were armed with rifles. Many of these were killed or wounded, one captured, and the remainder scattered far and wide. Interrogation of the prisoner revealed he had no knowledge of the reported move to AINARO.

Coy HQ has ordered that No VII Section, who were congratulated for their work, are to stay as close to MAUBISSE as possible.

“A” Pl advise the patrol which will work on the road AILEU-MAUBISSE has left its base to commence its job. No V Section arrived at TURISCAI at approx. 1630 hrs. Their job will be to watch the TURISCAI area, patrol the track BUILIBO-TURISCAI and warn “B” Pl of any move along the track TURISCAI-FATU MAQUERQUE.

No IX Sec, previously at TURISCAI, have moved to HQ

“C” Pl for further orders.

“A” Pl of No 4 Coy advise Japanese and natives moved into LETE FOHO at 0930 hrs this morning. They burnt all the native huts there and at ATOORA and then returned to AILEU.

Lieut LIBERATOR and Sjt FREITAS together with the detachment of Portuguese troops which was formerly at BOBONARO were now at MANTASSI (08482524). They also report several truckloads of Japanese and natives came out to BAZAR TETE yesterday.

FORCE HQ state they have received from the RNEIA detachment the information there are 1000 Japanese and hostile natives in the BOBONARO area. They desire confirmation of this and ask for bombing targets in that area.

Lieut McKENZIE departed from Coy HQ this evening. A large consignment of mail and comforts which was part of the cargo on the last boat arrived at Coy HQ yesterday was sorted and today dispatched to all Platoons. Some W/T sets 208, six in all, also arrived at Coy HQ.

25 October

To clarify the immediate tasks for all Platoons an order was sent out from Coy HQ. The gist of this order was:

“A” Pl would watch the track MAUBISSE-SAME and oppose any move down it.

“B” Pl, in conjunction with “B” Pl No 4 Coy, will maintain offensive patrols against the enemy garrison at AILEU. This is in addition to the tasks they already have in hand.

“C” Pl are to maintain offensive patrols against any enemy in MAUBISSE. They will work on this place from the NORTH and EAST.

“D” Pl will oppose any enemy move from HATU BUILICO or MAUBISSE to NUNAMOGUE. They will also maintain a Section close to MAUBISSE to watch and harass that place. This Section to work from the WEST and SOUTH of MAUBISSE and also to liaise with the Sections of “C” Pl who are engaged in the same job as soon as possible.

“C” Pl advise they are arranging rations for the Platoon as quickly as possible. The area they are in at present is devoid of foodstuffs. Four cases of emergency rations were sent to them from Coy HQ today. They will also draw some rice from the dump at FORCE HQ shortly.

The combined Nos VII and VIII Sections are moving to 08522541. From there they will maintain a permanent OP on the track TURISCAI-MINDELO and also will send a patrol every day to OP MAUBISSE. No IX Sec are at present being held at MINDELO. A fighting patrol to MAUBISSE left Nos VII and VIII Sections this evening.

FORCE HQ advise Lieut DOIG has advised them he has heard a Portuguese rumour which stated the Japanese are repairing the road block on the road HERA-MANATUTO. This was confirmed by No VI Section of No 4 Coy who reported seven trucks with approx. 100 Japs came to the block today. Both “B” Pls are ordered to cooperate to blow the road behind this party and attack it from the rear. The maximum opposition was to be offered to any attempt to repair the block. The block is at Pt SUBAO (?).

“D” PL have been informed by No 4 Coy that a Section from No 4 Coy is occupying HATU BUILICO. Lieut TURTON desires to be informed of the disposition of the Platoon which is occupying that area.

FORCE HQ advise it is expected BOBONARO will be bombed by Allied planes tomorrow morning. They also advised the results of the CAULFIELD Cup.

26 October

“C” Pl report the patrol to MAUBISSE yesterday afternoon encountered a party of armed hostile natives on the way to MAUBISSE. There was a clash in which nine of the natives were killed with none of our men hurt. There was no movement in the town itself at 1600 hrs.

“D” Pl report at 1400 hrs today a large party of Japanese natives with a few Japs were sighted moving down the road MAUBISSE-AINARO. They were engaged near NUNAMOGUE by a Section of No 4 Coy (who did the bulk of the fighting) and approx. 200 loyal natives under a native chief known as ANANIAS with the Section of “D” Pl doing some long range shooting. The action took place at approx. 1600 hrs and it is estimated there were approx.

50 of the natives killed. Our troops suffered no casualties. This was mainly a No 4 Coy show however.

“B” Pl report No V Section, having been patrolling the road MAUBISSE-AILEU report no activity on that road. Lieut NISBET states he is going to LACLO (08332555) to organise a Two Section raid on the party of Japanese who are repairing the road block.

FORCE HQ advise it had been reported to them some Japanese entered MANATUTO at 1530 hrs this afternoon and of this party one truckload moved along the road to BAUCAU.

FORCE HQ orders plans be made for interchange of “C” Pls of each Coy. “C” Pl of No 4 Coy is at present operating in the AINARO area and “C” Pl of No 2 Coy is in the MINDELO-MAUBISSE areas. It is hoped however to be able to complete the reorganisation of our “C” Pl before this ve takes place.

Two W/T sets 208 were sent to “C” Pl and a like two sets to “D” Pl today. These sets will be a big asset in forward communications.

“B” Pl report from NOVA CAMINHA at 1730 hrs two large unidentified planes were seen moving from SOUTH EAST to NORTH WEST. Earlier in the day three or four unidentified planes were reported to be moving north over FATU CUAC at 0500 hrs. That was all the aircraft activity in the area for the day.

Capt BOYLAND and Lieut BURRIDGE arrived at Coy HQ from “C” Pl in the evening.

Lieut COLE departed Coy HQ en route for SAME where he will be attached as a super numerary.

27 October

“C” Pl state their OP from the EAST of MAUBISSE is unsatisfactory. Only the posto can be seen and very often heavy mist obscures even that. They suggest “D” Pl might be able to OP the place from the WEST and communicate with a forward Section of “C” Pl by 208 set.

However Coy HQ state they will endeavour to find a suitable OP on the place from the NORTH. Also it is desired that “C” Pl make preparations to burn all the buildings in MAUBISSE to the ground within the next few days. This will make it difficult for the Japanese to use the place as a base, particularly as the wet season will commence shortly.

All platoons notified as from today Lieut McKENZIE will be OC of “C” Pl.

Lieut BURRIDGE left Coy HQ en route to “B” Pl where he will be attached as a supernumerary.

Capt TREBECK and Lieuts SMYTH and BLACK, all from FORCE HQ arrived at Coy HQ today.

28 October

“B” Pl report No VI Section has heard reliable (sic) native rumours which stated 200 Japanese will shortly be moving from MANATUTO via TURISCAI and LACLO.

The OP on MANATUTO reports at 1030 hrs 12 truckloads of Japanese plus 100 on foot entered MANATUTO at 1000 hrs. Of these 100 commenced to move to LACLO immediately.

The RAE Section of No 4 Coy blew the road MANATUTO-CRIBAS (08412600) at approx. 2300 hrs.

Coy HQ despatched four drums of petrol to “C” Pl to be used on MAUBISSE. This patrol will also investigate the possibilities of burning the place as per orders.

“D” Pl advise No XI Section reports at 1400 hrs some hostile natives from HATU BUILICO are approaching their position. A reception was prepared for them but a Section of No 4 Coy tackled them en route. Lieut TURTON advises Nos X and XII Section will be operating freely in the HATU BUILICO, AITUTU, MAUBISSE areas over the next few days. This in view of the native situation.

FORCE HQ advise it has been reported to them 15 truckloads of Japanese went to BAUCAU at 1320 hrs today. They request any details we can supply.

An unidentified plane was heard to the SOUTH from SAME at 0930 hrs this morning.

Capt DUNKLEY, the MO, arrived at Coy HQ today.

29 October

“A” Pl advise to comply with the general instructions issued on 26 Oct they have moved a sub-Section each to 08572589 – and 08572540 to watch the track MAUBISSE-SAME. The remainder of the Platoon is in the SAME area.

“B” Pl report at 0530 hrs this morning smoke from the burning of native huts in the NOVA PORTAL (08402547) area was seen from NOVA CAMINHA. In the afternoon approx. 100 Japanese were seen moving from that area towards REMEXIO. It is believed No VI Section engaged this party near FACLON [?] (08402546).

From “C” Pl it is reported No VII Section saw much movement in MAUBISSE this morning. This movement was believed to be natives in white shirts carrying bags into the buildings there. At 1400 hrs under cover of heavy mist this Section entered MAUBISSE and fired on the natives there. They killed approx. 20 of them and then retired under heavy fire from submachine guns coming from the buildings. It is thought there may have been Japanese there. There were no casualties among our troops. No IX Section has moved to a native village [?] FATU BESSI ([illegible]) FROM where they can OP MAUBISSE.

Lieut TURTON states No X and XII Sections are in good position near the road MAUBISSE-AINARO. No XII Section patrolled to AITUTU today. They found the natives are hostile but not very keen to fight – they all fled from our patrol. The 100 loyal natives under ANANAIS are also in this area working with us.

One Jap recce plane moved SOUTH over MINDELO and SAME at 0600 hrs this morning.

30 October

Lieut McKENZIE reports No IX Section is now in position at 08482537 and from there has a good OP on MAUBISSE. He desires to know if the Section of “D” Pl which is nearest to MAUBISSE can communicate with No IX Section by W/T. No IX Section has a W/T set 208 therefore if the “D” Pl Section also has one this communication could be arranged.

In the afternoon the OP reported approx. 100 Japanese with some native troops of the NEIA and approx. 100 natives were in MAUBISSE. Jap HQ is in a red roofed building in the centre of the town. This move is obviously the reply to our raids on MAUBISSE and proves the raids on this place can be regarded as highly successful as they have forced the Japanese themselves to occupy the place thus spreading their troops over a larger area.

FORCE HQ advise 120 horses will be required in the BAMBOO CREEK area not later than 5 November. “B” Pl ordered to send 60 horses with escort consisting of one sub-Section to the place specified in the specified time.

There was quite a lot of activity in the air today. Summary of reports from platoons indicates three flights of bombers, thought to be Allied, moved from the SOUTH Coast NORTHWARD to DILI at approx. 0100, 0200 and 0300 hrs. These flights all returned over the same route (approximately) shortly after moving NORTH. The flight was followed, rather half-heartedly, by a solitary Jap fighter. DILI was reported to have been bombed at 0053, 0325 and 0420 hrs. FORCE HQ confirmed this by advising three flights of planes bombed DILI on the night 29/30 Oct.

At 0615 hrs one Jap plane was seen from NOVA CAMINHA moving over TURISCAI; explosion was heard from that direction. Again at 0935 hrs two Jap fighters were reported from MINDELO and NOVA CAMINHA to be moving WESTWARD. The latter place heard explosions

shortly afterwards from the direction from either VILA DE OURIQUE or SOIBADA.

At approx. 1300 hrs the Section at the former place reported the place had been bombed twice since dawn today. Then at 1315 hrs MINDELO reported seeing to the NORTH a large plane travelling to the WEST. What seems to be the same plane was reported from SAME at the same time as moving in a SOUTH WEST direction to the WEST of SAME. The usual SOUTH Coast patrol was reported from SAME as moving along the coast from EAST to WEST at 0550 hrs.

FORCE HQ advise they have received information five truckloads of Japanese went to LAUTEM (08222655) and VILA DE AVIS. This latter place is not known at this HQ.

The W/T sets 208 recently sent out to platoons have been in operation for a number of days and are a big asset to forward patrols and OPs.

Capt TREBECK and DUNKLEY and Lieut SMYTH departed Coy HQ this morning.

Lieut ROSE arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 2000 hrs this morning.

31 October

“B” Pl advise a report has just come to hand giving the details 0f an ambush. A sub-Section of No VI Section under L/Sjt HAIRE ambushed the patrol of Japanese which was moving from LACLO through KYMOUK [?] and REMEXIO to DILI. This sub-Section were waiting for them near FACLOU [?] (08402546) and inflicted approx. 25 casualties on them with no loss to our troops.

“C” Pl advise the MAUBISSE OP reports a large party of Japanese and natives moved from MAUBISSE in the direction of AITUTU at 0700 hrs this morning. They believe the party consisted of 90 natives and 10 Japanese.

From information supplied by the C de P BAZARTETE, who was in DILI on 27 Oct, good targets for aerial bombing were supplied to FORCE HQ by use of target maps.

From NOVA CAMINHA comes the report of two large unidentified planes flying NORTH at 1740 hrs. Heavy explosions were heard from the direction of DILI at 1755 hrs and two large planes were heard travelling SOUTH at 1805 hrs. Apparently another bombing raid on DILI.

1 November

“C” Pl report at 1500 hrs yesterday of approx. 100 Japanese moved out from MAUBISSE and occupied the position No IX Section had been using as an OP on that place.

The W/T set 208 developed a minor fault, consequently by 1800 hrs the full details of the incident were still not known but it is known the W/T set is safe but Sjt SMITH and five men were still missing at that time (1800 hrs).

At 1000 hrs today all was quiet in that area.

All platoons who are supplying pack trains for the forthcoming surface contact were warned these trains must be kept most secret as to movement and destination.

FORCE HQ advise it is expected both DILI and BOBONARO will be bombed again before the 3 Nov.

At 1745 hrs DILI was bombed by approx. six Allied planes. Many bombs fell in the town proper and some in the harbour close to the jetty. Fires were started near the lighthouse and through the night a series of explosions were heard in that area. There was a vivid flash followed by a terrific explosion at approx. 1400 hrs. This air raid was the most successful on DILI to date.

Lieut ROSE departed Coy HQ at approx. 0900 hrs en route for “C” Pl where he takes up duties as a Section commander.

Capt BALDWIN arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1000 hrs.

Maj CALLINAN, Capt TREBECK and Lieut SMYTH arrived at Coy HQ late in the evening.

2 November

“B” Pl report the food position in No VI Section’s area is very bad. It is impossible to obtain sufficient for the Section in the area. “B” Pl HQ is trying to supply them from NOVA CAMINHA and request some emergency rations to assist.

Early this morning “C” Pl advise by 1600 hrs yesterday all No IX Section had reported in. At 0700 hrs this morning the Japanese were still in occupation of the OP position. The first men to come in reported the Japanese were establishing MG points in and about the town. There are approx. 100 Japs and 400 natives, latter dressed in shorts and shirts, in the town. The

Japanese appear to be training the natives as soldiers. There are also frequent MG and mortar demonstrations for the natives. Whenever a Jap plane passes overhead the natives all stand in the street and wave and shout.

Lieut McKENZIE recommends MAUBISSE as a good bombing target.

“D” Pl were requested by Coy HQ to supply information on the AITUTU area. Lieut TURTON replies No X and XII Sections have been moving between HATU BUILICO and a position approx. 08532538. All the area around HATU BUILICO, AILEU and towards MAUBISSE is without food and all natives in the area are hostile and move to MAUBISSE when our patrols are about. “D” Pl were also asked if they could OP MAUBISSE for a few days until “C” Pl reestablished their OP.

As FORCE HQ advised MAUBISSE and DILI and possibly AILEU would be bombed early tomorrow morning it is desirable to OP MAUBISSE to see the results of the bombing, if it is taking place. Lieut TURTON states he expects No XI Section back today and having discussed the matter with the Section commander, he could advise Coy HQ on the possibility of an OP.

Coy HQ signalled to all Platoons to advise briefly the general physical condition of the men in each Platoon. First reply was from “B” Pl. This Platoon has 13 men unfit, 8 cases of persistent malaria and the bulk of the men, although fit enough are not in the best of health mainly owing to the poor diet.

FORCE HQ advise the BAUCAU area is now clear of Japanese.

Nine large bombers, thought to be BOSTON bombers were reported from “C” and “B” Pls and also were seen from Coy HQ moving NORTH towards DILI at 0750 hrs. DILI was heavily bombed at approx. 0800 hrs, most of the bombs fell in the town between the cathedral and the Chinese shops. These planes were seen again from the Coy HQ moving SOUTH at 0810 hrs with two “Zeros” in hot pursuit. The “Zeros” however did not start anything.

Fortunately the W/T station at Coy HQ was working on the same frequency as the planes and a pronounced Yank voice was heard to say, “Slow down Matthew, I can’t keep up with you”.

Japanese aircraft patrolled to the SOUTH at 0920 hrs when one plane was seen travelling SOUTHWARD over NOVA CAMINHA. This plane returned to the NORTH at 0940 hrs.

SAME reported an unidentified plane moving EASTWARD at 1115 hrs.

Maj CALLINAN, Capts BALDWIN, TREBECK and BOYLAND and Lieuts SMYTH and BLACK left Coy HQ en route to FORCE HQ this morning.

3 November

Replying to yesterday’s message in relation to the condition of the men Lieut DEXTER advises “A” Pl is in a very poor condition. Most of the men look fairly well but are stale and capable of short patrols only. He is of the opinion three or four days continuous activity would completely wreck the Platoon’s health.

Lieut McKENZIE’s reply concerning “C” Pl is in the same vein with the difference he considers one days hard work will make his Platoon unfit for a couple of weeks.

From “D” Pl Lieut TURTON advises after a conference with his Section commanders he had learnt all his men can only do four hour patrols each day – and that with [illegible]. In the present state of the men no continual hard work is possible. [illegible] this lack of proper food and being in areas where to exist they must be on the alert for 24 hrs each day. His Platoon is completely exhausted. He also advises an OP on MAUBISSE in his area is very hard to maintain and is only good until 1100 hrs daily.

FORCE HQ advise the boat has been delayed one day.

At approx. 0800 hrs a flight of eight BOSTON bombers with American crews raided and heavily bombed DILI – the OP advising DILI being [illegible] from one and to the other. When the bombers were returning they passed over close to Coy HQ being chased by four Japanese “Zeros”. One Allied plane had one engine disabled and was lagging behind – the four “Zeros” tackled him. As yesterday all Coy HQ was around the Coy HQ W/T set hearing all the Yanks had to say to each other. The pilot of the disabled plane – his name was HITCHCOCK – asked ALAN, evidently the Squadron leader, to slow up as he was on one engine. Shortly after he called for assistance as “there were four God damned

‘Zeros’ on my tail”. ALAN said “OK” and then to the rest of the flight “Follow me fellers, I’m

going down after them there Zeros”. None of our planes were shot down and the last we heard HITCHCOCK was ditching all his guns and ammunition and fell on his way home with two of his fellows as escorts. This gives the Coy a personal interest in the bombing raids. So much so that a message was sent to FORCE HQ asking if they could find out and advise us if HITCHCOCK did get home safely.

4 November

“A” Pl report one Japanese fighter MGed SAME and the native huts in the immediate vicinity this morning finishing at 1030 hrs. There were no casualties.

“C” Pl advise a patrol consisting of men from No VIII Section under Lieut ROSE having observed much movement of natives in a small village named RUSLAU (085225538) entered that village yesterday afternoon. Some natives opposed them and of these some were wounded. The village contained much food stored in the huts so all the huts were set fire and burnt out. As they were returning the patrol was again ambushed by natives who were using spears and bows and arrows. The natives made off before any could be shot – none of our men were hurt however.

“D” Pl report although they have had no information from No XI Section at AITUTU, No X and No XII Sections are preparing to ambush a party of approx. 300 hostile natives who are moving from MAUBISSE down the road to AINARO.

There was a lot of activity in the air today. FATU CUAC reported an unidentified plane along the SOUTH coast at 0500 hrs. “C” Pl from MINDELO saw six twin tailed bombers (possibly HUDSONS) moving NORTH at 0445 hrs and heard explosions shortly afterwards. These

planes returned very low and fast at 0455 hrs. Later in the day “B” Pl reported that these planes who had evidently attempted to bomb MAUBISSE, had dropped their bombs in a valley just WEST of “B” Pl HQ and also dropped some just WEST of HQ No V Section with a few more in TURISCAI; Lieut NISBET though the bombing appeared to be indiscriminate –

and added his men preferred Jap bombs to Allied ones. He asked for more discrimination when there is bombing afoot. It appeared to be a fiasco bombing of MAUBISSE.

At 0800 hrs eight BOSTONS were seen from Coy HQ moving NORTH. These planes were reported to bomb AILEU. They returned SOUTHWARD approx. 10 minutes later and shortly afterwards more followed by a few “Zeros”. As is the custom now, Coy HQ were listening into the Americans talking to each other and we received the following message: “Hullo AIF, hullo AIF, hullo AIF – HITCHCOCK is OK diggers, HITCHCOCK is OK diggers”, which is just too


“C” Pl reported immediately after the bombing of AILEU a couple of “Zeros” gave a stunting exhibition off AILEU and MAUBISSE – which, as a morale booster, was not fully appreciated by the troops who had just been bombed rather heavily.

Following the MAUBISSE episode this morning FORCE HQ, who have requested priority bombing targets, were given MAUBISSE as the most important. FORCE HQ have also requested the Portuguese and native reactions to the first four days of bombing. They were advised the Portuguese and natives, assisted by a little propaganda from our troops, has been very impressed and regard the bombing as a sign of growing strength.

5 November

Lieut DEXTER advises No III Section reported today on the 4 Nov two men of No III Section disguised as natives and accompanied by approx. 50 loyal natives attacked some Japanese natives who were camped at the SAME Saddle (08562537). The ruse was very successful. 10 of the natives were killed and the rest scattered. The huts they had been occupying were burnt to the ground. Neither of our men and none of the natives with them were hurt. Lieut DEXTER also advises it is his intention to attempt to raise 300 natives from the SAME area to cooperate with our troops.

FORCE HQ advises the RAP, formerly under FORCE HQ, is to be under Coy HQ in future. The RAP is now being established at a native village named SAME [sic] (08532548); all Platoons notified of this move.

The bombing programme of the last few days have stirred the Japanese air force up a little. From all reports received it is clear their aircraft patrolled the SOUTHERN and EASTERN approaches to DILI this morning. In particular one plane moved EAST to WEST and then back again over MAUBISSE from 0650 to 0800 hrs.

Their work was to no avail however, as our planes bombed BOBONARO today. These planes were seen by “D” Pl to be moving WEST along the SOUTH coast at 0711 hrs. Explosions were heard from the direction of BOBONARO at 0716 hrs.

Maj CALLINAN arrived at Coy HQ at 1630 hrs.

6 November

“C” Pl advise their dispositions at present are: Pl HQ at a village map ref (08542545). One sub-Section at 08522543. One Section at 08532543. One Section is at MINDELO. Unfit men of the Platoon are at TUTULORO and all food supplies for the Platoon are coming from FAI NIAN (08552545). The base at TUTULORO has been established to accommodate the men in the Platoon who are unfit for normal duty but, as they are not really ill inasmuch as they require no medical treatment, are not being sent to the RAP.

“D” Pl report hostile native snipers are active during the night 4/5 Nov in the AITUTU area but caused no casualties. To feed his troops Lieut TURTON has been transporting supplies from the SAME and HATU UDU areas. He considers, however, by 10 days he will be unable to supply enough food for his Platoon’s needs.

FORCE HQ have requested detailed bombing targets in DILI etc. Many good targets were learnt from a Portuguese doctor who was in DILI on 3 Nov. With the use of target maps of DILI these targets were passed on to FORCE HQ. Also it is learned from the C de P of BAZAR TETE that the DILI raids of the past week have caused very heavy damage in DILI.

Arrangements are being concluded for the Coy Sigs to work direct to NORFORCE if conditions ever make this necessary. Some new W/T sets expected on this surface contact will probably be used for this purpose.

Capt DUNKLEY arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1630 hrs.

7 November

“A” Pl advise Lieut DEXTER with one section intends to raid AITUTU valley at dawn tomorrow.

“D” Pl report on night 4/5 Nov a large party of hostile natives attacked No XI Sec. Many of these natives were killed and the remainder driven off and none of our men were hurt. It is reported many of the native in the AITUTU area are returning to their huts having received a lot of discouragement in their attacks on Australians over the past few weeks. Lieut TURTON

requests four rifles be forwarded to his platoon as soon as possible as replacements for unserviceable weapons.

One Jap recce plane was reported flying NORTH over MINDELO at 0755 hrs this morning.

Force HQ advise the RNEIA detachment in the MAPE area have been attacked and forced back towards HATAHUDU. It is desired that No 2 Coy take measures to cover BETANO and that the L of C is kept informed of operations in the HATAHUDU area. Later in the day it was reported the situation had cleared up and there was no threat to BETANO.

Capt DUNKLEY left Coy HQ this afternoon to return to the RAP.

Maj CALLINAN finally left Coy HQ today to commence duty with Force HQ. Before he left he sent a message to all platoons thanking all ranks for “assistance, cooperation and loyalty” in the past, and enjoined them not to panic as he was not being evacuated. New typewriter ribbon supplied.

8 November

Lieut DEXTER reports his attack with No I Sec, on AITUTU valley was most successful. His party was accompanied by 300 loyal natives from the SAME area. Cpl FOSTER with 200 of these drove off the hostile natives and Japanese, engaging them whenever they caught up with them. The area was completely burnt out – approx. 150 huts in all being destroyed. Owing to our successful actions in this area over the past few weeks many friendly natives are now returning to their villages.

The general situation was quiet all day; also only one plane was reported, the SOUTH Coast patrol which was heard from SAME moving from EAST to WEST at 1330 hrs.

9 November

“A” Pl report their area all quiet. No I Sec is at CARABAULAU (08572539) and No II Sec at TIROLOLO (08572540). Both of these sections are maintaining forward OPs. Later in the afternoon Lieut DEXTER reported approx. forty Portuguese from AINARO arrived in SAME. He plans to send them on to ALAS tomorrow.

“C” Pl advise Lieut ROSE is to command No VIII Sec.

Force HQ have requested information on the number of Japanese in MAOBISSE and AILEU.

“C” and “D” Pls asked to forward any information in reference to this matter they have.

“C” Pl advise there are definitely Japanese in MAOBISSE and they will endeavour to check on the numbers and “D” Pl advise they have no knowledge of either place.

“C” Pl also advise they had a good view of the burning of AITUTU area by “A” Pl also they have located a new OP on MAOBISSE between MINDELO and TUTULORO.

10 November

In view of the action in the MAPE and CASSA (05082533) areas Lieut DEXTER desires to know who is watching the tracks into SAME from the SOUTH and WEST.

There was much aircraft activity today. At 0645 from SAME to the WEST an unidentified plane was travelling in a NORTH WESTERLY direction. MINDELO reported hearing a plane which was apparently circling over MAOBISSE at 0710 hrs. At 0730 hrs another unidentified plane was seen to the EAST from SAME moving to the SOUTH EAST. This plane was also seen from MINDELO and was identified as a Jap fighter,

MINDELO also reported a large four engined plane moving SOUTH very high at 07 38 hrs. This plane was unidentified. Then at 0745 a Jap recce plane moved SOUTH over SAME.

Force HQ advise it is thought the Japanese will be moving out to BAUCAU within the next few days. Also Portuguese reports state the ship “OEKUSSI” is in DILI harbour and is ready to move at all times. They also desire to know if the “OEKUSSI” is in DILI at first light on 11 Nov.

MAOBISSE and BOBONARA are to be bombed at first light on 11 Nov.

Col SPENCE arrived at Coy HQ today.

11 November

“C” Pl have had another clash with the Japanese and their natives. At 0845 hrs Lieut McKENZIE reported hearing rifle fire and also Brens from the direction of No VIII Secs position. His HQ OP saw movement on skylines in that direction also.

Some creados came in from there and said many natives and Japanese were attacking No VIII and had burnt their shelters. At 1300 hrs he reported further the forward sub-sec had been attacked and the rear sub-sec had opened fire on another party of enemy. By 0930 hrs both sub-sections had been forced out of their positions by weight of numbers. They inflicted numerous casualties all of whom were carried out by other natives.

Unfortunately one Bren gun was lost. Another party which was moving out to MINDELO was intercepted and attacked by No VII Sec. This party left their dead and wounded and scattered. Both sub-sections are safe but two men, Ptes SMEATON and THOMAS, are missing. From the new OP on MAOBISSE IT IS REPORTED there is much movement in the valley and there are many new huts being built. From the forest NORTH of MAOBISSE there

is much movement. Lieut ROSE is of the opinion the Japanese move out of MAOBISSE to sleep and return there each morning. There is a large number of horses tethered behind the old Portuguese barracks. Lieut McKENZIE also reports some of “C” Pl’s creados (native boy) were attacked near the SUE River on the track MINDELO-FAI NIAN. It is not yet known if the enemy have all returned to MAOBISSE.

Early in the morning both “A” and “B” Pls reported hearing shooting from “C” Pls area.

“D” Pl report owing to “A” Pl burning out the AITUTU valley No XI Sec has moved back to No X Sec’s base at CAOULORA (08572535). No X Sec have despatched a patrol to establish an OP on MAOBISSE.

MAOBISSE was bombed early this morning by three Allied bombers. They were seen moving NORTH from MINDELO at 0515 hrs and moving SOUTH at high speed at 0528 hrs in the meantime bombs had been heard from the direction of MAOBISSE. SAME reported seeing three Allied bombers moving WEST along the coast at 0500 hrs.

Force HQ require reports on the CASSA (05082533) area but as No 2 Coy has no troops in that area the unit cannot supply reports without operating in the RNEIA detachment’s area. Col SPENCE left Coy HQ this afternoon.

12 November

“C” Pl report at 0330 hrs this morning hostile natives attacked the MAOBISSE OP and drove them out of position back to a position on the TURISCAI-AILEU track. None of our men were hurt. Later the same morning more natives attacked No VII Sec’s position near MINDELO but these were driven off with losses. During the rest of the day No VII Sec sent out small patrols to shoot up a lot of stray natives who had been very friendly to the Japanese natives. Also a large patrol was sent out to locate the main force.

Lieut McKENZIE states the native chief at TUTULORO is loyal and has a lot of natives who will fight with us if they are armed.

At 0505 and 0810 hrs one Jap fighter came from the NORTH, circled MINDELO and FAI NIAN, and then returned to the NORTH. Also at 0510 hrs a Jap recce plane moved SOUTH over MINDELO-SAME saw to the EAST one plane flying NORTH at 0715 hrs and another moving in the same direction at 0730 hrs.

In reply to Maj CALLINAN’s message of 7 Nov all platoons send their acknowledgement and thanks and wish him best of luck in the new job. This was passed on to Maj CALLINAN at Force HQ.

13 November

“C” Pl report patrols have ascertained all Japs and natives have now returned to MOABISSE. Ptes SMEATON A and THOMAS GE are still missing and so must be presumed captured.

“D” Pl report Nos X and XI Secs lured 200 hostile natives into a trap in which twenty were killed and fifty badly wounded the remainder were scattered. Once again none of our men were hurt.

There was not much aircraft activity today. One Jap fighter plane moved SOUTH over SAME at 0515 hrs and a recce plane was seen traveling in the same direction from the same place at 1150 hrs.

Lieutenant DOIG, who is reporting back to the Coy for duty, Lieut SNELL[32], of the RNEI Army, and DAMIEN PARER, the official cinematographer for the Department of Information, arrived at Coy HQ at approx. 1530 hrs.

14 November

A quiet day today the only activity being reported from “C” Pl who at 1245 reported their forward OPs had seen approx. 200 natives approaching their positions from the direction of MAOBISSE. Forward sections were in positions to oppose them. However no further reports were received during the afternoon.

Force HQ advise they have heard from Portuguese sources some Japanese and natives entered MANATUTO during the afternoon of 13 Nov but withdrew again in the evening. The natives returned during the night and murdered the Administrator of MANATUTO and the C de P of FATA BERLIEU. It was also reported four Allied planes bombed MANATUTO at 1740 hrs 13 Nov but this was not confirmed by NORFORCE.

Only one plane reported in the air today. It was a Jap recce plane and was seen from MINDELO flying SOUTHEAST at 0535 hrs.

The Company did fairly well out, of the last boat load of stores. Some clothing and soap were very much needed and also ground sheets were very welcome in view of the approaching wet season.

Also five W/T sets ATR4 were received and have been distributed one each to Coy HQ “A” “B” & “D” Pls – one being unserviceable at present. It is possible to receive the international news on these sets which is a big asset in our isolated circumstances. This is, of course, only secondary to the very useful additions they provide to our W/T system.

Lieut SNELL departed Coy HQ en route to “C” Pl to whom he will be attached for some time.

15 November

No V Sec of “B” Pl stationed at TURISCAI reported seeing fires burning and hearing shooting from the direction of MINDELO this morning. They were advised these activities were part of “C” Pl’s campaign against the hostile natives in that area.

Later in the day a patrol from No V Sec attacked a party of approx. 100 hostile natives who were in a river bed one hour WEST of TURISCAI. This party fled and it is not known if any casualties were caused.

“B” Pl also report large fires were started in MANATUTO by the bombing raid of 13 Nov. The telephone operator in MANATUTO stated the Administrator was not killed but taken prisoner together with the C de P of FATA BERLIEU. It is the opinion of Lieut NISBET the Japanese are using MANATUTO as a supply base.

“C” Pl report early this morning the party of natives reported yesterday as moving towards MINDELO turned back and returned to MAOBISSE the same evening.

Force HQ advise twenty-seven truckloads of Japanese entered BAUCAU at 1300 hrs 14 Nov. Seven other trucks were not accounted for in this number and their whereabouts is not known.

Force HQ desire “B” Pl to move to the LACLUTA (05472605 ) area and from there maintain OPs on the roads MANATUTO-BAUCAU and BAUCAU-VIQUEQUE also to harass any Jap movement in the EASTERN end of the island.

The DILI OP reports four small merchant vessels and three destroyers entered DILI harbour at 1600 hrs 14 Nov. Also Force HQ advise it is expected MAOBISSE and BOBONARA will be bombed at first light on 16 Nov.

Transport arrangements for stores being transported to platoon areas were not completely satisfactory last time and to overcome this all platoons were ordered to send a pack train of twenty horses complete with escort to reach FATUCUAC not later than 0500 hrs 20 Nov the last stage of the trip to be done by night. The escort of each train will be responsible for collection and transport of all stores and mail to its own particular platoon area and nothing more. This arrangement should prove more satisfactory.

16 November

“B” Pl report at 1000 hrs LILAHE (08452596) where No VI sec was seen from NOVA CAMINHA to be burning. Shortly afterwards a creado from this section came in to Pl HQ and said while going for water at 0600 hrs this morning he had been fired on; he further said many Japanese and hostile natives had moved out from AILEU and were [attac]king No VI Sec. No

report had been received from this section by evening.

MANATUTO OP reported at 1500 hrs 15 Nov ten trucks one car and one Bren gun carrier entered MANATUTO and then moved on along the BAUCAU road. The OP further reported Japs were again in MANATUTO at 0730 hrs this morning but there was no movement out.

Conforming with yesterday’s instructions from Force HQ “B” Pl were instructed to commence to move to the LACLUTA area as soon as possible. During the move they will contact Coy HQ by W/T daily and one Signalman will be sent through Coy HQ to pick up extra W/T equipment.

Lieut NISBET advises his movement will be as follows: on 17 Nov No IV Sec at present at CRIBAS (08412600) will commence to move to LACLUTA and from there will recce FATUCHILI (08362609) and MUNDO PERDIDO (08432620) as likely section areas. HQ will move to LACLUTA via BARIQUE and will maintain contact with No IV Sec. No V Sec will move one day after HQ and No VI Sec two days after HQ. It is anticipated section areas will have been located in time for these two sections to move there directly. Immediately section areas were fixed Coy H. will be notified. All this information was passed to Force HQ.

“C” Pl advise a detachment of our troops and 100 loyal natives under Lieut MCKENZIE attacked the hostile area between MINDELO and MAOBISSE. The operation was very successful. Forty-six natives were killed and forty-one captured; approx. 110 huts we a burnt down and many buffalos pigs etc captured. Our native friends acquired themselves a lot of native women who originally were the property of the men who were killed by our troops.

MAOBISSE was bombed this morning at 0930 hrs. Three Allied medium bombers were reported moving NORTH over SAME and MINDELO, the bombing was heard, and immediately afterwards the planes appeared and returned in a SOUTHWESTERLY direction.

Unfortunately there was no OP on MAOBISSE at the time of the bombing so results could not be observed.

Jap recce planes were active as usual. At 0802 hrs one moved SOUTH over MINDELO circled and then returned to the NORTH. From SAME another Jap recce plane was seen to the SOUTH at 1350 hrs and another was seen moving along the coast from EAST to WEST at 1435 hrs.

Force HQ advise the Japs who moved to the EAST have occupied LALEIA (26100832), LAGA (26360825) and BAUCAU and have not moved SOUTH from the coast.

Fourteen small launches arrived in BAUCAU during the evening of 15 Nov.

17 November

Following on the advice from Force HQ yesterday about the strafing of MAUBISSE two planes hedge-hopped from the EAST and strafed SAME. Evidently the crew mistook this place for MAUBISSE. “A” Pl were caught off guard but fortunately, despite heavy strafing, there were no casualties.

Lieut DEXTER states his of the opinion this form of air attack would be very effective WHEN used against Japanese. The planes were Allied and the attack took place at 0625 hrs.

“C” P1 from MINDELO saw one large unidentified twin-fuselaged plane heading NORTH at 0615 hrs. They also saw two unidentified planes flying low up the bed of the SUE River at 0630 hrs. These planes flew over the MAUBISSE area and then headed WESTWARD.

“B” Pl report No VI Sec are all OK. They were surprised early in the morning by approx. 60 Japanese and 160 natives but managed to extricate themselves and kill a few of the opposition. The MANATUTO OP reported hearing planes and explosions from the direction of MANATUTO at 0700 hrs.

“C” Pl have commenced a drive against the hostile natives in their area. Five men of No IX Section with 40 loyal natives have moved out towards TURISCAI to clean out anything they find in that area. No VII Section with 40 natives attacked approx. 500 Japanese natives near the junction of the MINDELO-MAUBISSE-TURISCAI tracks and forced them to retire. They are

now in position to meet a counter attack.

“D” Pl advise No X Sec report seeing approx. 200 figures near the SAME Saddle yesterday afternoon. They are watching the area very closely.

Force HQ have asked for reports on the effectiveness of the new form of air attack used today. Lieut DEXTER’s comments were passed on to him this HQ who also advised in the afternoon the bombing of BAUCAU was very successful; large fires were started.

Lieuts McKENZIE, BURRIDGE and COLE arrived at Coy HQ late this evening.

Also DAMIEN PARER arrived here on his return to Force HQ; he has now almost completed his film of TIMOR.

Sjt AITKEN, L/Sjts PALMER and HAIRE and Cpls TAPPER and TAYLOR arrived at Coy HQ today. These men have been recommended to attend an OTS in AUSTRALIA and will be returning there by the next boat.

18 November

“A” Pl advise the OP of No II Section reported seeing three parties each of approx. 25 men moving from the direction of the AITUTU valley towards TUTULORO. Visibility was bad but the OP thought the men were in uniform. The movement was seen at 1030 hrs and was passed to “C” Pl for their information. However all was quiet in that area at 1800 hrs.

“B” Pl report No IV Sec has arrived at LACLUTA and reported all quiet there.

HQ at 1600 hrs expected to reach and camp at BARIQUE tonight.

At 1200 hrs “C” Pl reported the W/T set 208 with the section at MINDELO had broken down and had been returned to Pl HQ near FAI NIAN. All was quiet in that area at that time.  However this Platoon had heard a native rumour which was considered fairly reliable which stated some Japanese with 100 natives had entered TURISCAI and burnt the buildings there

together with surrounding huts at 1400 hrs this afternoon. This was confirmed by some of No 4 Coy men who heard shooting from that area and saw fires at approx. that time, “C” Pl are to send No VII Sec under Lieut ROSE to investigate and, if possible, occupy the area as soon as possible. It is anticipated this section will be able to OP TURISCAI at dawn 19 Nov.

Following on the movement of No V Section from this area the C de P and all friendly natives left the place also.

FORCE HQ advise it is desired to recce an alternative landing place between BETANO and the mouth of the SOUTH LACLO River (09022555). To assist this “A” PI are to send a party to recce that area with regard to cover from air, water and feed for horses and tracks. Arrangements are completed for the shore party to indicate by fires where the place is, the shore party and boat will identify each other by Morse code signals and then liaise; a report

of the whole affair will then be handed to Lieut SMYTH.

FORCE HQ advise a detachment entered VENILALE during the evening of 17 Nov.

Only one plane reported today – it was a Jap recce plane which flew around the FAI NIAN area at 0630 hrs. This plane was also seen from Coy HQ.

Maj LAIDLAW departed Coy HQ for FORCE HQ at 0630 hrs this morning.

Lieuts BURRIDGE and COLE departed for ALAS and were accompanied by the NCOs who are going to the OTS. DAMIEN PARER departed Coy HQ for FORCE HQ at 0900 hrs.

19 November

“A” Pl advise at 1640 hrs No I Section who have been patrolling towards SAME Saddle have a native rumour there were a large number of Japanese and natives at the SAME Saddle. At 1930 hrs they received a Portuguese report there were 200 Japs, 500 natives complete with two Vickers MMGs and two mortars at the SAME Saddle at 1210 hrs. Nos I and II Secs are in position to ambush this party if it moves down the SAME track. If SAME is threatened Pl HQ will move to 09012537 and will warn the L of C of the situation.

An extra ATR4 W/T set has been sent to “C” Pl who have sent it on to No IX Section who are in the TUTULORO area. This section has approx. 80 loyal natives working with them but it expected there will be an additional 500 operating with “C” Pl shortly. No VIII Sec reported all quiet in the SUE river area and towards TURISCAI.

There has been no contact with No VII Sec near TURISCAI yet. However No 4 Coy advise their OP on the place reports the friendly natives are now returning to the area.

Lieut McKENZIE has been attempting to raise another little native army for a push against the Jap natives and it is possible it will be assembled by 22 Nov.

“D” Pl advise the loyal chief ANANIAS is reported to be thinking of turning pro-Jap. Lieuts TURTON and DOIG have had a long conference with him and expect to see something definite from him very shortly. Up to the present this man has been one of our most loyal supporters. Three sub-Sections of “D” Pl are completely exhausted and are resting at Pl HQ and the remainder of the platoon are building huts at a saddle near 09592533.

From FAI NIAN an unidentified fighter was seen travelling SOUTH low and fast at 1320 hrs. “B” Pl at BARIQUE reported seeing two Allied bombers travelling from the SOUTH in the direction of BAUCAU at 0735 hrs. They heard explosions from that direction ten minutes later.

FORCE HQ advise AUSTRALIA has apologised for the MGing [machine gunning]of SAME. They also advise Lt-Col CALLIHAN has assumed command of Sparrow Force.

20 November

“A” Pl advise a patrol from No I Sec to the SAME Saddle reported that area all quiet at 1000 hrs. Also the SAME Valley is all quiet as reported by Nos I and II Sections.

“B” Pl are still moving to their new area, FORCE HQ have advised that Capt NEAVE is moving to LACLUTA and ask-that “B” Pl assist in any way possible with his mission. They also advise “B” Pl may contact near MUNDO PERDIDO (08932621) parties of natives who have been trained and armed by Allied officers working in that area. They may use these natives in their operations in that area. This information was all passed to “B” Pl who were also asked if an

additional platoon was considered to be required in that area.

“C” Pl report No VII Sec is now based at MAKALULI (08492534) from which they can OP TURISCAI and watch the tracks TURISCAI to NOVA CAMINHA and AILALEC.

Arrangements are being made for No VII Section to liaise with HQ “B” Pl of No 4 Coy who are at NOVA CAMINHA.

“D” P1 advise during the afternoon of 19 Nov 400 hostile natives armed with a number of MGs made a frontal attack on the position of No XII Section while a further 80 attacked from the flank. The attack was broken up with many casualties being suffered by the attackers. No XII Section were not forced out of position and suffered no casualties. Lieut RODD in his re art did not state the attacking party contained many Japanese so it is considered the Portuguese and native reports that there were some of these troops at the SAME Saddle were unfounded.

FORCE HQ advise there has been no move SOUTH from VIVILALE by the Japanese and also advise arrangements have been made to turn back the “KURU” if there is any threat to SAME.

From “C” Pl of No 4 Coy, who have a Sub-Section with ANANIAS it is learnt that ANANIAS definitely states he will never become pro-Jap.

The only aircraft activity for the day was one Jap light bomber dropped one small bomb very close to Coy HQ position at 0840 hrs – which event drew wise cracks from “C” P1 who witnessed the event.

The following message was sent by runner to all platoons to be made known to all ranks. “In view of persistent rumours during the past few weeks to the effect that this unit is about to return home I desire to inform all ranks that no information has been received by this HQ to indicate there is any truth in these statements. It must be obvious to all that the circulation of these nrumours has a harmful effect on morale and causes unnecessary disappointment and depression among many of the men.

Reports have been forwarded to AUSTRALIA recommending that this Unit be rested thoroughly as soon as possible but it is considered that some time will elapse before these recommendations can receive due consideration and the resultant arrangements be made. Therefore it is essential that these unfounded rumours should be discontinued Immediately otherwise any move that may be contemplated in the future will be seriously endangered and may lead to the loss of your own and your comrades lives. Therefore I ask that all ranks settle down to the fact that the length of their stay on this island is quite indefinite, but that while we remain here we have a job to do and that job must be carried on with, despite all difficulties, and at all times carried out to the best of our abilities. This unit has done a good

job in the past and I am quite confident of your ability to continue to carry out your various tasks in a determined, aggressive and cheerful manner. Thank you”. Signed by the C.O.

21 November

In reply to yesterday’s query in regard to another platoon in the EAST end of the island “B” Pl replied today they consider another platoon operating on the EAST of the road BAUCAU-VIQEQUE would assist them in their task very much. Lieut NISBET also states there are many natives in his new area asking for arms to use against the Japanese; he asked if it is possible to supply them. In reply he is informed all natives will be armed and trained by a special force which is operating in that area.

All platoons informed of the preliminary plans for a raid on MAUBISSE. The object of this raid is to clear that area of hostile natives and to burn the town down together with all surrounding oomahs (native huts). The Air Force is to cooperate in the attack. “C” Pl will attack from the NORTHEAST, “A” Pl from the SOUTHEAST and “D” Pl with one section from No 4 Coy attached, will attack from the SOUTHWEST. All Pl commands asked how many days notice will be required and are told more details will be made available later. As many loyal natives as can be mustered for the event are to assist.

Generally the day was very quiet; only one plane was reported all day and that was heard from Coy HQ at AILALEC in a SOUTHERLY direction at 0710 hrs.

Lieut TURTON arrived at Coy HQ at 1720 hrs to take up duties as the Coy 2 i/c.

On 20 Nov WOII COUPLAND arrived at Coy HQ to commence duties as CSM. Previously he had been on special duty in the EAST end of the island.

22 November

“A” Pl reported early this morning that at 1800 hrs 21 Nov a patrol from No I Section attacked a party of hostile natives near SAME Saddle. They killed and wounded some of the party and the remainder retired carrying their dead and wounded.

“C” P1 advise at 1230 hrs No IX Section reported approx. 250 hostile natives had moved around their forward positions and moved down an arm of the SUE River. Patrols from Pl HQ and No VII Section were sent out to contact this party but no contact was reported.

Coy HQ has requested the bombing of MAUBISSE and AILEU and the strafing of all buildings and huts within a mile radius of the two places.

Some mail and rations arrived at Coy HQ today. The mail was sorted and prepared for distribution.

“D” Pl HQ reported seeing six large unidentified planes come from the SOUTH over MAPE and BECO and hearing explosions from that direction at 0700 hrs. FORCE HQ confirmed Allied planes bombed BECO and MAPE and looked for HATOLIA.

At 1230 hrs one Jap recce plane moved from the NORTH, circled MINDELO and bombed and MGed TUTULORO before continuing on its way SOUTH.

Lieut McKENZIE states he is of the opinion the large valley immediately SOUTHEAST of MAUBISSE is one of the most important objectives in any attack on MAUBISSE and he would like to confer with Lieut DEXTER to arrange close cooperation between their Platoons during the attack. He states he would like four more days as all his warrior recruits are not yet mustered.

23 November

In reply to the signal re the proposed attack on MAUBISSE “A” Pl advise five days would be required to prepare for the operation. Lieut DEXTER states his opinion is none of his men are in a fit enough condition for the job. The guards and patrols required to keep the SAME Saddle clear are as much as his men can do in their present condition. Iron rations would be required for all men; SAME natives will not go NORTH of the SAME Saddle and Lieut DEXTER and his men know very little of the country from the saddle to MAUBISSE.

Lieut DOIG states his men are not fit enough for the operation and also the element of surprise would be impossible from the WEST and SOUTHWEST as all our troops movements are seen by hostile natives and passed back to MAUBISSE by means of the native’s hilltop yodelling system. If the plan is gone on with he would require three days notice to prepare.

Early this morning “C” Pl advise at 1400 hrs 22 Nov a large number of hostile natives attacked no IX Section’s forward position and forced them out. Contact was lost in misty weather but the full Section re-established itself at MINDELO and patrols moving out were unable to locate the enemy. It was presumed they withdrew after the first encounter. A patrol up the SUE River reported all clear there at 1800 hrs 22 Nov.

At 1200 hrs today “C” Pl advised the Sections at MINDELO and TURISCAI advised all quiet in their areas. The natives from the FAI NIA area who have been very helpful to “C” Pl are now asking to be armed with rifles.

FORCE HQ advise it is desired to arrange simultaneous raids on the main centres of native hostility – MAUBISSE and RAI MEAN as soon as possible.

No 2 Coy is to arrange the MAUBISSE operation. Details are asked for as soon as possible. FORCE HQ also advise the bombing of LAUTEM (08222655) was expected today and it was anticipated DILI would be bombed during the night 23/24 Nov. Much aircraft activity was heard at Coy HQ from 2000 hrs 23 Nov to 0200 hrs 24 Nov.

All platoons notified that Lieut DOIG is now in command of “D” Pl.

Lieut TURTON moved to the RAP today, returning the same evening.

Lieut CAMPBELL, who was admitted to the RAP some weeks ago with an injured shoulder, has been discharged but as it is reported from the MO he is unfit for active work he has moved to ALAS to control the L of C.

24 November

“C” Pl report approx. 30 of the hostile natives who were reported to have moved down the SUE River on 22 Nov have now been located in a cave and were exterminated by loyal natives directed by a small patrol of our men.

“C” Pl asked to supply the date the raid on MAUBISSE is to take place in order that aircraft cooperation may be arranged. As both “A” and “D” Pls cannot take part in the raid “C” Pl will attempt it with air support only.

FORCE HQ advise it has been reported there are 200 Japanese with MT at the VEOLI River (08402622) and desire to know have “B” Pl reported any activity in that area.

Later in the evening they advise VIVILALE and surrounding area would be attacked by the RAAF early in the morning on 25 Nov. They also advise 40 rifles are being ordered, those rifles to be issued to trustworthy natives who are fighting with us. Opinions on this step are asked.

Lieut CAMPBELL is required to report to Force HQ as soon as possible.

Steps are being taken to find out how the unit is situated for ammunition reserves at present. All platoons asked to supply the location of any dumps in their area that are not Platoon reserves.

The wet season has commenced now. As it is accompanied by electrical storms which are usually very bad in the afternoon – W/T communications are interfered with at that times it is not serious however.

25 November

At 0800 hrs FORCE HQ advised the RNEIA detachment had been forced to the EAST of HATU UDU by approx. 300 natives and Japanese and they desired “A” & “D” Pls of No 2 Coy in conjunction with “C” Pl of No 4 Coy to prevent the Japs moving to BETANO or SAME. FORCE state it is desired to keep BETANO clear for at least another ten days.

At 1300 hrs “A” Pl advised a patrol from III Section contacted Lieut HORSTINK of the RNEIA with approx. 40 men. He stated he had not heard from his HQ for some time and also he had had no contact with the enemy since 1100 hrs 24 Nov. The patrol met him at SUMULO (05042240).

FORCE HQ advise also a further 101 rifles and a number of groundsheets, clothing, boots etc. have been ordered for distribution among the Portuguese and natives.

It is desired No 2 and 4 Coy HQs arrange the distribution of these articles. In reply to a message from Coy HQ to all platoons asking what quantities of these items they require. “C” Pl replies that require 10 rifles. Lieut McKENZIE also advises all quiet in his areas.

“D” Pl advise their present dispositions as follows: three sub-Sections at KABLAK Saddle. One sub-Section watching the junction of the tracks MOSEEGA-SAME. One sub-Section watching the short cut from HATU UDU to SAME from KOOLOHOO (05032535) and one sub-Section at HQ.

FORCE HQ advise the RAAF were going to bomb MAUBISSE during the morning of 26 Nov using delayed action bombs but Force HQ requested that HATU UDU and BECO be bombed instead. They will advise Coy HQ of the final target as soon as the information comes to hand.

26 November

“A” Pl advise they could use 15 rifles. There are 15 very helpful and brave natives under a chief working with them and if these men were armed they would be of far greater use. The arming of these natives will also have the effect of encouraging more recruits to enrol. Nos I & II Sections are in position to oppose any move on SAME from MAUBISSE; and No III Section

with Lieut DEXTER are remaining in SAME.

Pl HQ has moved to 08592537. It is also reported a patrol from No I Section attacked some hostile natives near the SAME Saddle and inflicted some casualties on them. SAME area was all quiet at 1400 hrs.

“B” Pl advise No IV Section, which is now in position at MUNDO PERDIDO ([blank]) reported hearing three explosions to the NORTH during the night 24/25 Nov. It is believed these explosions were caused by the demolitions of some bridges on the road BAUCAU-VIQUEQUE.

FORCE HQ advise unless otherwise repeated by Coy HQ they will request the bombing of HATU UDU and RAI MEAN to take place with ordinary bombs during the morning of 27 Nov.

Both “A” & “D” Pls report the bombing of HATU UDU and either AINARO or MAPE and the MGing of BETANO by nine Allied medium bombers at 0730 hrs this morning. “D” Pl stated they were of the opinion there were a lot of hostile natives in HATU UDU at the time of bombing. Later in the day FORCE HQ requested a report on this bombing which request was passed on km by Coy HQ to “A” Pl.

“B” Pl advised this morning during early morning of 25 Nov six Allied medium bombers bombed VIVILALE and area.

FORCE HQ advise 200 Japanese entered OSSU at 0900 hrs 25 Nov at 1500 hrs same day were seen to commence the return trip to VIVILALE [VENILALE?] but bad weather prevented any further observations being made.

Maj LAIDLAW with WOII COUPLAND left Coy HQ and moved to “C” Pl HQ at FAI NIA this morning. This is the commencement of a round trip of the Platoons.

27 November

“A” Pl advise No I Sec reported approx. 200 hostile natives approaching their position at 1000 hrs. These natives had to cross the front of No II Section and at 1130 hrs No II Section opened fire on the party. No more details are available yet.

“D” Pl report seeing three allied bombers give HATU UDU a heavy pasting this morning at 0730 hrs while a further three bombed either AINARO or MAPE at the same time. They have a native report stating there were many hostile natives killed during the bombing of HATU UDU yesterday.

FORCE HQ instruct Coy HQ sigs will intercept all traffic from NORFORCE to FORCE HQ between 1100 and 1600 hrs on 28 Nov. They also advise the bombing of BAIJCAIJ and LAGA has been requested to take place on 28 Nov and also that delayed action bombs be used.

“B” Pl HQ at LACLUTA reported three unidentified planes passed overheard moving to the EAST at 0715 hrs. No IV Section saw four planes over OSSU and heard explosions from that direction shortly afterwards.

“D” Pl reported three “Zeros” moving over their HQ travelling NORTH at 0830 hrs. Evidently theses three had been chasing our bombers.

At 1000 hrs signal LO 16 was received from FORCE HQ. This message contained the preliminary instructions to implement the evacuation of No 2 Coy and was addressed jointly to No 2 and 4 Coys. No 2 Coy’s W/T equipment and other gear is to be handed over to No 4 Coy also No 2 Coy horses will be handed over to No 4 Coy. No 2 Coy’s gear will not be allowed to accumulate in the BETANO area but will be disposed of in the present areas either by transfer to No 4 Coy or by destruction of same gear.

Shortly afterwards LO 17 was received. This signal advised Maj LAIDLAW he was to control the whole BETANO area to carry out the following evacuations. On the night 30 Nov/1 Dec some Portuguese were to be evacuated plus No 2 Coy’s sick and wounded and a further 176 personnel.

Capt DUNKLEY is to be responsible for the movement of the sick, etc., these men to be at ALAS by 28 Nov in the evening and so on to FATA CUAC by evening 29/30 Nov.

On the night of 4/5 Dec all No 2 Coy personnel will be in the KELAN [QUELAN] River area ([blank]). No packs are to be carried by ANY personnel during the evacuation, Maj LAIDLAW is to be in control of all personnel being evacuated and the evacuation itself. The RNEIA detachment has been notified it will be controlled by Maj LAIDLAW who will meet Capt

BRAMMOUER[33] of that detachment at SAME at 1600 hrs 28 Nov. Coy HQ was advised the party of RNEIA troops who have been operating in the EAST end of the island are already moving to ALAS and will report to Lieut SMYTH there at 1600 hrs 29 Nov.

“B” Pl were ordered to have all personnel at ALAS by 1800 hrs 3 Dec.

“A” Pl is to move to the SOUTH of SAME during the night 28/29 Nov and is to cover the WESTERN approaches to BETANO and FATU CUAC.

“D” Pl is to be concentrated and to move to SAME by 1800 hrs 28 Nov where they will

guard all approaches to SAME without dispersing their troops to any extent.

Force HQ advised of these moves and asked to arrange the movement of the special duty party to have them at ALAS by 1600 hrs 3 Dec.

Capt BRAMMOUER advised he is required to concentrate his troops at SAME by 1200 hrs 29 Nov and from there move to FATU CUAC during the night 29/30 Nov where Maj LAIDLAW will contact Capt BRAMMOUER during the morning of 30 Nov.

All platoons advised any sick men who would normally be moving to the RAP will remain in their areas. If there are any urgent cases they will he reported by signal to Coy HQ who will issue the necessary instructions as to their disposal.

A signal was sent to FORCE HQ to endeavour to have duplicate paybooks waiting for the Coy personnel who have lost their originals whilst on the island.

Maj LAIDLAW was at “C” Pl this morning and was called to Coy HQ on the receipt of LO 16.

At 1300 hrs Lieut TURTON moved to the RAP to discuss with kits Capt DUNKLEY the movement of the sick and wounded. He returned to Coy HQ at 1800 hrs.

28 November

“A” Pl advise at 0700 hrs this morning the natives reported yesterday were decoyed into a trap by the use of “creados” and about 30% casualties were caused among them before they got out of range again.

All platoons have acknowledged receipt of yesterday’s evacuation instructions and are acting on them.

FORCE HQ advise the RNEIA detachment report at 1000 hrs the hostile natives and Japanese were seen moving out of HATU UDU along the MAPE track. All platoons inform of this.

“C” Pl advise three Hudson bombers were seen moving NORTH slightly to the WEST of FAI NIA at 0800 hrs. At 0805 hrs explosions were heard from the direction either MAUBISSE or AILEU. Immediately afterwards the Hudsons reappeared travelling SOUTH and going flat out. RAP moved to the ALAS area.

29 November

“A” Pl advise Pl HQ is now established at with No I Section at BAMBOO Creek ([blank]). No II Section is on the SUE River at 09062541 and No III Section is on the same river at 09052542.

“D” Pl reported they had occupied SAME as ordered at 0545 hrs this morning and that all was quiet in their area at 0900 hrs.

Prior to commencing their movement to ALAS “B” Pl heard and passed on to Coy HQ a Portuguese rumour which stated the Japanese were constructing defence works at MANATUTO.

All areas are quiet. Maj LAIDLAW accompanied by WOII COUPLAND departed for the BETANO area this morning. The RAP left ALAS and moved to the FATU CUAC area today.

Maj CALLINAN and Capt BALDWIN with the remainder of FORCE HQ personnel arrived at Coy HQ.

30 November

All platoons are to report their areas quiet or otherwise at 1200 and 1300 hrs daily. All was quiet in all areas today. “B” Pl continue their move to ALAS.

A W/T Set ATR4 moved to ALAS today with Sjt PRESS to take control during the move of Coy HQ to ALAS tomorrow.

At the beach at BETANO preparations were made for the embarkation of the personnel being evacuated tonight.

1 December

FORCE HQ advised the two corvettes were bombed constantly during their voyage from DARWIN to TIMOR.

Maj LAIDLAW advised the KURU only came in to BETANO last night. This vessel took off 78 Portuguese women and children. There was no sign of the two corvettes.

Later in the day FORCE HQ advised the KURU had transferred its passengers to the CASTLEMAINE at sea and the KURU and the ARMIDALE would be at BETANO at 1730 and 1930 hrs respectively. All arrangements were made at BETANO however the vessels were not sighted. From FATU CUAC a vessel was sighted on the horizon at 1730 hrs. Flashes were observed and it was obvious the ship was being attacked by aircraft.

Later in the evening FORCE HQ advised enemy surface craft had been sighted near BETANO by our vessels consequently they had sheared off and abandoned the attempt to effect the evacuation that night.

Jap plane dropped one bomb near FATU CUAC this morning at 0730 hrs without causing any casualties or damage.

2 December

FORCE HQ advise the evacuation of the company will be delayed for an indefinite period and would advise Coy HQ when any new information was received from AUSTRALIA.

All platoons were notified of this and told to remain in their present areas awaiting further orders. It is hoped the delay will only be of a few days duration.

Maj LAIDLAW advised all troops in the BETANO area have been moved back to the BAMBOO Creek area and will remain there until further orders from FORCE HQ.

“B” PI report Pl HQ and No IV Section are at FATA BERLIU and Nos V and VI Sections are now in the ALAS area. They are instructed to remain where they are at present and to establish an OP on the coast from some point near FATA BERLIU.

A Jap plane MGed the tracks into BETANO at 1345 hrs today.

3 December

All areas quiet today. “C” Pl has heard native rumours stating the Japanese have left MAUBISSE. A patrol has left No VII Sec at TURISCAI to investigate.

“A” Pl reports sending a patrol to investigate the HATU UDU area today. This platoon also advises Maj LAIDLAW has left BAMBOO Creek for FATU CUAC.

The Company is remaining in its present areas waiting further orders at present.

4 December

“B” Pl have been advised they are to recce the track from ALAS to the KELAN [QUELAN] River immediately.

“C” Pl advise No VII Section having OPed MAUBISSE for one day report they could only see very few Japanese in that place. There may have been others hidden in the buildings; many natives of both sexes were seen working about the town. “C” Pl also advise approx. 40 armed hostile natives attacked No IX Section’s forward position and the friendly natives who were with the troops there. Some natives of both sides were killed and when some men from No IX Sec came into action the natives fled and, despite pursuit, our men were not able to contact them again. At 2000 hrs 3 Dec all was quiet again in all “C” Pl’s areas.

“D” Pl advise No X Section engaged some hostile natives on a ridge EAST of the SAME Saddle. No details were to hand at 1800 hrs but when they came to hand they would be passed on to Coy HQ.

One plane was heard from FATU CUAC to the SOUTH moving WEST at 0645 hrs.

All is quiet in the BETANO area. The RAP is situated at BAMBOO Creek.

5 December

All quiet in alI areas all day.

 “D” Pl advised following the action reported between No X Section and hostile natives on 4 December the hostile natives were completely scattered and were still being chased by our natives this morning.

“A” Pl reported seeing a Jap recce plane moving EAST to WEST to the SOUTH from BAMBOO Creek at 0630 hrs.

6 December

“C” Pl advise there is some hostile native activity forward of No IX Section’s position at MINDELO. Approximately 40 natives led by two Japanese or Javanese were moving about well forward of our positions but fled when a patrol of our men moved out to engage them.

Maj LAIDLAW desires Coy HQ to move to ALAS as soon as is possible the date to be decided by Lieut TURTON and Capt BALDWIN.

The usual enemy recce plane along the SOUTH coast was seen by “A” Pl from BAMBOO Creek moving from WEST to EAST at 0530 hrs.

General situation remains quiet in all areas.

7 December

Quiet all areas today.

“C” Pl advised 8 Dutch soldiers arrived at FAI NIA this afternoon. These men are the soldiers who have volunteered to remain on the island. There was much aircraft activity along the SOUTH coast today.

From BAMBOO Creek a Jap recce plane was seen flying EAST along the coast at 0555 hrs. At 0830 hrs a twin engined unidentified plane was seen flying EAST. This plane was seen returning to the WEST at 1120 hrs. The last plane for the day was seen flying EAST along the coast at 1530 hrs.

8 December

Coy HQ moved from AILALEC to ALAS today. It is decided that “D” Pl will be evacuated on the first contact and also that Lieut TURTON go on the first boat to act as OC troops.

Lieut TURTON moved to FATU CUAC today. Planes were active along the SOUTH coast again today. At 0555 hrs a heavy bomber (unidentified) was seen moving WEST along the coast. At 0635 hrs a recce plane moved WEST along the coast. The bomber was seen again at 0810 and 1120 hrs moving NORTH EAST and WEST respectively. Japanese bombers over the SOUTH coast have been a feature of the Japanese aircraft activity over the last few days.

9 December

Another quiet day in all areas. Efforts are being made to improve the W/T net in the AILALEC-ALAS-FATU CAUC areas which is not satisfactory in view of the forthcoming activities.

“D” Pl advised they are to hand over their automatic weapons and W/T equipment to “C” Pl of 2/4 Coy at SAME early morning of 10 Dec and then move to BETANO. “A” Pl advised of the movement of “D” Pl.

As usual Jap planes were along the SOUTH coast today doing the routine recce. One plane moved EAST at 0650 hrs and a twin-engined bomber flew to the EAST at 0810 hrs.

10 December

“A” Pl advised No III Sec heard a series of twelve explosions from the direction of SAME at approx. 0730 hrs this morning. At 1330 hrs they (“A”Pl) further advised “D” Pl had advised them after handing over all gear to “C” Pl, 2/4 Coy, as instructed they commenced to move to BETANO from SAME and immediately the move commenced they were fired on from the SAME Posto by a large party of Japanese and hostile natives armed with two Vickers MMGs, three mortars and numerous pistol-guns and rifles.

At 1330 hrs the Platoon mustered at SU MOLO ([blank]), collected a few stragglers and moved on to BETANO. No details of the action have been received consequently it is not known how the Japanese were able to enter SAME without be observed and engaged. Despite the concentrated fire only two men were hit – Spr AGAR being hit twice by small calibre bullets in the lower leg and Spr MOULE who received a full MMG burst in the body and who was seen dead by one of 2/4 Coy. It was a most successful action for the Japanese as they captured all the gear that had been handed over to 2/4 Coy. Also “C” Pl of that Coy lost their copies of all codes which necessitated the emergency codes coming into operation. No VI Sec were moved from ALAS two hours out along the SAME-ALAS track and No V Sec stood by in readiness.

FORCE HQ advise it is required that all stations stand by at 0600 hrs 11 Dec on 6595 Kcs to pass a report on the evacuation from Maj LAIDLAW to Maj CALLINAN at Force HQ. Maj LAIDLAW advised by FORCE HQ that the personnel for evacuation would be required to be mustered at the beach head at 2200 hrs. This included the R.A.P. and “D” Pl.

“A” Pl report seeing one Jap plane from BAMBOO Creek flying WEST along the coast at 0630 hrs.

11 December

At 1000 hrs No VI Section reported they engaged approx. 100 Japanese and natives complete with horses approx. two hours from ALAS on the ALASSAME track. After inflicting some casualties they were forced to retire to another position approx. one hour from ALAS. There was a high percentage of automatic weapons along this party of Japs and natives. No V Section immediately took up a position just outside of ALAS. No VI Section again engaged the Japanese and then withdrew through ALAS along the FATU BERLIU ([blank]) track. No. V Section’s position was outflanked and they were forced out through ALAS under heavy MMG and mortar fire but fortunately suffered no casualties. They also withdrew along the FATU

BERLIU track.

Lieut NISBET arrived at ALAS at 1130 hrs and directed the movements of his Sections – No IV Section remained at FATU BERLIU.

Coy HQ warned all platoons and Maj LAIDLAW at FATU CUAC of the action and then withdrew to FATU BERLIU where a new HQ was established.

HQ “B” Pl and Nos V and VI Sections disposed themselves along the track ALAS- FATU BERLIU. No V Section maintained an OP on ALAS and this OP reported the Japanese finally occupied ALAS at 1500 hrs.

“C” Pl were ordered to man an OP to watch the junction of the tracks FAINIA-ALAS and SAME-ALAS. Lieut McKENZIE reported eight men were in position at 08562545 at 1800 hrs to carry this task out.

It is learnt following on the action at SAME of 10 Dec eight men of “D” Pl failed to embark. It was discovered later that the correct number was four end all of these men later turned up uninjured except for Spr Agar.

12 December

“B” Pls OP on ALAS reported approx. 300 figures left ATLAS at 0500 hrs this morning and headed towards FATU CUAC. Visibility was very poor at the time and it could not be ascertained whether these figures were Japs or natives. This information was received at Coy HQ at 0600 hrs and was immediately passed on to “A” Pl at FATU CUAC but owing to W/T difficulties the message was not received and deciphered until 0930 hrs which was exactly 10 minutes before the first clash with the Japanese outside FATU CUAC. The Japanese were able to occupy that place with very little trouble as there was no organised resistance to them – the information arrived too late to allow anything to be done.

“B” Pl were ordered to reoccupy ALAS at 0930 hrs and they found the Japanese had slept in the Posto and at some time in the evening had machine-gunned the Mission from the Posto. Approx. 20 mortar explosions were heard by “B” Pl men in ALAS from the direction of FATU CUAC at 0950 hrs.

“A” Pl HQ advised at 0900 hrs that Maj LAIDLAW was with them and would remain there until the area was clear.

No V Section established a patrol on the track ALAS-SAME and No VI Section did the same on the track ALAS-FATU CUAC. “B” Pl was at the hideout.

Lieut NISBET advised that Pte DEMMERY has been missing since 1000 hrs 11 Dec.

“C” Pl advised their Platoon is required to concentrate at ALAS by 1600 hrs 14 Dec. FORCE HQ advise they desire that “C” Pl make every endeavour to hand, their positions over to No 4 Coy personnel who will be reporting to FAI NIA at 0800 hrs 14 Dec. All is quiet in the MINDELO and TURISCAI areas and a native rumour has been heard stating there were no Japanese in SAME.

To avoid concentration of W/T gear at ALAS arrangements have been made for 2/4 Coy to take over Coy HQ’s W/T equipment at FATU BERLIEU when Coy HQ moves. Coy HQ will use “B” Pls ATR4 which is at ALAS and is the control set.

FORCE HQ advise the probable date of evacuation of the remainder of the Company will be the early morning of 16 Dec but the place of embarkation has not yet been finalised.

“A” Pl advise the Japanese have moved through FATU CUAC and were last seen going through BETANO towards either HATU UDO or SAME.

13 December

Quiet in all areas today. The present whereabouts of the Japanese who moved through BETANO is not known; it is thought they are still in the flat scrubby country near the beach to the WEST of BETANO. No Japanese have been reported moving through either HATU UDO or SAME and a patrol from “A” Pl saw some suspicious movement of horses and men on the beach approx. one WEST of the VOYAGER.

FORCE HQ advise it is intended to use the alternative beach head if there is any possibility of BETANO being under enemy observation and it is desired that all preparations be made for this eventuality. This information was passed to Maj LAIDLAW.

14 December

Coy HQ moved from FATU BERLIU to ALAS arriving at 1000 hrs this morning.

The W/T set 101 was left with 2/4 Coy personnel and the ATR4 set at ALAS was used as control.

FORCE HQ advised that ALAS Bay was to he used as the beach head for the evacuation of the remainder of the Company personnel. All the horses, complete with saddles, which had formerly belonged to both Force and Coy HQs were moved to the beach head under escort commencing at 1400 hrs today.

26 personnel from “C” Pl under Lieut ROSE moved from FAI NIA to ALAS today arriving at 1900 hrs.

All quiet in all areas.

15 December

At 0600 hrs the sick men of “C” Pl escorted by Coy HQ and the ex-FORCE HQ personnel commenced to move to the beach head – arriving there at 1400 hrs.

“B” Pl withdrew their OPs and commenced to move from ALAS to the beach head at 1500 hrs. They arrived there at1900 hrs.

The remainder of “C” Pl, having completed the handing over of their posts, commenced to move from FAI NIA at 0500 hrs and arrived at ALAS Bay at 2100 hrs.

“A” Pl mustered at FATU CAUC and left there at 1700 hrs arriving at the beach head at 2000 hrs.

The embarkation was to take place in the following order: Spr SAGAR, the wounded man, first; “C” Pl; “B” Pl; Coy HQ; “A” Pl were to go aboard last and were to supply any fatigues and guards necessary. Maj LAIDLAW directed the whole operation.

The signal fires were lighted at 2030 hrs and recognition signals were exchanged with the vessel at 2300 hrs. The embarkation commenced immediately and proceeded smoothly according to plan. The vessel proved to be the “TJERK HIDDES” a destroyer of the Netherlands Navy. All troops were aboard by 0030 hrs 16 Dec.

16 December

A meal of bread, butter and jam and coffee was waiting for all personnel aboard the destroyer – the first bread the unit had had for about ten months. despite the very necessary crowding, which nobody minded in the least, everybody had a few hours’ sleep.

The remainder of the day, was spent killing time on board. The weather was very dull and rainy until 0930 hrs and the ship made very good time – about 35 knots.

At approx. 1000 hrs three Beaufighters from the R.A.A.F. circled over the ship and from then assumed the role of escort and were never far away for the remainder of the day.

The voyage was uneventful, and as good time was made some time had to be filled in outside Darwin as the destroyer was not to berth until 2015 hrs at which time she did – at the same position on the same wharf from which the unit embarked last year.

The unit, after the completion of the disembarkation, moved by M.T. to Winellie where an excellent meal was provided for all ranks. At 2330 hrs all ranks entrained at Winellie on a south bound train and had some more much needed sleep.

Transcription prepared by Ed Willis

Revised 31 August 2020

Timor Dilly expeditie 1942

This expedition army consisted of:

Australia 327 men

[1] Lt Colonel N.L.W. van Straten

[2] Lt Colonel Detinger

[3] Pijnacker Horndijk. Also on board: 408 men of the Dutch VIII Battalion Infantry, Engineers, Intendance and Medical service.

[4] Dutch paid the salary of the Australian forces?

[5] At least 1 Dutch section heavy machine guns and 1 section light machineguns supported No 2 section at the airfield.

[6] ???

[7] Meeting between Veale and van Straten at Atamboea. 

[8] One left sick at Memo

[9] HQ Lt Colonel van Straten moved to Tobaki.

[10] Dutch army store. Also one at Maubara

[11] Or did what was ordered by van Straten? 

[12] Not in the area of Lahoeroes/Atamboea/Roesan until 1 April

[13] Why not visit Lt Col. van Straten in Roesan?

[14] (Dutch pack team organized by Captain van Swieten and @ by Controleur de Haan 

[15] Delivered by Captain van Swieten and his men on 65 ponies at Hatolia

[16] Meeting between Van Straten and Veale at Tilomar.  

[17] Meeting at Tilomar (or Fororem) between van Straten and his officers. Set up platoons at Tilomar (captain Breemouer) also HQ (van Straten), Dacola (captain de Jong) and  Forohem (captain van Swieten). End April completed.

[18] Dropped by plane 3 May

[19] Meeting between Veale and van Straten.

[20] Supplies dropped by airplane.

[21] Also Brigadier Veale and Lt Colonel van Straten left PORTTIMOR in this flying boat.

[22] Kuru, a wooden ship, loading capacity 5 ton and Vigilant 7 ton. Suai=dividing place

[23] Begemann

[24] Kapitein C.L.E.F. van Swieten

[25] Van Swieten

[26] Z-Force

[27] Lt E. Meis

[28] Like?

[29] Dutch money?

[30] Captain J. Breemouer

[31] The Japanese helmets looks the same as the KNIL/RNEIA helmets

[32] G.L. Snell, 1st lt Infantry

[33] Kapitein Breemouer